Stuff im doing in my Hobby

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    • Stuff im doing in my Hobby

      I have been at this for a while now and have had threads in a couple of race forums about what im doing in my hobby, but I have found that eventually while painting an army I get bored/fed up and start avoiding sitting down to paint.

      If I do sit down its no problem for me to paint, its the desire to get started.

      On reflection I begin to believe its because I get fed up of the same things so, this is my effort to try and get past that.

      Previously I have painted up a DH army and over 2018 I got a DL force painted, but I wasn't happy as there were large periods of time when I painted nothing. To remedy that over 2019 I hope to change that by attempting to paint up a couple of small warbands which when mixed with my current forces mean there will be 4 options of things to paint so hopefully I will be able to get a couple of hours hobbying done a couple of times a week.

      This thread will be the motivation for me to do stuff and get it painted (hopefully, fingers crossed :D )

      There is also likely to be some rambling as well btw, bits of fluff and whatever as well.

      As some eye candy here are some horrors I recently completed

    • As I took a while trying to think up a snazzy title for the thread before settling on the disappointingly mundane one,

      I also finished a couple of units of hellhoinds.

      These introduced me to Mierce Minaitures and im ashamed to say I sort of fell in love with a couple of their ranges at least, and they will hopefully be making the backbone of my 2019 warbands projects.

      Anyway Hellhounds :evil:

    • Finally for the moment, im just finishing off a couple of DL units for the moment but thought I would leave you with a snippet of some test models I did finish painting for my warbands.

      The bases I plan to do a big push on doing and they are not done, so please ignore the round bases. They are still WIP for what I want to and can achieve.

      Test models

      Sigh,as so often my ability to take pictures lets me down :( , damn camera not focussing on the near ones but on the ones in the background :thumbdown: .

      Anyway, these were an experiment in painting yellow, and how it looks with that shade of green. Pretty happy overall.

      Hopefully will be finishing some more DL units before the new year, and just in time for the new book :)
    • So in an effort to get in the habit of taking pics and posting updates (even if pics are bad) I thought I would post some pics of what I have almost finished (just have to stick some stuff on base round the crystals)

      Here are my clawed fiends, I love the models but they wernt easy to work with. All bar one were rescue models and most are metal, so having to clean/strip/pin/greenstuff and whatnot they were a tough but rewarding experience.

      they only rank up one way but I think they look pretty cool

      Clawed Fiends (Front Rank)

    • So as I said, in an effort to motivate myself, I will try to post regular updates.

      Unfortunately due to a bout of sickness post new year it will only be WIP atm.

      The daemons I finished but forgot to take good pics in nice lighting so that will come in a little while hopefully.

      Here then are some WIP pics of what im working on currently.


      The Runic Smith and BSB are both for a little event in feb, but the others are just because I felt like working on them.

      Runic Smith

      I really like this AOW model so am really happy to be getting around to it. :)


      So dwarven BSBs are a pet peeve for me. I cant complain, as there are so many amazing models from so many companies for Dwarves, but I do feel that there are very few big/cool/awesome banner carriers out there. This is a kit bash from a GW rune smith with bits and pieces added on from left over bitz. Its ok but im not massively happy with it. The completionist in me wont be happy until I get a BSB im happy with. ATM plans involve buying a scibor bear rider BSB to use just the banner and nothing else as part of a kit bash/conversion, but that will be the culmination of my collection, in the meantime I can hope something else turns up while I wait.

      I managed to pick up this old metal catapult on ebay for a decent price and as it rounds out my arsenal, giving me 1 of each kind of artillery I figured I would push on and get it finished.

      Finally just because I felt like it I took some of my ranger models and made an effort to get them painted as well.

      For anyone interested, I would say these really are WIP pieces. The lightings not great, but part of my process really leans into the maxim of the model looks bad right up until its finished.

      For my dwarves, as I didn't want them to be extremely clean and bright, I tried to emphasise the shade/recesses areas of the model, also adding some degree of grime/ingrained soot. This is done by applying a double layer of 'heavy' wash after blocking out the colours (basecoating). For me Heavy wash means covering the whole area with wash, not targeting it to a particular area.

