Etheneus' armies, SE and undead KoE

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    • Etheneus' armies, SE and undead KoE

      My name is Jonas, I'm 33 years old and I'm from Sweden. I have played since 8th when SE still were WE and had it's 6th ed army book, that lasted for barley a year and then the 8th ed AB came just as I had 2500points worth of models. Have since expanded and played a few tournaments with them.
      KoE or rather old Bretonnia was a dream I had since starting the hobby. I liked the Mousillion themed armies but couldn't bring myself to it, too scary with conversions and heraldy. Then came the End Times and gave access to lore of Undeath and pushed me over the line. I bought so many models I still haven't painted half, maybe a third.

      This thread is for me to actually keep painting and to get inspiration for anyone that might read it. Feel free to give tips on painting and conversions. I will include SE, undead KoE and terrain.
      I will also included the background for my armies in italic if anyone don't want to read it feel free to skip it.
    • So let's start of with the first painting I ever did. Well almost, from the first battalion I bought. Here are my Dryads or as I painted them Spriggans from Skyrim.
      I only based what I brought to tournaments so no KoE and only a small part of my SE. With Star Wars Imperial assault I realised how fun it was to base and decided to base all my models starting with SE. When I found my dryads I couldn't help but laugh at the simple non layer-painting from the first and so repainted them a little. The second batch of 12 dryads I painted had at least a simple drybrush.
      Here is a comparison (still not based though :P )

      Gen 1

      Gen 2

      Gen 3 (acctually all Gen 1 and some Gen 2 repainted)
    • I got some undead KoE myself and I would love to see your models and how you have painted them. I usually play them as VC though as I have a normal KoE army aswell.

      You can find some of my models in my picture gallery if you wish.
      "In the end rules are just the groundwork for 2 players to have an agreement on how the game is played. If you friends/gaming group is fine with it you can do what ever you want with the game." - Smart Guy on the T9A forum

      "By the Lady, is that Elderberries I smell?" - Duke Niemar of Snowfall's Eves

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    • Thanks, I remember your ghost knights, at least I think that was yours... will take a look.

      I recently moved to a new house and haven't got all my things unpacked yet. I have only one picture right now of my KoE and that is of my reliquary. Started with a friend getting Harry the Hammer (chaos warriors with Fear [undead] rule). He gave me the base if I made a disc for Harry.

      I added two zombies carrying a coffin with chains on it and I think I have a very decent undead Reliquary.
    • Alright! Brushed up (pun intended) two of my SE characters this morning. One is often used as a prince/chief with bow, but not a pathfinder. The other as a prince/chief with great weapon, often a guardian.
      The gw one is THE first character I painted and have been my general on many occasions. Unfortunately I didn't take a before picture of them so you'll have to settle with the after pictures.

      I'm at my parents in law this weekend and didn't notice that the baby eagle was missing it's wing when I packed the miniatures yesterday. Will look for it when I get home or make a new out of green stuff.
    • Not much painted last week, not 9th related at least. I have a schedule to paint KoE then SE then Star Wars Imperial Assault (Boba Fett got painted this weekend). Terrain is forced in there when I feel the need.
      I did however base my branchwraith/Dyrcha/Dryad Ancient and added a small creature from GW treefather ancient pack and some roots from GW dryads pack to make it a bit more menacing.

      Might come back to her but I am quite satisfied with her, she was painted after I did the second batch of dryads.

      Next up will be basing the dryads so the whole unit is finished before I do something KoE.
    • I have based the dryads and a unit filler but when my wife was going to take a picture of them for me (she is a better photographer and won't let me touch here camera) she asked me about the edge of the bases. I forgot to paint them! :orcohmy:

      I already started another project. My 10 first brigands. Some empire models I bought a while ago prepainted. Here are some wips.

      How they looked when I got them. Oh and you can see the dryads forming up behind.

      Some converting later. 4 head swaps from GW men@arms/archer. Two weapons from GW barbarians I think. Got them from a friend a long time ago. Had to thin them though, the muscles were bigger than his legs and you don't skip leg day under my watch.

      'Not in the face!'

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    • Finally got around to these. RL have come in the way of the hobby lately but the Brigands only lack some highlights to be done.
      The rim of the dryads was finished a few days ago and my wife took pictures of them yesterday.

      A dart of 10, might make it 12. And as mentioned, painted as Spriggans with the champion as a Spriggan Matron.

      A unit of 14 +unit filler of 4, with champion and also placed a Dryad Ancient (painted as Spriggan Earth Mother) in there

      The unit filler is a pinecone. :D
    • Okay, I've finally done it! I've really done it! I have decided on a theme for my KoE bases! This have been a ponder in me since I started doing bases. You can read earlier in my post that I only put something on to be able to go to tournaments, but my KoE have never been to one so never done the bases.
      I will make a flowery meadow kind of theme to be a stark contrast to my undead theme. I ordered the things I need today so won't share anything today but hopefully soon.
      For now I have finished painting the Brigands, you can see what they looked like when I bought them above.

    • Couldn't help it, had to paint the last 8 Spriggans to complete above units. Was going to paint a new eagle and do some work on the old ones bases but I like it when things are complete.

      Four are painted dark brown and two gray to represent different trees. The almost white is another attempt on doing birch trees. (Birch seed is used as leaves on the bases) The white is better than my old attempt above but still not right. The white colour is good but the dark areas of birch trees is hard to do. I don't want cartoonish thin black lines.
      The "logg" of the two in the back is acctually connecting their bases making them a 50x25 base. It's a branch my three year old son wanted me to use.
      The flower is a plastic once from an IKEA plastic plant. Am I swedish or what? :D

      Edit: Oh and the forest spirit is also my son's choosing of colour.
    • So, I got what I need for my KoE bases but I just applied for a tournament and don't have enough KoE painted top bring so will go with SE which means I have to paint models for that.
      Here is a wip

      10 Forest guards and a eagle. My nice accidentally broke the wing of the eagle so had to do something to hold it together. It doesn't look to bad. I also have to paint a Thicket Sheperd BSB. Any ideas of a banner?

