Stuff im doing in my Hobby

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    • I was able to get a couple of games in yesterday, running 2 lists to try some things out.

      First game was against ID

      My List was
      Omen - General, Greater Dominion, Div Master, Iron Husk, Living Shield (Dom) 895pts
      Harbinger - Evo Adept, Bronze Backbone (Dom), Living Shield 375pts
      21 x Succubi, FC, Smothering Coils 589pts
      24 x Myrmidons, FC, Bronze Backbone 641pts
      5 x Clawed Fiends, Chmp, Mus, Piercing Strike 567pts
      3 x Mageblight Gremlins, Venom Sacs 248pts
      5 x Hellhounds, Chmp, Incendiary Ichor 190pts
      5 x Hellhounds, Chmp, Incendiary Ichor 190pts
      5 x Sirens, Chmp, Hammerhand 255pts
      5 x Furies, Venom Sacs 165pts
      3 x Veil Serpents, Chmp 385pts


      I wanted to try out Thaumaturgy on the Omen (previously I have ran Div), as well as the characters manifestations and Piercing Spike on the Fiends. (Everything else was stuff ive tried before an am relatively happy)

      His List was (roughly)
      Prophet on Lammassu Occultism Master/Witchcraft Adept - Tablet of Veil Stealing, 2+ Armour ???
      Chosen of Lugar - Touch of Greatness, Potion of Swiftness
      2 x 15 Citadel Guard - Flintlocks
      26 x Orc Slaves - Paired Weapons
      5 x Taurukh Anointed - Shield, Std of Shamut
      ~25 x Disciples of Lugar - GW, Shamut Banner
      1 x Volcano Cannon
      1 x Infernal Engine - Shrapnel Guns

      We played Counter Thrust deployment and King of the hill (he picked the forest while I picked the field)

      During Deployment I wanted to see where the Infernal Engine and the Anointed were dropped, but my opponent made a slight mistake, in that once he had dropped them he still had his characters to drop and didn't, so I could jump in drop everything and try to make my opponent take T1. I wanted T2 because nothing was in particular threat from shooting or magic T1 and playing the objective benefits from going 2nd. I vanguarded the Sirens back out of range of the Volcano Cannon.

      T1 ID
      Taurukhs, Disciples & Engine moved up through the forest, with the Lammasu flanking the engine, while the Citadel Guard on his right moved up in range of the Hellhounds. Magic resulted in nothing happening, then shooting saw the citadel guards doing well to kill 2 Hellhounds while the Engine and Flame Cannon managed to kill 2 hellhounds from the other unit.

      T1 DL
      My opponent I felt had left his Lammassu in the open, so I declared a charge with my hellhounds on the right (about 7/8 swiftstride on the dice) and after a long deliberation he fled through the volcano cannon and behind the hill. I redirected into the Volcano Cannon and rolled the 11 on the dice needed.

      My other hellhounds and furies went into chaff mode, chaffing the Taurukhs and Disciples respectively. Everything else moved up behind them with the succubi swinging wide on my left flank, while the sirens moved towards the Engine.

      Magic saw the Engine survive a boosted Hand of Heaven with 2 Armour saves and the anointed have their Resilience reduced by Smite the Unbeliever, while the Volcano Cannon only took 2 wounds from the hellhounds (rolled really poorly to wound) but it stayed in place which was a shame as the lamassu wasn't far away on the overrun.

      T2 ID
      Citadel Guard charged the flank of the chaffing hellhounds and the Disciples of Lugar charge the furies. The Orcs were unable to complete a charge on the hellhounds fighting the Volcano Cannon due to the Engine blocking the wheel. The Lamassu rallied while the Anointed backed up. The Engine and Citadel Guards moved up.

      Magic was uneventful as Ravens wing was stopped and the second spell failed. Shooting saw the Fiends make 2 Aegis saves to take no wounds from the Infernal Engine while the free Citadel Guard unit did 1 wound on the sirens. In combat the Disciples destroyed the furies and reformed to face the myrmidons & clawed fiends. The other hellhounds were killed by the citadel guard in return for losing one of their number, they stayed at an angle such that there was no overrun from the clawed fiends into the anointed. The hellhounds managed to put 2 wounds on the Volcano Cannon again but it stuck around again (The Lamassu was safe :( ).

      T2 DL
      The Succubi charged the flank of the Citadel Guard, while the Myrmidons and Clawed Fiends charged the front of the Disciples of Lugar. I declared the sirens to also charge the flank but once movement occurred they couldn't fit in so they failed the charge near the engine.

      I got a excellent magic phase, able to get Smite the Unbeliever off the reduce the Disciples resilience, the clawed fiends had Ancestral Aid on them while the Myrmidons Champion managed to get a S3 cleansing Fire breath weapon. In combat the Omen killed the Chosen in a duel but took 1 wound at the same time. After combat the disciples had been reduced to 8 models and had put 1 wound on the fiends and a couple on the myrmidons. The succubi killed 4 citadel guard for the cost of 1 succubi, the citadel guard fled 10" beyond the anointed, while the succubi failed the 9" overrun stumbling 4" forward. The hellhounds killed the Volcano Cannon and turned to face the Citadel Guard.

      T3 ID
      The Anointed charged the succubi, while the Engine went into the sirens.

      The Orcs charged the hellhounds on the hill in the rear. Citadel Guard rallied and turned to face the center of the battlefield. On my right the Citadel Guard moved up the flank, while the Lamassu flew over the hill.
      Magic saw the Lamassu cast Ravens Wing to move to the flank of the myrmidons but all other spells were stopped.

      Combat saw the Orcs kill the hellhounds and overrun off the hill. The Engine killed the sirens while in the middle the Omen fluffed by rolling lots of 1's and there were still 3 Disciples alive at the end. On the left the Harbinger and Succubi did 4 wounds to the Anointed and in return lost 4 succubi and 2 wounds were placed on the harbinger.

      T3 DL
      The Serpents charged the flank of the Anointed, and the mageblight gremlins appeared (I had forgotten to role on T2) behind the rallied Citadel Guard at the back of the board

      Magic saw me get another good phase, able to get Ancestral Aid on the Succubi, a S5 Cleansing Fire breath weapon on the Serpents champion and most importantly a boosted Smite the Unbeliever reduced the Anointeds Resilience by 1. I also slipped through a Twisted Effigy on the Engine

      Combat saw the Disciples die allowing the Myrmidons & Fiends to separate, while the Anointed were reduced to 1 model with 2 wounds and failed to kill the Harbinger in return. They fled and were caught by the Serpents while the succubi stayed in place.

      T4 ID
      Lamassu flies behind the Myrmidons, while the engine moves away towards the right board edge. The Orcs & Citadel Guard shuffle around on the right side.

      Magic saw the snipe spell stopped with all dice, and the fiends took 1 wound from a magic missile, then the 2 Citadel Guard units managed to put 2 wounds on the fiends killing 1 model in the process.

      T4 DL
      Gremlins charge the rear of the Citadel Guard, while the fiends move into the Forest. The succubi move towards the forest, while the Serpents swing back around towards the Lamassu and the Myrmidons reform to face the Lamassu.

      Magic saw me attempt Wrath of God for the first and only time however it was dispelled with all dice, my hand of heaven and Cleansing fire attempts on the Lamassu saw all wound saved however. Combat saw the gremlins kill 6 citadel guard (my opponent failed every armour save unfortunately) in return for 2 wounds but the Citadel Guard were steadfast so stuck around.

      T5 ID
      The Lamassu flew back to the flank of the myrmidons and was supported by the Engine coming back towards the battle. The Orcs and Citadel Guard stayed still.

      Magic once more saw snipe spell stopped with all dice, but the magic missile failed to wound the Fiends. Shooting from the Engine and Citadel Guard did do 5 wounds to the fiends killing another model in the process. Combat saw the Citadel Guard do 2 wounds to the gremlins again but once more their armour failed them and all 5 were killed by the vengeful little blighters.

      At that time a couple of other guys had turned up and we decided to call it so we could get another game in against them, with it being a DL win. I don't know if I could have got the Lamassu but I feel most of everything else was possible.

      I like this set up of list having played lists like it a few times. I still think the characters manifestations could be tweaked. Im not sold on Thaumaturgy (I feel Div is a better lore and feels a better fit for the list).
      I don't like Spear as a spell, so as a master in Thaum, I feel obligated to take Wrath but it cant really be cast on 2 dice. The way I set up DL magic is to take 7/8 spells and 2 dice all of them, 3 damage, 3 buffs/hexes & 2 free/utility choices. Taking Wrath means I have a spell that isn't 2 diceable (also makes miscasts possible) which can muck up the barrage of spells I normally cast (too many to effectively dispel). Then there is the fact that you are placing wrath near the enemy units but my list is designed to try and engage those units in the right match ups, so I could be charging them into a position where they get blown up by my own spell - doesn't seem the smartest idea. I suppose it could be used for zone control but its not reliable so :/ . I will have to give it a couple more goes before I write it off though.

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    • Second game of the day, wont get a report, I was playing a player who hasn't played many games and was still learning his army. I was trying a completely different list. With 2 Gigantic GDs and all combat spells (no dam) against a MSU OK list.