      The next stage, which I still have to do on these models, is to then apply layers of highlights to the model leaving the recesses a dark intense shade. It also means I don't often go to white with the extreme highlight (as im not a fan of that style - finding it slightly cartoonish) with my dwarves.

      Anyway that's it for the moment, hopefully by next week will have finished them (or some at least) and get some better pics.

    • So already I have failed to keep regular updates due to real life. But I have managed to get some things done.

      I went to Art of War last weekend, which was my first proper tournament (2 dayer, more than 12 people), and I managed to get my BSB and Runic Smith finished for that :) .

      I forgot to take some pics but thanks to @JordanBladen who did take some here it is. You can see the BSB and Runic Smith near the front.

      With this being my first major tournament, I figured I wouldn't be in the running for any awards, so I wanted to take an army that showed off my better models (couldn't fit in a Grudgebuster though) so my list was

      Display Spoiler

      King on Warthrone: General, Runes of Craftsmanship, Destruction, Fury; 3 x Runes of Shielding, 710
      Thane: BSB, Shield, Holdstone, Rune of Denial, 2 x Rune of Lightning, 360
      Runic Smith: 3 Battle Runes, Shield, Runes of Devouring, Grounding, Dragons Breath, 410
      Anvil of Power: 3 Battle Runes, 185
      10 Marksmen: Musician, Shield, 240
      10 Marksmen: Musician, Shield, Guild Crafted Handguns, 280
      25 Greybeards: FCG, Shield, Runic Standard of the Hold, 620
      6 Hold Guardians: FCG, Runic Standard of Wisdom, 681
      11 Miners: Musician, Great Weapons, Pistols, 298
      2 x Vengeance Seeker, 130
      2 Attack Copters, 305
      Flame Cannon, 150
      Total: 4,499

      So what did I want from the event? I wanted to not lose 20-0 and give every opponent a game, I wanted to win 1 game at least and I wanted to play some armies I usually don't face to gain more experience as well as having a good time.
      I figured that my 2 main combat blocks would be tough to take on particularly if supported by magic, while my magic defence would hopefully be effective in current meta, and that my chaff and shooting would give me some board control.
      So with 1 practice game under my belt off we went.

      Game 1 vs SA
      His list
      Display Spoiler

      Cuatl Lord, General, Battle Standard Bearer, Divination, Grasp of the Immortal, Sphere of Shielding, 770
      Skink Priest, Shamanism, Adept, Book of Arcane Mastery, 250
      2 x 15 Saurian Warriors, Musician, Spears, 610
      21 Skink Braves, Poisoned Javelins, Musician, 292
      2 x 4 Ramphodon Riders, Shields, 618
      2 x 9 Skink Hunters, Blowpipe, Vanguard, 408
      2 x 1 Stygiosaur, 610
      2 x 1 Taurosaur, Giant Bow, 940
      Total: 4,498

      This I thought was a bad match up for me (1. because I havnt played SA so its a bit unknown, 2. because Taurosaurs and Rhamphadons are things that I don't think DH likes and there are 2 of each). We played Breakthrough and Marching Columns. My opponent spread across the board with the skinks in the centre and strong flanks with the double stygiosaurs on his right flank. Being a bit rusty and inexperienced I made my first mistake by deploying slightly too wide and too far forward. This meant his Rhamphadons got round the side of my force, and his magic & shooting took out the Flame Cannon first turn. His Stygiosaurs double charged a marksmen unit on my left flank while the rhampadons on that side charged the Anvil, all of them got stuck in combat while on the right the other rhamphadons charged and wiped out the other marksmen.
      I managed to charge my King into the flank of a stygiosaur and then proceed to kill it, the second one and the kill the rhamphadons who had just managed to finish off the anvil after 3 rounds of combat. The Hold Guardians faced with a potential rear charge from the other rhamphadon unit charged the skinks in the middle, beat them but unfortunately failed to run them down and left themselves open to being sandwiched by the 2 taurosaurs. Meanwhile my miners had come on in the rear to try and cause some mischief along with the copters in harassing the cuatl and saurus unit back there, but eventually the Miners were killed in combat by the saurus.
      The Hold Guardians were wiped out by the Taurosaurs who turned to face my greybeards. By this stage it was the end game and I wanted to limit my losses (I had no way of winning the objective as 2 of his units were in range to get in deployment zone on the last turn.) so I made another mistake, I backed my greybeards up to leave the taurosaurs a long charge and put my king out to threaten a countercharge. (I should have put my king back in the greybeard unit). Last turn his taurosaurs took the charge with 1 getting in and chaffed my king with some surviving hunters. The taurosaur broke the greybeards and ran them down losing me lots of points.

      Finished an 18-2 loss for me. I wasn't upset as my opponent was great and it was a fun game where I learned a lot as well as blowing off some cobwebs, and I had avoided that 20-0 :) .

      With that I moved onto round 2 and the lower tables where I faced HBE which were another army I had never fought before so that would be great :) .

      My highlight of the weekend was seeing the best painted armies on display so I am going to leave each post with some of the pics I took of those. :D

    • Moving into game 2 I found myself playing HBE (an army I had never faced before)

      My opponents lists was
      Display Spoiler

      Mage on Dragon: General, wizard master, cosmology, Book of Meladys, Lucky Charm, 945
      Commander: BSB, Master of Canreig Tower, Dragonforged Armour, Great Weapon, Longbow, Elu's Heartwood, 445
      20 Citizen Spears, full command, Navigator's Banner, 375
      20 Citizen Spears, full command, Banner of the Relentless Company, 340
      5 x Highborn Lancers, 240
      5 x Elein Reavers, bows, 190
      6 Knights of Ryma, standard, musician, War Banner of Ryma, 494
      Reaver Chariot, 110
      Lion Chariot, 215
      2 x 10 Queen's Guard, musician, 305
      5 x Grey Watchers, scout, paired weapons, 175
      2 x Sea Guard Reaper, 180
      Total: 4,499

      We played Hold the centre and Dawn Assault, there were ruins right next to the objective marker and we both had a hill in our deployment zone and forests in the other quarters of the board. Going into this match up I know DH aren't fans of impact hits or dragon type monsters due to thunderstomps. And that Knights of Ryma can hit really hard, so I wanted to avoid being combo charged by that if I could, but I felt the objective played much more in my favour as I wasn't sure I could be pushed off it easily and if I won the objective then I would at least avoid that 20-0 loss. :) .
      I set up both my greybeards and Hold Guardians to push towards the objective under cover of the flame cannon, while the xbows, anvil and copters lined up on my right flank around the hill. On my left flank the gunners and a Vengeance seeker were deployed to catch any of his cavalry trying to swing round that way. My opponent lined up his spears and queensguard in the centre supported by both chariots, the dragon, Knights of Ryma and reavers were on my left flank and his Lancers were poised to move down my right flank. The Reapers were split, one on the hill and one in the forest on my right flank.
      Once again my opponent went first and once more my flame cannon died first round to magic and shooting :) . The reavers with the vanguard moved far up my left while the rest of his flank forces moved up cautiously and his centre stayed relatively static. Over the next couple of rounds my Greybeards and Hold Guardians moved up to grab the centre, with the Hold Guardians charging and killing a spear unit that came too close. My copters were playing games with the lancers, reducing them to 1 model but unable to wipe them out. On the other flank the gunners shot off a couple of reavers while taking return casualties from magic and shooting before getting into a pillow fight with the remaining reavers. A vengeance seeker chaffed the Rymas which allowed my greybeards to claim the objective until turn 4 and so grab the objective for good at which point they charged the Lion chariot killing it.
      My miners had come on and killed the reaper in the forest before overrunning into the queensguard & BSB, a mistake on my part meant that Oaken throne was still up and they cast regen on themselves before wiping out the Miners. In the last couple of turns my Hold Guardians were reduced to 1 model from missile fire before finally making it to the Reaper on the hill. The BSB killed the copters and managed to raise the lancers above 25% in the last turn. The reaver chariot made it to the anvil and eventually killed it, while the gunners finally lost to the reavers. On the last round the dragon and Rymas charged my greybeards in the rear, who thanks to the holdstone stuck around and in the very last turn won combat but both the knights and dragon stuck around on a 7.
      After points it was 13-7 to the HBE but as I had won the objective it ended a respectable 10-10 draw :) .
      I was very happy as with a bit of luck on another day I could have edged a small victory. Thoughts were that the queensguard are very good, shooting hot from this game. It was a fun game with another awesome opponent, and I was happy to improving score wise.

