The Ninth Age Mexico Torneo 2019

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    The brand new army book for Infernal Dwarves is finally available, along with a small surprise! Remember that it is a beta version, and provide us your feedback!

    • The Ninth Age Mexico Torneo 2019

      Estimados generales,

      El día 30 de Marzo se estará haciendo el torneo de The Ninth Age Mexico.

      Bases: 3000 Pts
      Reglas: Warbands
      Puntuación: Establecido por el reglamento 2.0

      En esta semana se publicarán las reglas a seguir. Fecha límite de inscripción 25 de Marzo 2019.

      Limitado a 12 lugares


      March 30th will be our second tournament.

      Points: 3000 pts.
      Rules: Warbands
      Scoring: As established in the 2.0 Rulebook.

      More details to be posted in these days. Deadline for registration is March 25th.

      Limited to 12 registrations.