      Mistakes were made by both players as we struggled to get to grips with the armies and how they played, but bottom of T5 having seen the Courtesan cut down by the Mercenary Star, the Scourge on 1 wound routed the star and the game was called as a good solid win to the DL (just)

      Take home from this game. I REALLY need to play more with the greater gigantic daemons as I made lots of mistakes with positioning and movement with them. They were pretty good in combat though.

      But the good take home was the Clawed Fiends (who previously have rather underperformed) really shone as true terrors to large creatures. When they get the right match up the are amazing - but otherwise just about ok. They would have been even better if I hadn't forgotten about their broodmother ability in 3 consecutive rounds :wall: .
    • As always it seems I can never get enough done. RL has been hectic and intense and unfortunately havnt had the time or inclination to paint much recently.

      However its slowly coming back and I have been working on some things so here are my Brazen Beasts.

      First up is just with the colours blocked in

      Then i have some after I have done some shading and washes.

      It might seem a small difference but for me it really does help enhance the colours and bring more oooomph to the models. Now I only have to layer up the skin, chitin and armour and the models are done. (Bases are another matter) but hopefully they will be done by next week.

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    • Really excited to be joining the Avras Campaign, will now have to finish painting asap.

      But here is my first fluff battle report

      Display Spoiler

      Roth'Xorketh observed the Tear as his summons were answered, first a large entity he recognised stepped through the Veil. Unfurling their wings this entity maybe only reached up as far as Roth'Xorketh's shoulder but it was powerful and he recognised them. As more and more Daemons answered the summons spreading out from the cave Roth'Xorketh spoke 'Welcome Zerkuxath, Eye of Nukuja, this world is rich in magic and sustenance, enough for many of us to enjoy. Will you join me?' After a long pause the winged figure inclined their head 'But of course Roth'Xorketh, Avarice of Sugulag, perhaps we should start down there?' and they swept a clawed hand towards the collection of huts but a few miles away. Nodding with pleasure Roth'Xorketh bellowed an order for the multitude of Daemons that had answered his summons through the Tear to advance.

      Although it was Dawn the village was not caught completely by surprise as these Ogres were hardy nomads, they had set up camp a couple of days ago near an sacred burial site. Woken from sleep the Great Khan of this tribe was quick to rouse what warriors he could. Although many of his Hunters were away on the plains looking for tracks, he still had his veteran bodyguard, and the chief shaman of the tribe, as well as his Banner Bearer. Surveying his hastily arrayed forces he hoped it would be enough to crush the daemon invaders who seemed to have appeared from nowhere. He prayed that the one (slightly faulty Thundercannon or his mighty Maul would be enough to deal with the 2 towering presences on the other side of the field). Shouting orders to his kin he kicked the many Scraplings into line, hoping they would be of some use, and not just run. As he joined his Veterans and Banner Bearer, his Shaman appeared by his side 'Great Khan, we must protect the Burial site of our Ancestors from desecration'. Nodding his head the Great Khan indicated to advance.

      Roth'Xorketh surveyed the force arrayed in front of him, although there was much potential within the force, an ancient burial site on the right held much Power in ancient souls. Intrigued by this he ordered his forces forwards, both he and Zerkuxath moved towards this interesting mound, as did the brazen beasts. The rest of the line shifted forwards with the Veil Serpents replacing Zerkuxath in the line and the hounds advancing up a hill to get a good vantage point on the left flank.
      As they flew across the field, Zerkuxath summoned mystical effigies of shadow and seduction to captivate the Ogres operating a massive Cannon, while Roth'Xorketh summoned souls Whispers to sap the resilience of the Mounted Ogres across from him before blasting them with a spear like blast of pure magic which injured one of the hearty warriors.

      As the Daemons swarmed forwards the Ogres responded in kind moving forwards in the middle, on their left some Ogres and a large group of Scraplings advanced taking position on a mound that seemed to hold some interest for the Daemons, while the Great Khan and his bodyguard advanced to drive the Daemons from the burial site.
      Accompanying the Great Khan, the Shaman unleashed a massive burst of fire, hoping to burn them away, but as the inferno died down only a couple of the daemons seemed singed (a lot of Aegis saves were passed).
      Under the gaze of the nearby Great Khan a bunch of Scraplings who had picked up bows tried to look useful and fired towards the Hounds silhouetted on the hill, whether through luck or .. No it was luck they managed to fell 3 of the beasts, but despite many other Scraplings attempting similar feats no further successes were had.