      Onto game 3 and still on the lower tables with 12 points, I found myself drawn against SE, another army I hadn't faced before which was awesome, but my opponent was also a member of an ETC team, so obviously vastly more experienced than myself :/ , would be tough to keep to tournament hopes.

      His SE list was

      We played Spoils of War and counterthrust. My aim was once again to try and contest/win the objective and not lose 20-0. I deployed slightly off centre to the right, to enable the hold guardians and greybeards to each move towards one objective marker. My opponent deployed similarly but to my left, then used his kestrel knights banner to redeploy them to my far right (he told me they could do this before the game :rolleyes: ) and the by the end of my first turn he had moved them up onto the flank of my army out of sight arc while threatening my back line :wall: . I let through a totemic summons to eat it. Over the first few turns my hold guardian pushed up to claim an objective marker while my greybeards found them selves facing the 2 thicket beast units and a dryad unit, while the blade dancers and remaining dryads advance through the forest off on their left flank, and the archers stood on a hill in the back taking pot shots at things.
      It swiftly went down hill as far as I was concerned, his knights charged my gunners then overran into the anvil a countercharge from a vengeance seeker saw 2 knights die but the anvil and vengeance seeker did perish eventually, his summons charged the flame cannon after taking 2 wounds from the copters shooting, then died in combat to the war machine crew, who were then charged by the kestrel knights.
      In the centre the dryads had picked up one objective token (as had a unit on my left flank) while 1 eagle chaffed my greybeards. In an effort to salvage something my King charged out of the greybeards past the eagle and alongside the vengeance seeker into the dryads while the runic smith killed the eagle in front by breathing fire on it. the King and Vengeance seeker killed the dryad unit (causing it to drop the objective) and overran into the thicket beast units (king into 5 unit, Vengeance seeker into 6 unit).
      In the following round the vengeance seeker did more damage to the thicket beasts than the king (good wards and 1's on the MW roll) although the vengeance seeker did die.
      By the end of turn 4, my King had died from being in combat with both thicket beasts, my greybeards had claimed an objective, but were now in combat with the remaining kestrels in the flank and another dryad unit carrying a second objective to their front and a potential further flank charge from thicket beasts, my copters and xbows had suicided themselves slowing up the blade dancers, while my Hold Guardians had failed to roll a 6 to get into the flank of the kestrel knights. At this point I thought I was a gonner and facing an almost certain 20-0 loss.
      However a slight mistake by my opponent allowed the dice gods to give me a glimmer of hope. He charged his smaller thicket beasts into the flank of my greybeards, but also charged his larger unit into the front of my Hold Guardians. After the combat my Greybeards held due to being steadfast due to the Holdstone, but the Hold Guardians with the grudge went to town, auto breaking the Thicket beasts and running them down, in my turn 5 they were then able to charge the front of the engaged thicket beasts. After that combat, my greybeards had been killed to a man, as had the dryad unit (both lost their objective markers) but the Hold guardians (with rune of re roll to hits) had managed to swing it in my favour and the single kestrel knight fled as did the remaining thickets (they managed to escape the pursuing Hold Guardians) leaving my BSB and Runic smith standing there alone. More importantly my Hold Guardians were the only unit still holding an objective marker. (I was heading to win the objective)
      In the final turn the blade dancers charged my characters and killed them, while in an effort to draw the objective his archers charged off the hill into the flank of the Hold Guardians. The Hold Guardians held and in my turn won combat but the archers passes on a 6 and the game was over.
      All I had remaining were my Hold Guardians but I had won the objective and avoided a 20-0 loss. I had also managed to do this while forgetting to roll for my Miners :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: (I blame tiredness and the last game) :D
      When all was said and done, and purely thanks to my Hold Guardians the final result was a 13-7 loss, which I was very happy with considering how it had been looking.

      So after day 1 I was sitting on 19 points, 1 draw and 2 losses, and no 20-0 losses. So I was still on target for my tournament objective. And in round 4 I was up against OK.

      If you have sat through all this waffle thanks, and here is some more eye candy from the best painted :)

    • With a clear (ish) mind it was back to the table on day 2 and I start against OK, his list was
      Display Spoiler

      Great Khan, general, troll eater, heavy armour, paired weapons, touch of greatness, mammoth hide cloak, lygurs tongue, 565
      Great khan, hoardmaster, 365
      Khan, bsb, cult leader, iron fist, light armour, death cheater, 395
      Shaman, wizard master, Iron fist, light armour, rotten jaw, thaumaturgy, 475
      8 bruisers, full command, pennant of the great grass sky, 675
      9 bruisers, full command, 701
      2 x Kin eater, 175
      Tigger, 80
      3 x Giant, great weapon, 295
      Total: 4,491

      We played Secure Target and Marching Columns. I have some experience playing OK, but primarily its been the bombardier build I have run into, so the triple giant and heavy combat is a slight change of pace. Once again I didn't want to be combo charged by all the giants but I was reasonably confident that with a bit of luck I could weather the charges of his units (but wasn't certain how I would match up with his characters.
      We had a building in the centre left of the table, and I set up my hold guardians on a hill to threaten anything that came round the building as well as hopefully claim the objective on that side, they were supported by a vengeance seeker and the xbows. My greybeards were set up centrally with the hope they could hold off my opponents main force with the help of the gunners, copters, flame cannon and another vengeance seeker. My opponent set up with his general & shaman in the smaller unit opposite the Hold Guardians with 1 giant supporting them. On my right flank (near the second objective) were his other unit & characters, his tigger and another giant, finally 1 giant was set up centrally.
      Once again my opponent had turn 1 and moved up. Early game it felt intimidating having all that push towards you. Shooting saw the tigger die to copter fire, while the central giant also perished and 2 ogres from the left block by bottom of turn 2, My vengeance seekers were chaffing his 2 blocks, but his kin eaters had both come on to threaten the anvil and flame cannon. In response my miners had also come on my side. Interestingly my opponent sort of gave up casting magic during the game (rightly guessing I would eat the first wrath, and when left with 3 spells felt it would be too easy for me to shut down. As he didn't want a miscast he attempted few spells. Im not sure if that was the best decision)
      In the mid game his Kin eaters engaged their targets in my backline (one had been brought to 1 wound by combined shooting), his giant on my right charged the gunners and overran into the miners. My hold guardians used the chaffing of the vengeance seeker to slip past the ogre unit on the left hunting the giant on that side (who found something more interesting to do on the other side of the field :) ) My greybeards couldn't really force much so started to move towards the objective on the right getting closer to the second ogre block. The flame cannon died in combat but the anvil killed the wounded kin eater. His basic great khan left the unit to chaff my greybeards, while his general left his unit to start hunting the Hold Guardians as his unit then started moving across the filed after the greybeards.
      Turn 5 and my copters died trying to chaff the ogre unit on my left chasing the greybeards, his general and the giant on the left charge the face of the Hold Guardians, they beat the hold guardians but the general fails to run them down (they then rally), while the giant is injured and doesn't pursue because he is in range of my xbows. On my right the chaffing hoardmaster dies and my greybeards have a decent charge to the unit that side.
      Turn 6 and my opponent decides to go all in (as he said he wasn't there to avoid combat :) ) his general charges back into the hold Guardians (preventing them from contesting the objective), his wounded giant goes and hides behind the building with 2 wounds remaining. And his last kin eater fails a charge, but his 2 remaining units and giant all charge the greybeards. (I had managed to get rune of gleaming and rune of reckoning on them so had -1 to hit and rerolls to hit) The Hold Guardians were beaten again and this time run down by the general. But the greybeards weathered the storm of impact hits. Fortunately the giant had to be in b2b with my king so died easily. My bsb killed a champion in a duel, and my opponent rolled less than average on the impact hits, consequently I won combat convincingly and both ogre units broke. In my turn 6 my greybeards charged and caught the fleeing BSBs unit and were within range to claim the right objective.
      The final result was a 16-4 win to me. I was really pleased to get that win :) . I was lucky that last turn that I didn't suffer more and that my opponent decided to commit, if he hadn't it would probably have been a very small win to me (not sure I would have been able to get the objective)
      Once more a great game and a true gent of an opponent, and I was up and running with a win. Submarine time :D .

