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    • and what if we played the last game of the Playtesting League (DH vs WDG) live,
      at the Essen Spiel convention, with (some of the) 200.000 visitors as audience?
      : D

      piteglio wrote:

      have you already tried searching "ESSEN 2019" in youtube?

      this week, Oct 24th-27th, the largest boardgaming convention in the world takes place in Essen, Germany.
      this is the place to be for any tabletop game, with some 200.000 visitors.
      i am sure that many of them will LOVE the ninth age, if only we manage to reach out to them.

      so we need two things: a stand and some volunteers.
      i provide the first. who wants to help with the second?

      Veil of the Ages will have a 10 square meters corner booth there. we will showcase our new narrative skirmish game system based on T9A.
      but we will also make available space for a regular 180x120 table for T9A: Fantasy Battles and a 90x120 table for the QuickStarter. and for this, we need your support. we could use some help with equipment and with personnel. nothing too fancy: in terms of equipment, we only need the usual stuff (table, miniatures, terrain, dice, tokens, meter, rules). as for personnel, we are looking for people who are happy to show the game to newcomers.

      you can play against other experienced players while noobs look in awe. you can even make an appointment with some other forum member and come play on our tables. i've heard that maybe the most active and liked member of our community will bring his 4500pts Asklanders force and play some games... or you can take some of the simpler sets (like QuickStarter or The Arena or The Breach) and teach one of those to new players directly. who wouldn't want a chance to put two nasty 500pts characters against each other in the Arena that Little Joe has built?

      the event lasts 4 days, thursday to sunday, from 10am to 7pm. demo games can be in german or in english (the event is very international). i have one extra exhibitor pass, and i'd be happy to donate it to the one person among you who'll be most enthusiastic about helping out - either with equipment or with demonstration. so if you can come to Essen this week, let us know in which part of which day you are available to do some T9A promotion at the Veil of the Ages stand. fill in the calendar below, tell us if you can also bring miniatures or equipment, and help us showcase T9A at the larges boardgaming event ever!

      the participant with the highest number of ticked boxes will be strooongly considered for winning the 4-days-pass ; )