      Spurred to action by the loss of some of their kind, the hounds bounded down the hills into a Hunting Beast that had been unleashed by the Ogres, the Veil Serpents similarly charged another nearby Hunting Beast, while over on the right the Brazen Beasts charged the Ogres who had moved on top of the intriguing mound. The Fiends replaced the hounds on the hill to the left, while the Succubi and Myrmidons addressed their lines to face the incoming Great Khan and his Veteran bodyguard. Roth'Xorketh moved up to protect the Succubi's flank from a charge from the mounted Ogres while, Zerkuxath flew over the Scraplings to their flank, adjacent to the intriguing mound.
      Summoning their powers Zerkuxath attempted to enchant the Cannon once more, but wise to this trick the Shaman channelled his will to stop this, however Zerkuxath was able to Bewitch the Ogres fighting the Brazen Beasts, meanwhile once more Roth'Xorketh summoned power to sap the Resilience of the mounted Ogres while the Veil Serpents also Smote them, leaving them exceedingly weak (-2 Resilience). Finally summoning all their magical expertise Zerkuxath blasted the mounted Ogres with a spear like force of pure magic, killing the already injured one and wounding another.
      The Hounds failed to kill the Hunting Beast, but the Veil Serpents did devour theirs before also turning towards the advancing Veterans. On the right the Brazen Beasts killed 2 of the Ogres, leaving the last injured enough that he barely grazed them in return, terrified he fled and was run down by the Beasts.

      Seeing their opportunity the Ogres charged, the mounted Ogres charged the fearsome Gigantic General in front of them, while the Great Khan and his crew charged the Veil Serpents. The shooting in the middle turned towards the Gigantic flying beast that had appeared along side them while the large group of Scraplings about turned and advanced up the hill after the beasts that had killed the Ogres minutes ago.
      The Shaman once more attempted to burn all the Daemons near him but Roth'Xorketh, wise to this trick stopped it, however with his attention on this, the Shaman was able to slip through an enchantment on the mounted Ogres enhancing their blows with magical fire.
      The Scraplings on the ogres right once more fired at the fiends now silhouetted on the hill, bit did nothing - their previous success was just luck it seems. Similarly the 2 scrapling units in the center failed to affect the mighty flying Daemon near them, but the Cannon, able to sight the individual responsible for enchanting them previously, took aim and with a mighty cacophonic roar the beast was hit, tearing a bloody furrow through its side (took 2 wounds on Zerkuxath).
      The mounted Ogres did manage to injure the Gigantic Daemon in front of them, but the majority of their blows just bounced off the tough hide and armour. In response the Fearsome monster slaughtered 2 of their number, and despite charging the last remaining Ogre barely held his courage, only the nearby presence of his Khan and Banner Bearer holding him in place. The Veil Serpents were obliterated by the Great Khans crew, however confusion then ensued as the Great Khan ordered them to overrun into the nearby Succubi but at the same time the Shaman ordered them to reform towards the Ancestors burial site on their right. Confused by 2 contradictory orders at the same time the Veterans stumbled forward (needed a 4 for the overrun but rolled all 1's and failed).

      Overwhelmed by the opportunity the Daemons charged, the Clawed fiends charged off the hill into the Hunting beast that had just managed to kill the remaining Hounds. The Myrmidons and Succubi charged the Great Khans Veteran bodyguard, with the Myrmidons in the flank. Zerkuxath, disliking being shot charged the Scraplings nearest them, who held despite the terror Zerkuxath projected. The Furies behind the line flew towards the left flank hoping the Scraplings there would be easy prey while the Brazen Beasts turned to face the Scraplings coming over the mound.
      The Shaman was able to stop some of Roth'Xorkeths magic as he attempted to affect the combat around the Veterans, but was unable to stop it all with the Ogres having their Vitality sapped by Whispers from their dead ancestors, at the last Zerkuxath managed to Bewitch the Ogres as well.
      The Hunting Beast could not fight off the Fiends as it had the Hounds and the Fiends overran towards the Cannon. Many Scraplings were stomped to death by Zerkuxath and they fled the field in terror. Roth'Xorketh killed the last mounted Ogre, the Succubi and Myrmidons crashed into the Ogres, killing almost all the Veterans, and although the heroes were able to kill some of the Daemons even the Shamans power of Dragons Breath were unable to kill enough and overwhelmed, the Ogres turned to run but were cut down as they fled.