      In game 5 I found myself matched up against O&G, probably my most common opponent so I feel confident with the match ups, but he had a pretty cool list. It was
      Display Spoiler

      Feral Orc Shaman: General; Wizard Master, Thaumaturgy, Paired Weapons; Hero's Heart, Pan of Protection Pinchin', Skull Fetish, Warcry, 610
      Feral Orc Chief: BSB, Paired Weapons, Light Armour, Essence of Mithril, 260
      Common Goblin Witchdoctor: Wizard Apprentice, Pyromancy, Wolf Chariot, 145
      Common Goblin Witchdoctor: Wizard Apprentice, Witchcraft, Wolf Chariot, 145
      Common Orc Shaman: Boar Chariot, Wizard Apprentice, Shamanism, 180
      2 x Feral Orc Chief: War Boar, Great Weapon, 180
      2 x 35 Feral Orcs: Spear, FCG, Green Tide Banner, Mammoth Stabba, 610
      2 x 15 Iron Orcs: Musician, 315
      2 x 10 Gnasher Herd, 120
      2 x Orc Boar Chariot, 150
      2 x Git Launcher: Orc Overseer, 205
      Total: 4,500

      We played Capture the Flags and Frontline Clash, my opponent set up with his Ferals in the centre and on either flank were the Iron Orcs, Gnashers, Git Launcher, Orc Chariot and Orc Chief. The chariot casters were supporting the centre. I used a building in the centre right to limit the effectiveness of the Git Launcher on the right, by placing my Hold Guardians and Greybeards behind that but able to swing either way to support the flank or push at the centre. One vengeance seeker took cover in a forest on my right flank, supported by the gunners, while on the left the copters, xbows and another vengeance seeker lined up around a hill. The flame cannon was front and center threatening the feral blocks.
      My opponent took turn 1 again (a common theme :) ) his forces in the middle stayed 24" away from the flame cannon, but the flank forces pushed up. Wrath of God was cast near the hold Guardians and flame cannon but was eaten. A git launcher killed 3 gunners on my right flank. In my turn the vengeance seeker and copters on the left pushed up, while the vengeance seeker on the right stayed within the forest but moved to threaten the incoming Boar Chariot. Shooting from the gunners on my right killed a couple of Iron Orcs, while on the left the copters and xbows whittled the gnashers down to about half.
      So far in all the games I wouldn't say dice luck had been all that prevalent (little swings, but they had gone both ways and not really affected the results too much) however unfortunately at this point my opponents dice seemed to desert him. His wrath came down in my turn, rolled double 1s for distance and failed to touch the flame cannon, it then only did 2 wounds to the Hold Guardians. This luck continued as his git launchers who both shot all 6 turns only managed 1 more hit all game. On the left his Iron Orcs and Boar chariot failed a charge on my copters, the chariot taking 2 wounds from S&S and forest DTs. Meanwhile his witchcraft chariot charged the vengeance seeker on the left, taking a wound from forest DTs (it would be killed in my turn leaving the vengeance seeker on 1 wound). On the right his chief moved right up onto my flank, but the orc chariot backed away from the vengeance seeker in the forest, the Iron Orcs and Gnashers moved round the building on that side.
      During the mid game his gnashers on the left died to shooting, his Boar chariot on that side charged the injured vengeance seeker and both died in the ensuing combat. One of his Orc chiefs failed a frenzy check so had to charge the Hold Guardians, eventually falling, but my flame cannon was destoyed by magic missiles. On the right his Iron Orcs had charged the Vengeance seeker in the forest, in the second round of combat and left on 1 wound the vengeance seeker beat them (enough had died that they were half in the forest so not steadfast) they broke and he ran them down. His other orc chief had charged the front of my gunners and my miners had come on that side in an effort to help. I had moved the greybeards to threaten his Iron Orcs on that side but they were slightly out of position now the Iron Orcs had died.
      I realised going into Turn 5 that I was up on the objective, and as long as I could keep my scoring units alive I would claim the objective. To this end the gunners were boosted by runes of gleaming which meant combined with parry they were able to stay alive until my greybeards arrived to kill the orc chief in turn 6. My miners had a scare as his Orc boar chariot on the right rolled 11 to just make a long charge but swinging back the few surviving managed to kill it. My vengeance seeker finally died to a git launcher turn 6, while a couple of boosted hand of heavens brought my Hold Guardians down to perilously low numbers forcing them to back off from the advancing ferals.
      However at the end of the game, not much had been killed on my side and small 11-9 win on points went to a 14-6 win due to the objective and that 1 Iron Orc unit :) .
      Another good game against a fun opponent, who really was unlucky with his dice this game.

