Legions from the frozen wastes

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    • Legions from the frozen wastes

      Hello there. Liber_Daemonica_2_22.jpg

      After a pretty long hiatus, i found my way back to this beautiful hobby. At first, i just played with a friend and theorycrafted lists, but last weekend i attended a small tournament and now the hobby has me fully back :)
      I will try to make this blog to the place, where i share my lists :oldmen: , write some battle reports :write: and can share some pictures of my army and hobby projects. I'm not the fastest painter nor the best, but maybe you will still like what you see.

      I will also try to keep this post updated as index (The names in the spoilers are clickable and should lead to the coresponding post


      And lastly, as you can see, i'm not a native speaker, so please excuse any mistakes i make :saint:


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    • I will start adding pictures from the already finished models.

      I painted this mini 3-4 Years ago. Since then, he leads most of my armies and he is my favorite model:

      My Miser of Sugulag:

      The model is from puppetswar.eu, the fat plague gentleman. He is not that big, so not really a gigantic eye catcher, but his jovial pose and the little monocel are just adorable (also the model is pretty cheap).

      My Girlfriend is also very fond of him and did this small sketch:

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    • Hello there,

      Today i want to talk a little bit about the colours of my army. I started it, when the 4 Gods where a thing and i wanted to differentiate between the gods by switching the primary colours around. The colours i choose were red (obviously), brown, blue and yellow. I decided really early, that i would not ever use true metall colours in this army, but instead paint the golden parts in some form of nmm yellow and the sword kinda icy-blue. This, combined with the colourpalette made my army a little more cartoonish and less realistic, but i think that fits for Daemons.

      Anyway, here are my Lemures. There are 20 fully painted (with some fillers)

      And the next thing i want to show is my Titanslayer Chariot (melee cannon) / Hope Harvester. Here you can see the first example of the way i paint the swords that do something (that have a nice surface where i actually have a chance to understand how i have to paint it).

      hehe... butts

      Thats it for today =)

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    • Hello again,

      I decided that today is dog day.
      For my Hellhounds i decided to try a kitbash with some plastic warrior dogs and bits of the crushers.

      And lastly a group picture

      Now that i see the minis on pictures i realize, that the bases are pretty underwhelming. I will definitely redo them as soon as i have time. I originally wanted to do some sort of ice bases and over time i got stuck to a routine of painting them bluish and then sprinkling hobby snow or the citadel snow paint over it.
      Dont know yet what the plan for new base design will be. I guess i will make some prototypes as soon as i find the time.
      Until then, Theokrit
    • Battle Report, Tabletop Südwest 9th Age "Frühjahrsturnier" 2019

      So. Last weekend i attended my first tournament in ages (like literally. The last tournament was in 8th edition)

      I brought the following list:

      ++ Daemon Legions (Daemon Legions 2.0) [4499pts] ++

      + Characters +

      Miser of Sugulag [1025pts]: Army General, Brimstone Secretions, Dominion of Greed, Evocation, Unnatural Roots, Wizard Master

      Omen of Savar [715pts]: Divination, Hammer Hand, Iron Husk, Wizard Master

      + Core +

      Lemures [415pts]: Chilling Yawn - Dominant, 15x Lemures, Musician, Standard Bearer

      Succubi [357pts]: Musician, Smothering Coils, 13x Succubi

      Succubi [353pts]: Musician, Smothering Coils, Standard Bearer, 12x Succubi

      + Special +

      Blazing Glories [315pts]

      Brazen Beasts [508pts]: 4x Brazen Beasts, Red Haze

      Hellhounds [155pts]: 5x Hellhounds

      Hellhounds [155pts]: 5x Hellhounds

      Hope Harvester [305pts]: Sorcerous Antennae

      Mageblight Gremlins [196pts]: 2x Mageblight Gremlins, Venom Sacs

      ++ Total: [4499pts] ++

      Created with BattleScribe

      Do note, this is not the newest update.

      Most of the unit choices were informed by what i had painted. I wanted to attend this tournament with a fully painted army and i intend to keep it that way in the future.
      I tested the list a few times on UB and discovered that i lack many of the skills i had years ago. So this list was as good as any list.

      The tournament was small (10 Persons) and i saw a few faces i knew from back when i played a lot more often.

      My first game was against VC. I was not really prepared for this match up (I guess i will type this sentence a lot) since the last time i played them was around 4 years ago.