      With the Ogre leaders killed, the remaining forces were helpless to resist against the Daemons and they and the village were destroyed. In the aftermath of the conflict as his forces feasted on both the flesh and the life sustenance of their conquest Roth'Xorketh crouched amongst the carnage, toying with the soul of the Shaman that he had captured as he died. The flaming soul shrieked in pain and terror as it danced, writhed and flickered at Roth'Xoreths command from claw to claw, sinuously moving at its masters behest. Zerkuxath approached the larger Daemon smiling as much as they could. 'Interesting mound over there' they indicated over their shoulder 'It was replete with ancient magic of summoning, protection and spirits - if this is just the beginning then it could be a great time for us on this world'. Roth'Xoreth nodded and in his deep base rumble, eyes not moving from his dancing flaming captured soul 'Yes I agree, but can you not feel it? There is a mighty confluence of power, gathering far away in that direction' he lifted one clawed hand pointing in a direction away from the rising sun. 'We must go there for the opportunity for power and sustenance there dwarfs what was found here by a margin that is unmeasurable. As long as my spirit binding holds on the Tear we will be able to exist on this world to reap what we can from these mortals'

      With a nod of agreement Zerkuxath turns to fly off to observe the mound once more leaving the mighty Roth'Xorketh to his pleasure, tormenting the souls of his conquered foes.

      Not only is doing the reports fun (if a bit time consuming) I find them really helpful in reflecting on mistakes I made and where I lost (or won) the game. There was a prime example in this game.

      In turn 2 I charge the chaff of the ogres with the Hounds and Serpents, with the plan to then fly my furies up from behind the lines (you can see them there at the bottom of the pic right) to chaff the Veteran block at the top of the picture, so they cant charge the Serpents - this would leave them in a position to be counter charged in T3 by a number of units (Serpents, Myrmidons, Fiends off to the left)

      However for some unknown reason I didn't move them up and just left them there. Once I realised my mistake in the combat phase I figured maybe the Hounds could overrun and chaff the Veterans at that point. Guess what happened :) ?

      Yep the Hounds didn't kill the doggie so the Vets had a clear charge to the serpents. And they took it.

      At this point im kicking myself because its only a 4" overrun into the Succubi, and the Myrmidons that are to the left of the picture are the only thing able to counter charge and im not sure that's enough.

      Thankfully I was incredibly luck as my opponent rolled all 1's for his overrun so failed and I was able to counter charge with the Myrmidons and the Succubi.

      This was vital because if he had made it he would have lined up with the Succubi and got Impact hits, as it was when I charged, the BSB wasn't in base to base and those extra attacks & impacts would have probably tipped it from a win to me to a small loss.

      Its amazing on what small things the games can change :) .
    • So little update.

      I have played well over 20 games with the new DL book by now and due to my increasing age and early senility there is somethin I always forget (I think I have remembered about twice in all those games) to do. This is to remember at the right time assign my generals Greater Dominion.

      In an effort to assist my ailing faculties I have made a visual reminder to place on the unit (the fact it could act as an objective marker at the same time is a happy coincidence). As it was made from bits and pieces laying around I used the opportunity to try out some colour combos as practice for other models.

    • So as im currently facing the prospect of procrastinating here or doing some house chores, I figure I will continue to post here for a bit :)

      I have finished the painting on some more models

      The bases are not done as I need to build them, so as I have about 25 to do its easiest to do these in one batch over a weekend. That will be done later.

      Onto a little rant about these models. They are Privateer Press models that will be Myrmidons for me. I like Privateer Press and have a large number of their models, but these have to ne the worst/least fun models I have worked with. I don't know if it was a duff batch but they had ridiculous mold lines over large areas, they didn't fit together at all well, needing a lot of work, they had a poor quality to the material/resolution that resulted in many of them being 'grainy' that distorts much of the detail.

      So to continue the story, I picked these up to be myrmidons under the old book, but when the new book came out im no longer happy with them - I tried to paint them and gave up due to frustration, but have had to come back and give them another go as I eed them for an event later in the year. I don't want to run Imps which I have finished).

      So considering they are not good imo and I have already tried, then this time round repainted them I think they turned out as passable

      They will have to do until I can get models I prefer. Speaking of which I think I have found some

      These are what I want and are part of the Kings of War Nightstalker range, but are not available as a unit yet (only as a part of their large army choice) and I wondered if anyone knew if they would be released separately? Its a long shot but you never know :) .

      Cheers, I have some more painting coming up as I prepare for this event so hopefully I will be able to continue posting with more regularity.
    • Also managed to get some models finished that can be Blazing Glories

      These are models from the same range as my Clawed Fiends (if a bit smaller) and I feel I prefer the paint scheme more on these, the Green 'scales/armour' I feel are better than the grey I used before. But its a side effect of learning and experimenting as you progress with painting an army, as the Clawed Fiends were among the first models painted. If I go back I would probably repaint those along this scheme if I were absolutely keen on being coherent.