      My list I think I will bring:

      ++ Sylvan Elves (Sylvan Elves 2.02 Beta) [4997pts] ++

      + Characters +

      Druid [420pts]: Cosmology, Sylvan Longbow (3+), Wizard Master
      . Special Equipment: Magical Heirloom - Dominant

      Druid [305pts]: Shamanism, Sylvan Blades, Wizard Adept
      . Special Equipment: Book of Arcane Mastery - Dominant. Cannot be taken by Wizard Master., Obsidian Rock

      Forest Prince [735pts]: Army General, Dragon, Sylvan Blades
      . Special Equipment: Lucky Charm, Titanic Might

      Thicket Shepherd [320pts]: Battle Standard Bearer, Oaken Crown

      + Core +

      Forest Guard [475pts]: Champion, 30x Forest Guard, Musician, Spear and Shield, Standard Bearer
      . Banner Enchantment: Aether Icon

      Heath Hunters [205pts]: 5x Heath Rider

      Heath Hunters [205pts]: 5x Heath Rider

      Sylvan Archers [357pts]: Musician, 13x Sylvan Archer

      + Special +

      Forest Eagle [170pts]: 3x Forest Eagle

      Thicket Beasts [510pts]: Champion, 5x Thicket Beast

      Treefather [450pts]

      Wild Huntsmen [440pts]: Shield, Standard Bearer, Sylvan Lance, 6x Wild Huntsman
      . Banner Enchantment: Flaming Standard

      Wild Huntsmen [405pts]: Shield, Standard Bearer, Sylvan Lance, 6x Wild Huntsman

      ++ Total: [4997pts] ++

      Created with BattleScribe

      A bit much in characters for my taste but double +strength spell is so tempting.

      This list is created to have fun and try my thicket beast/shepherds since I haven't done that since 8th ed. Oh, and I haven't played a game since before 2.0. I'm just looking forward to actually getting some gaming time.
    • Been working late two evenings but here Iis another WIP. A casualty of war.
      The model without cloak and repositioned leg. 20x40 base.

      The cloak was cut of with a high-speed electric drill for engravings. I love that tool :love:

      And then I started adding a new cloak that is lying on the ground instead of holding the model up. Will let it dry a bit before doing more to it.
    • I have not completed any unit yet but been busy with RL. I have painted 5 forest guards and started on their bases and on a unit filler to save time from painting 5 more.
      Some WIP of the bases:

      First I glue and sand them. Put a stone on one to get a bit of variety. The long base are two 20x40 glued together for the unitfiller.

      When dry I mix glue and Caliban green and painted it on the sand. I took a real branch from a tree and glued it on the base and then added sand. Unfortunately the treelog came off and so I had to reapply it with more glue when glue-painting the sand.

      I have also rebased my two eagles. They are finished and are waiting for their third smaller friend.

      My very first eagle and the only model I gave some love to the base from the start. He's been mounted on that stone (yes, it's a real stone standing with help of green stuff, really heavy model) since I brook the flying stick when painting him. The IKEA flower, grass and leaves have been added a few days ago.

      Second eagle on a tree made of wire and grey stuff. Added foliage to the branches and things to the base. The magnet on his back is for mounting a character.

      I will try to fix were the paint been chipped but won't repaint these guys although they both are among my first models.

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    • I'm genuinely getting worried about my slow progress with painting things for the tournament I'm going to attend.

      I've finished 5 forest guards, the unit filler and the casualty but have no good pictures of them yet. I only use my phone camera for wip pictures.

      Here is a wip of my eagle getting base coat and shade this evening.
      The band around the wing is a dark red to fit my brown-themed elves that have a lot of dark red gems and other details.

      I realised though that I will get a hard time ranking him with my other eagles.
      I have always envisioned this eagle attacking a enemy and being on top of him pressing him down into the ground. That won't work. The wings can't fit between stone and tree of the others.
      Shortly after taking the picture I switched the eagles so the others fit better but can't rank up beside each other, my third one will have to be in the middle. I will not use a filler, I just won't for this unit. Three eagles it will be.
      Any suggestions?
    • Here are my Forest guards.

      30 strong. 20 have been painted since about two-three years ago without much layering but with shade and dry brushes. The two on the flanks are new with layering and fixed bases.

      The banner is a simplification of the old games wood elves Talsyn province.

      The unit filler fits and the wounded also.

      A look at the corner model from the newly painted, standing on a stone. I was trying to make him look down and top the side bringing his hands to the weapon as if he's going to strike someone below or when jumping down.
    • Kdownunder wrote:

      Use the unit fillers if it's ok with TO and just put minimum paint on the minis for attending. You can always pimp them up later.

      So far so good!
      I know I should do that but when I sit down with my brushes and models I just bring myself to not make them as best I can.
      Oh and as long as the unit have 51% of models with the right equipment and short fillers are allowed.
    • Etheneus wrote:

      Kdownunder wrote:

      Use the unit fillers if it's ok with TO and just put minimum paint on the minis for attending. You can always pimp them up later.

      So far so good!
      I know I should do that but when I sit down with my brushes and models I just bring myself to not make them as best I can.Oh and as long as the unit have 51% of models with the right equipment and short fillers are allowed.
      One good option is to loan minis if you cannot (or have time) to finish all you need.