      His list was roughly the following:
      Necromancer Master
      Vampire Lord with something that is good at killing big things
      Vampire Lord on Dragon
      Loooots of Zombies
      2x3 Ghasts
      6 Vampire Spawn
      1 Dark Coach
      8 Dire Wolves
      2x10 Ghouls
      10 Spectral Hunters
      5 Barrow Knights

      Before the game i thought i was kinda prepared for this. The Dragon has to be careful to not instantly die to my Magic, i could pressure his Necromancer with sniper spells and Succubi should be able to cut through his Zombies with ease. So i deployed with confidence, planning to push the lemures forward into his centre and keeping its flanks clear with the rest of my army.

      What i didnt realize until it was to late was, that he had no really center, but instead intended to play only with his flanks. The game can then be described in a few sad words:

      The Ghasts made it hard for me to push forward with confidence because they kept my succubi at bay.
      On the right flank i had a lucky charge with the Brazen Beasts and killed his foot Lord, but then the Dark Coach and the Spectral Hunters rolled up this flank.

      Since i still pushed way to far up, the Dragon was able to land in my back. I turned around to laser him...

      But he survived with 1 HP and healed up from there.

      The lemure Block got charged in the Flank by Zombies and in the Back by Ghasts and the Omen popped without making a single attack. Spectral hunters and Vampire Spawns killed the Miser and so there is nothing left of me after turn 4 or 5.


      Welcome back to the tournament scene :D

      Of course i could have played much better this game. I should have concentrated my efforts on the right flank and kept the Lemures passive to deal with the Dragon and not open my rear to the rest of his army. The way i played it, my army was way to scattered and got picked up one by one.
      Despite my mistakes, the game was rather enjoyable and the Vampires were a beautifully painted army. They got best painted in the end.

      After this game, i thought i could maybe have some relaxed games at the bottom of the table. Instead we got told, that 4 of the 5 Games were 20:0 and so i wasnt even at the bottom of the table :thumbsup:
      Somehow that meant, that i had to play against a Vermin Swarm Player that finished his first game with a 17:3 win :/
    • Army is looking nice man, i especially like your chariotcannon, the nmm and red tones look great together. Bases look decent but if you find a way to improve them as you suggest it will bring the models to the next level. Enjoyed your short report, look forward to reading up on your next games!
      Take a look at my painted army so far. Feel free to share a pic of yours!

      Pics of my ever expanding warriors army

      WastelandWarrior Painting League 2019

      WastelandWarrior Painting League 2020
    • @WastelandWarrior: Thanks :) Glad you like the army and the short report.

      I would normally write longer reports with pictures for every turn but i always forgot the pictures after a few turns. Maybe that will get better in the future. maybe not ^^

      Anyhow. Today was a stressfull day, so i dont feel like taking pictures. But i feel like writing another battle report, so here goes.

      It was game 2 and i was still at 0 points and had an opponent with 17 points.

      He played vermin swarm and i have zero experience against them. i knew that everyone complains about the deathmills and spoke on the drive to the tournament with a skaven player. So im more prepared than against the vampires :P

      My opponent played something like this: (Btw i dont know the exact lists because we played with hidden lists so i didnt discover every item.)

      Some rat on a rat hulk
      2 plague priest guys at least one bannscroll
      an army standard bearer that was allowed to hide in second rank
      3x10 Footpads
      ~60 rats with spears
      5 Jezzails
      3 different weapon teams
      2 meat grinders
      6 Hulks
      2 Dreadmills

      whew thats a lot of stuff. he deployed both of his Mills at the right side, so i placed the miser and the Blazing glory on the left.
      We played refused flank and capture the flag.
      I was kinda surprised by his forward deployment.
      My problem was that i have to kill either the hulks or the big block to get points. The big block is very tanky, should not run away and has likely a +7 or so to combat resolution. But the hulks are in front of the succubi and i dont think they can win this. So the big block it is 8o

      He began and started the shooting. Luckily his magic was ineffektiv and his shooting was half behind the hill. He plicked some wounds of the miser and the blazing glory

      At my first turn i charged my dogs on the right flank into the footpads. the fight was more a pillowfight so we stuck. Blazing glory and miser charged footpads, they fled and i couldnt reach the Jezzails.
      The other dogs walked in front of the big block to lure him in. succubi were cautious and lemures walked forward to allow the harvester to shoot
      Magic was more interesting: i sniped away two of the weapon teams and got the portent of doom on the big block :evil: thats -4 cr, the hunt is on.

