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      This is possibly one of those posts where the writer goes: "hey, I have revitalised my interest in painting, and I will be assembling army x, painting y amount of models in z amount of time", and then it just dies pretty much before it was even born.

      Here is the deal:

      The only fantasy army I have ever owned was O&G. That's pretty dedicated. However, over the last few years, I have been participating in more tournaments, culminating in being a mercenary at the ETC in Novi Sad, Serbia, 2019. I have reached the absolute top of my "tournament career", and this has been a fun O&G ride. I have enough self-insight to know that the ETC (and good WTC performance) was overachieving, luck, favours from a friend, and meeting opponents at my own skill level or slightly above. It is not likely to happen again anytime soon!

      Playing that many games (you can almost call it grinding) with the same army in a short amount of time left me almost.. Satied(?) In regards to O&G.

      When my nephew told me I could get his old WHFB 4-5-6th Edition Skaven models for free, I knew what to do.

      One thing led to another, overspending on the hobby budget ensued, and my local Postman Pat knew me by my first name. Thank goodness for the "write a custom message to be included in your parcel" feature on certain webstores. I have gotten quite a few "Congratulations, here is your prize!" over the past few months. My wife thinks I am super lucky.

      I now own a sizable Vermin Swarm force (most completely NiB, still on sprues) - and with this being the "year of the rat", and the announcement that the next book in line for full LAB treatment will be the Vermin Swarm, I will update my blog as I progress in assembling and painting my new force. There is this naive notion in my head, that I will be able to participate in a small 4500-point tournament later this year (not the ones where you need fully painted armies).

      That is my goal.

      The title of my blog remains unchanged. Rats are also tricksy, and are most certainly gits to some extent.

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    • Alright!

      I did this today as an experiment. My goal is table top standard or slightly below, because I have to paint 400+ models, and I am not a skilled painter. Never was!

      The experiment is twofold:

      1. I wanted to test out contrast paints! The "fully painted" rat was painted in about 5-10 minutes with only single-layer contrast paints (except for the metal bits on his weapons)

      2. I wanted to see if I could move away from the old 90's vibes with Goblin Green, PVA glue and green flock.

      I went to my local hobby pusher, and they were out of modelling sand! However, they sold a big bucket of powdered acrylic resin (to be mixed with water), and I decided to test a sewer theme instead, where I apply it on the bases, wait 30 minutes, pull out a needle and start tracing "tiles".I then painted the bases with:

      • watered down mechanicus standard grey
      • a wash of nuln oil
      • a drybrush of administratum grey
      • a drybrush of longbeard grey.
      • The green sludge was caliban green and nurgle rot.

      Lessons learned: - add water to the acrylic resin powder gradually in order to reach your preferred viscosity. I just dumped all of the water at the same time into the pot, and the mixture behaved like super diluted PVA-glue. Yes, a nightmare to work with if you want to apply it evenly on a base. It also took more like 1,5 hours than 30 minutes for it to dry enough for the "needle tracing" to happen.

      Next time I will have a thicker resin paste, and I will apply more of it on the bases to give more texture. However, with the above in mind, I am pleased with the result, and how I manged to salvage what was otherwise a failure. Life is sometimes about making the best of what you've got.

      I actually think it went well.. Absolutely minimum effort, close to maximum profit (table top).

      The next 9 rat-at-arms/slaves are ready for painting, but that is a project for a different day. Only about 79 WHFB 6th edtion multi-part plastic rats to go!

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    • TobiasP wrote:

      Great bases. GW's nurgle slime thing could be a nice contrast (pun intended) for the grey tiles? (and also very sewer-like)
      Cheers, that is exactly what I have used (Nurgle' s Rot) on top of Caliban Green. I guess I just need to use more of it next time! :orcpirat:

      ... It was just a prototype/test, after all. :)

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      Mr. Gobbo's Tricksy Gits :GobboFreaky: