January - 2019 Bi-monthly Team Updates

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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

The brand new army book for Infernal Dwarves is finally available, along with a small surprise! Remember that it is a beta version, and provide us your feedback!

  • January - 2019 Bi-monthly Team Updates

    For those of you who want to know more!

    Executive Board - Scottish Knight, blonde beer, Mr.Gobbo, Grimbold Blackhammer
    The last few months have certainly been exciting! The core rules are now officially Gold and locked in. We've gotten plenty of feedback from both players as well as some of our supporting companies that this alone has given then the stability they want to move forward. And as a huge milestone, let's not forget to mention we only got their through the massive efforts of hundreds of volunteers both past and present! Your dedication and professionalism astounds us every day But since you folks don't seem to believe in idle hands, we also released the Arcane Compendium, tweaked the Warriors of the Dark Gods beta army book, and released the beta version of the Daemon Legions book. And let's not forget Orclympics by @VisconteDimezzato, Pirate Peril by @Blonde Beer, another great issue of The 9th Scroll by @Henrypmiller, our on-going efforts by @Little Joe and his team to update our library, and an update to the Tournament Pack by @Frederick. Wow!

    Looking ahead we have more good things on the horizon as well! We have updated our production process to increase the speed at which new army books can be written while still maintaining the highest and most engaging quality. This involves a bold new system to giving more creative freedom to our writers and implementing project managers to improve team coordination which we recognized as a weakness. As we announced earlier, Infernal Dwarfs will be the next army on the production floor so once the teams have been assembled, work on them will begin with Dread Elves following hopefully in short order. And if you have heard the rumors, we can confirm they are true! We do have a new website coming that will help transition us from being an online forum to a genuine space on the Internet. I'm going to give a special shout out to our designers who blew our minds with their fantastic designs.

    Our teams aren't the only ones working hard; plenty of others are as well and we are very grateful for the support they are showing us.
    - @Uthegen has set up Printed Rulebook 2.0 and Arcane Compendium now available at Amazon [updated]
    - @Iluvatar has set up printing for magic cards and flux cards
    - @Kanadian has updated his Quickstarter set
    - @Frederick is working on a tournament pack for tournament organizers
    - @piteglio is working on a game starter set
    - @VisconteDimezzato is working on the Orclympics

    The outpouring of support The 9th Age is receiving from the players and the community at large is overwhelming. Thank you for being awesome!

    Human Resources - Vacant
    No updates

    Game Design Council - Rules - Stunt
    Playtesters, Rules Team
    Playtesting Team - Archeron
    December/January - Did some team restructuring.

    February - Waiting for PRO restructure and helping QuickStarter to get more reports.

    Rules Team - fjugin
    December/January - Our main focus has been the Daemon Legions (DL) and Warriors of the Dark Gods (WotDGs) army books. In December we were able to prepare the DL army book for release and provide a small balance update for WotDGs (v.205 to v2.0). January we were looking at some design tweaks to WotDGs. All of this has been done in cooperation with the army book task teams.

    February - The main focus of rules team the coming months will be to craft design guidelines for rewriting army books. The current ones, our Army-Wide Strengths & Weaknesses (ASAW) have caused a lot of misconceptions, and we will therefore scrap them and replace them with a new format. Still a unique set of guidelines for each army book. Once ready these will be shared with the community in order to gather feedback and get a better understanding what the community wants from the army. In addition to army specific guidelines, we will also craft generic ones that are applicable to all products.

    Rules team will also take an active part in updating DL and WotGDs army books until they exit their beta phase. Main focus of Rules Team will be points. And once new work on rewriting new books are initiated, Rules Team will have a hand in this as well. Primarily through guidelines and holistic feedback initially.

    Game Support Council - Gaming - Arturius
    Tournament Analysis, ETC/Masters
    Tournament Analysis - Just_Flo & arwaker
    December/January - We published the automatically updated list of entered tournaments. We reached 1-2 countries we did not get data from in the past and reopened data transmission channels with at least one we had lost. The workload was divided better and some inactive people had to leave. The entering file was updated to be far easier to use. We collected data from tournaments and from the report your game threads. Some research for the Rules Team (Favour usage, Icon of the Inferno, Feldrak Elder and 205 / 206 Performance) were done.

    February - We will restart recruiting; as now we have quite straight forward descriptions of the jobs we need people to do and should better avoid people signing up for something different than they thought. We will try to come to a common ground with the new Rules Team regarding what we shall look for analyzing in tournament lists, and will try to find a threshold for under-usage of units together with the new RT. We will be working on improving the too complicated and too much time needing automatical list Analyse Sheets we have and we will update the DL one to the current Version. Data Collection on the Status quo of Infernal Dwarfs and Dread Elves should start soon.