      At his second turn the big block charged the dogs (they died) my second unit of dogs stuck again, the mills stood at a long range to the brazen beasts. The footpad unit chaffed the lemures. in shooting he shot the blazing glory.

      in my turn i charged the Miser at the Big block to pin them, the blazing glories in the flank of the footpads. here i made a mistake, i had the option to set up an overrun into one of the wheels, but didnt.

      He then charged my brazen beasts with both wheels they started red haze, killed one of the wheels and the other fled. muhaha.

      Miser managed to keep the big block in place till the Lemure block arrived and the omen was able to kill his charakters, till the block fled. The Mageblight Gremlins came in from the flank, killed some footpads and the jezzails.
      The lemures then also killed the Rat Hulks.
      I only lost my units of succubi that were used to chaff up the rat hulks and one unit of dogs, but i killed everything in 4 turns.

      So 20-0 and back on track :)
    • Hey folks,

      today again no new model pictures, but a small update on the bases situation. I went down to the store and bought some kork and modell mass. I plan to put my army on a frozen lake and some rocks to get a little height.
      Pictures will follow tomorrow i think. im working on some test bases that i want to show off.
      Here is a little teaser wip-picture

      For today, i have the third battlereport for you.
      In the third game i had the pleasure to play against none other than @Caledoriv. He brought a beautiful empire army in a japanese theme.

      He brought:
      A Priest on horse (with sunnas locket. who wants to guess what happens in this game?)
      Two knight commanders on horse
      An BSB on Horse
      A Firemage Master
      2x25 ish Infantry with shields
      3x20 Rangers
      4 Sun Griffons
      A looooot of Cavalry guys
      a cannon and a mortar
      5 reiters

      Remember: its hidden army lists, so i was still guessing wether he had the locket or not, but i thiught "naaah he wouldnt do that." Or would he?

      So we choose sides and he put it all down, wanting to go first. i tried to stay out of the range of the firemage for the first round and hide the miser and glory from the cannon.

      Brazen beast go on the left with a unit of dogs to challenge the sun griffons. rest goes more or less in the middle.

      He starts and goes full force forward with the Cavalry. im starting to doubt my assessment with the locket.
      Shooting and magic is uneventful.

      In my turn i make the big mistake in this game.
      What i should have done is evacuate everything from the lemures, put the naked unit in front of the wave of steel thats coming at me and snipe the living sh*** out of the unit while feeding it little stuff.

      Instead i decided to move the lemures with omen and harvester in front of the cavalry and position everything else to countercharge.
      In magic i got portent of doom on the cavalry but failed to snipe the priest...
      On the right my dogs kill the reiters.

      Next combat he charges his cavalry into the lemures. In close combat the omen challenges and the priest accepts... The omen wounds two times, but he saves once and kills the omen.

      i will now split this report in three flanks.
      On the left flank he makes a point to always just stay out of my range and i make a point to stay at 18 inches and dare him to charge me. we do this dance a few times until i go to 17 and he fails a charge at me, which i counter succesfully and the sun griffons get whiped. The dogs manage to eat the mortar.

      In the middle the cavalry proceeds to kill all the lemures, the blazing glory and the succubi, although he looses almost every fights thanks to the portent, but refuses to flee.

      A big drama happens with his firemage in the left infantry unit. He decides in turn two to walk alone but forgot about the mageblight gremlins that popped out behind him, while the infatry had to flee from the succubi, so the only way for the mage to escape was to march through the water terrain, where he lost a hitpoint. The Miser tried to snipe him but i rolled two ones to wound...
      Speaking of the miser, he decided not to get killed by the locket guy, ate some cannonballs and killed the second unit of infantry.
      He then decided to snipe the mage again, rolled 3 sixes on four dices and nearly blew himself up, but finally killed the mage.

      The right dogs tried to eat the rangers, but got stuck. The rangers in turn shot the succubi...

      We had to stop at turn 5 at which point i had the secondary objective (breakthrough) and the miser was still alive.
      It ended 9:11 which was way better than i deserved. Anyhow this game was the most fun game of the tournament because a) he is a great guy and i know him from years before b) the whole story about the drowning mage that almost blew up my miser was just silly c) the army is just beautiful. maybe @Caledoriv wants to share a pic or two?

      At the end i got 29 Points and got 7th place, which is not that bad for the first tournament since 2013 (? i guess?)

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    • Theokrit wrote:

      A big drama happens with his firemage
      This made me laugh out loud! The drowning fire wizard with more luck than anything else :thumbsup: .

      Theokrit wrote:

      Anyhow this game was the most fun game of the tournament
      I'm glad you liked it despite some strange situations :thumbsup: . I also had lots of fun and hope it won't be too long until our next game!

      pics: I'll see what I can do ;) .
    • Oookay. i might have slightly overdone it :D

      But it looks so nice.

      Step 1:
      drawing out the plan: I want my lemures to stand on the edge of a frozen lake. Half of them will be on rocks, half on ice.

      Step 2:
      Build 10 testbase out of the 25. The rocks are made by kork, the ice is made with modelling clay.

      Step 3:
      Paint it black

      Step 4:
      first layer: blue on the ice, grey on the rocks.

      Step 5:
      drybrush the rocks.

      Step 6:
      fill in the details.

      Alright. next will be some details on the rocks, small grass tuffs and a little bit of snow.

      I took around 90 minutes for the 10 bases so far.

      With lemure it looks like that

      i guess i like it
    • sry, no progress on the bases.

      Felt sick and tired today, so i had no motivation to work on bases or pictures.
      BUT i got a short battle report and a list for you.

      I played:

      with Master of Thaumaturgy, Brimstone Secretions, Withering Vapour, Grasping Proboscopics, as General

      Adept of Witchcraft, Kaleidoscopic Flesh, Chitinous Scales

      15 Myrmidons
      SMC, Whipcrack Tails

      15 Myrmidons
      SMC, Whipcrack Tails

      10 Lemures

      10 Lemures

      5 Eidolons
      Champion, Aura of Despair

      Titanslayer Chariot
      Standard, Centipede Legs

      Hope Harvester
      Engine of Damnation, Segmented Shell

      3 Brazen Beasts
      Red Haze

      5 Furies

      I got a game on UB against WdG
      He played:
      Lord on Dragon with Burning Portent
      Lord on Chimera
      Sorcerer Adept of Alchemy on horse

      A big block warriors of gluttony with spiked shields
      a big block barbarian Horsemen with great weapon

      2 Chimeras
      7 Knights
      Feldrak Elder with paired Weapons
      3 Feldraks with paired Weapons

      We got refused flank and spoils of war (which we both ignored)

      Since he dropped everything to go first, i could choose my matchups. Titanslayer tried to zone one Chimera and the Chimera Lord on the left flank, supported by the brazen beasts who were there to challenge the feldraks and maybe get his magebunker. one unit of Lemures and Myrms stood behind that to get objectives and be a second line.
      In the middle, my Miser, the engine, the other lemures and the second Myrms stood against the Dragonlord, the Feldrak Elder and the second chimera.
      On the right flank, divided by an impassabel, i had the Eidolons and the Courtesan against his Knights and his Warriors.

      He marched everything forward, tried to block the flank move of my Courtesan with the Dragonlord and the knights. Chimeralord went into the middle. Magic was uneventful (a wound on brazen beasts).

      In my turn i moved the Courtesan on longe range for the knights (they needed a ten) and out of Range of the dragon, but still threatening for the Warriors, should they decide to go for the middle.
      In shooting and Magic, i did a wound on the chimeralord and shoot a few knights with the eidolons.

      His turn saw three charges on 10+. Feldraks in Brazen Beasts, Chimeralord in Engine, Knights in Courtesan. The first would be bad for me, the second was okayish, the third i didnt care about. The Courtesan should be able to kill the knights, even if charged.
      He failed all of them and used his left chimera to chaff titanslayer chariot and brazen beasts, moved the dragon lord in the middle to block charges on the stranded Chimeralord and the right chimera to chaff the myrmidons from charging the Dragonlord. He moved the warriors to the middle, leaving himself open for a 21" Flank charge from the courtesan.

      I take all of this. Titanslayer and brazen beasts go for the chimera, Miser and Lemures combo the Dragonlord, Myrms go for the second chimera and the Courtesan takes the 12+ Charge on the warriors. I dont make it... then i realize her dominion allows me to reroll the charge. And i make it :D
      Somewhere in this chaos the Feldrak Elder fled from something in the middle... forgot why or from what... guess he fled turn 1 from Myrms?

      Miser and Dragonlord cant hurt each other. I got a Big flank from the lemures. He flees, i catch him.
      Rest is history: Myrms eat the Chimera after a few turns. Courtesan doesnt allow the Warriors to reform (the special rules on her are brutal) And kills them in a few combats. The Eidolons dance around the knights and leave only two to charge the courtesan, who die too.
      The Chimeralord flees from a combocharge and prepares to charge the courtesan (still unwounded). The Miser gets flankcharged by the feldrak elder, looses 3 HP in a few combats. The Feldrak eats the lemures that tried to help the Miser.

      The Furies sacrifice themselves to chaff the feldraks. The Brazen beasts kill the feldraks but get killed by the Barbarian Horsemen.
      The titanslayer gets hellfired away.

      We end the game after his turn 4, because i had to help my girlfriend prepare dinner. But it was clear, that the warriors could just try to save a few leftovers.

      Lets see the units and theyr performance:
      His Manifestations were useless. But he was brilliant. Having a model that can 'safely' charge a model with d3 Wounds is so nice. Thaumaturgy was meh... Missed divination.

      Manifestations were useless. Was brilliant. Cleared the complete left flank.

      Both greater Daemons are set for me, because they provide so much power in the movement phase. The Miser by not moving, the Courtesan by threatening to delete everything from the Flank and by providing AP

      Meh. I liked the small blocks for the maneuverability. The kinda need standard and musician. but oh the points. Maybe i will opt for a middle sized block.

      I like the new form. They hit like a truck and die like flies (not the exploding ones... normal ones). With 15, they are not that mobile... some folks are talking about 3x3 darts... i dont like the concept but i see the benefit...

      Had a good target. Deleted said target. I like how they move.

      Engine of Damnation:
      Meh. Its sooo big. I couldnt fit it on the flank with the courtesan and couldnt really use the fast march (and the combo with witchcraft (by the way: Does this work? I march with the engine, cast ravens wing on them --> get light troops and am allowed to shoot?) The shooting was nice this game because it allowed me to sit back a bit, but i feel i have to use it differently.

      Nice zoning tool. In this game he had a lot of targets, but he held the left flank clear from any bullcrap and was a bulletmagnet. Will be taken again.

      Brazen Beasts:
      Good as always. Wouldnt want to miss them.

      I missed the fast chaff in my last games. They are soo good.

      All in all:
      I like the added mobility in comparison to my tournament list. The drop in magic is not significant but i should opt for Divination i think.
      Didnt even miss the dogs, because they are so hard to maneuver.

      What do you think about the list?
    • Alright. Short update from the workdesk.
      Since there is a contest for the quickstarter armies, i made the needed models first.

      Some quick pictures since i dont have a lot of time (anniversary tommorow. if i paint or model something i'm cute, but tipping this blog for more than half an hour... not as much ;) )


      Next time pictures will be better again. Just wanted to show some wip pictures.

      Models are all made with a pin, so i can put them on the bases with clay later
    • Alright. still learning on the picture front. butfor now: the quickstarter army is fully painted and based.

      Let me introduce you to

      1. the dogs (you already know them but look at the cute little ice cones ^^)

      2. The Horrors (some small details are still to be done)

      3. The myrmidons (sooo happy they are playable again. i got 40 of these buggers and every sword is painted like this (i know some of the light is the other way around))

      4. The harbinger (didnt play this guy under new rules yet)

      Thats it for today. Do you like it?
    • Hey folks,

      I posted the Pictures in the quickstarter contest. Hope you will root for me and go vote for the one you like best :)

      I realized that some time has passed since i showed you something from my army.

      So here is my blazing Glory ^^

      Its the old model of the feldrak elder... when he had another name... which i dont remember... no one cares anyway :D

      Aaand here is something new. Easter is coming up, so i got new toys

      Im still thinking about what to do for the bases. Maybe some ice crystals or a small mountain :rolleyes:

      Now i just have to write a list with Veil Serpents :P
    • I spend the last few evenings, slowly painting one of the sky serpents and am now ready to show you.

      There is still a base to do. What do you think?

      And something i already painted some time ago:
      My Mageblight gremlins.

      And a little inspiration, if some of you need a little present for your significant other. Worked like a charm for me