      I however was very pleased as I had exceeded my expectations, I had not lost 20-0 in any game and finished with a 2-1-2 record and 49pts out of 100. That put me somewhere around the middle of the field. A result I was very happy with considering it was my first tournament.

      I had an amazing time and want to thank all my opponents, the organisers and everyone at the event, who made it so enjoyable for a first timer.
      On reflection I learnt that experience of both game and armies is very important and I was very pleased to face a number of armies I havnt fought before. I made mistakes (especially in deployment) in both my losses so that's somewhere I can improve in the future but knowledge of the match up is key here.
      Thoughts on my list - it wasn't designed and isn't the most competitive list. I didn't feel overwhelmed by magic in any game so the magic defence set up probably helped here but it only seemed to have a significant effect in game 4 when my opponent only had 4 spells. The King on the Throne was decent, scaring the opponents and the extra grudges were really nice, but he is so expensive you lose another unit which could be more useful and are forced into playing death star style games. I brought him because he is a cool model and he did ok but im not sure he would come again at the moment. The Hold Guardians were awesome, when they have reroll to hit they are fearsome (especially as I almost always pick S6) and I really like them with wisdom banner to give them the rune of reckoning. The greybeards surprised me with their effectiveness. Often in the past for me they have died and lost steadfast, but the banner of the hold helped here a lot keeping them in combats right to the end. This set up may match spear warriors for me in future lists for effectiveness. The rest of the list worked pretty how I expected.
      Overall I loved the experience and highly recommend anyone to try and get to tournaments (especially if your in the UK) as its great fun and I cant wait for the next one im able to get to.

      Now on to the best bit, after scrolling through this much writing (and ramblings :) :) ) we have the last pics from the best painted. If you made it this far thanks :D

    • So after taking the Dwarves to their first big event I have decided to play around with something else for a while so my DL will be taking the field for the forseeable future.
      With the aim to start posting more regularly by getting taking pics ingrained last weekend I did some hobby stuff.

      First off my 10 year old nephew came round and wanted to do some hobbying, so he worked on and finished the following models.

      The LotR models he was practising brush control and paint mixing & thinning by himself, while the 'ghost' dogs were there so he could practice some dry brushing and washing techniques (and because he wants to paint some nighthaunt ghosts models later).

      While he did that I managed to build and paint some bases for the DL models I was wanting to work on.
      The bases

      and the models I hope to spend some time on.
      Mageblight Gremlins ready to start highlighting

      and the models I want to use for Omen on foot and Deceiver

      The omen on the right is all prepped to start laying down base colours, while the deceiver on the left has had that done, but im not happy with the result so will try it out with different colours.
    • So after getting stuff done, my hobby itch needed scratching and I had a couple of relatively productive evenings where I managed to get a couple of hours of stuff done. And getting in the habit meant pics were taken :) .

      I managed to finish the unit of mageblight gremlins (hopefully some of it can be made out as the camera typically for me focusses on something else :rolleyes: )

      Im relatively happy with how they turned out, considering they were 2nd hand rescue models.

      I also made decent progress on the Omen

      The skin needs a bit more work, while the metal needs quite a bit more work to add depth, and I think I will paint the cloth a pink colour but we will see.

      The Deceiver still needs quite a bit done

      The metal needs another coat (its so bad because its painting over the previous colour attempt) and then a Nuln oil wash I think before its ready to start doing proper painting work on it.

      Anyway they are all making progress and hopefully I have a quick game with them tomorrow so we can see how they perform.