    Forum Council - Forums - Grimbold Blackhammer
    Army Community Support, Community Engagement, Lexicon Team, Moderators, Rules Support, Webmasters
    Army Community Support - Iori78 & Just_Flo
    December/January - We worked on the play style texts for the new website. We added some new faces to our team but unfortunately we also lost a few. We prepared the briefing of the Infernal Dwarf Army Community Support (ACS) for the new FAB process. To be able to help the new Rules Team on potential new or updated design guidelines we went through our boards and collected the past reactions to the Army Wide Strengths & Weaknesses, so that with knowledge of the past we might give informed opinion on the ideas of the soon to be present. At least it will help to know what in future guidelines or during FAB processes will need extra attention from PR.

    February - Keeping the number of ACS on a level every army can be supported reasonable during a FAB, participating in a FAB process, and activating artists and fans of the armies in FAB process to donate art to the Project.

    Community Engagement - Eternal Flitter & Henrypmiller
    No updates

    Moderator Team - Stunt & Emperor_Zoron
    December/January - And excessive number of bots are being found. We're rooting them out in addition to our regular activities.

    February - More vigilance!

    Product Search - Little Joe
    December/January - We updated the Daemon Legions and Ogre Khans libraries. We have 3 new public members which should help out a lot with keeping libraries up to date.

    February - Currently we have 2 teams of 3 librarians each working on updating the Dwarven Holds and the Warriors of the Dark Gods libraries. The Warriors of the Dark Gods team will also work on a proposal for a new look that includes a preview with images. Furthermore we work has started on defining how we can operate publicly with just a few members in staff.

    Media Council - Media - Bugman & Calisson
    PR Team, RT Blog, Social Media, United Nations, 9th Scroll
    Public Relations
    - bugman & blonde beer
    December/January - PR spent most of the Xmas being rather busy. We saw the 12 days of Father Chaos advent which accumulated in the release of the Daemon Legions Book. Feedback on this has been amazing and rightly so! There was also the small matter of v2.0 being released! This was an accumulation of many many hours of work and what an amazing piece of work it is! For those whom haven’t noticed, a few people have setup selling the book on Amazon! In the background we continue to keep an eye on the new website which is slowly taking shape as well as the many small projects that have been worked on. The busy Xmas schedule taught us a few things which we hope to improve upon and use in the future.

    United Nations - Calisson
    December/January - We relayed the call for artists in France, Italy, and Germany. In end December/January, the French community considered a donation drive, which other nations could have done too... but it did not happen, for lack of information. We need finance transparency but cannot get it!

    February - Future plans are exciting, as they involve the participation of UN along with the Army Community Support(ACS) team in the very process of making future full army books. The idea is for ACS team to provide to the FAB team the feelings of the community for various concepts, as they are explored by the FAB team. The idea for UN is to provide to ACS the feelings from various parts of the community which access to T9A forum is indirect at most.

    Publication Council - Publications - Vacant
    Rules Review Team, Lectoring Team, Layout, Translation Team
    Rules Clarity Team -
    Eisenheinrich & fjugin
    December/January - The month was dedicated to getting everything ready for the release of Gold. Since then, we have been collecting inconsistencies, loopholes, ambiguities for an errata/FAQ document that will be released eventually (luckily we haven't found a lot so far ). Besides answering rules questions in the open forum, we've also been helping with the phrasing of some of the supplements (e.g. The Land of T9A) and the army books still in the beta phase (Warriors of the Dark Gods and Daemon Legions).

    February - We'll release the errata/FAQ document mentioned above soon and continue working on that. There are several supplements that still need to undergo RCT processing, and as usual, we'll continue answering rules-related questions in the open forums.

    Lectors - Kisanis
    December/January - the December crunch!

    February -Finishing the Quickstarter rules and the next issue of the 9th Scroll. And preparing for the next army book - Infernal Dwarfs!

    World Builders Council - Background - Lawgnome & nightwun
    Army Design Team, Art Team, Background Team, Conceptual Design Team, Campaign Team
    Army Design Team - nightwun, Bubonicus, & Emgies
    December/January - We were focused on the release of Daemon Legions beta and adjustments to the Warriors of the Dark Gods.

    February - Continuing work on those two books plus preparing for the roll out of the new FAB process.

    Art Team - Thorsen, NicePants, & RollTheDice
    No updates

    Background Team - Scottish Knight
    December/January - We released a legendary army book plus an additional publication of Circling the Abyss! We are making progress on the Saurian Ancient's background, almost finished with Dwarven Holds, and wrapped up the Orcs & Goblins.

    February - We are moving on to preparing for the Infernal Dwarf book now - preparing the layout and getting ready to help with the design. We are also moving on to work on the undead backgrounds as well as a number of smaller projects to get more information out there.

    Campaign Team - Skipschnit
    December/January - December & January were full of challenges with holidays, but also with excitement due to the release of v2.0 and the Deamon Legions book. Concepts and scenarios were finalized and the beginning stages of book construction began. Soon players can embark on their own quest to unwrap the myths of the Broken Isles.

    Executive Board


    Want to help out? The 9th Age is an all volunteer organization and we're always looking for like-minded folks! Message me if you are interested!!