Legions from the frozen wastes

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    • Thanks and welcome aboard @Kapten Kluns
      Lets review the list, shall we?

      + Daemon Legions (Daemon Legions 2.2.2) [4,500pts] ++

      + Characters +

      Sentinel of Nukuja [790pts]: Army General, Thaumaturgy
      . Manifestations: Character - Mark of the Eternal Champion, Character - Unnatural Roots, Guiding - Mirrored Scales

      Khaleesi here jumped in to play as sentinel on Throne. I might make a better fitting model. maybe corrupt a Coatl or something.

      I game she was very valuable. I lost her twice. Once to a miscast and once to trade off with the dragon. In cc she killed a HBE Spearlord and one peg knight. But her block held every charge directed at them. I cant count the points she made witz magic. I almost always had 4 dice up on my opponent and sometimes tokens to spare to shoot with the engine.
      A very defensive piece but one that can fight surprisingly well. The greater dominion is sadly not that useful.

      MoeC: Fifth spell? yes please
      Guiding mirror scales: i am still on the fence. It can be very fun against some ueber lords without hatred. but against hatred its mostly useless. Helped against the KoE
      Unnatural Roots: helped with the role of the unit.

      Vanadra’s Scourge [820pts]: Not a Wizard
      . Manifestations: Character - Dark Hide, Character - Dextrous Tentacles, Character - Incendiary Ichor, Character - Mark of the Eternal Champion

      The big burly boy.
      Scourge is... i dont even know. He died 2 out of 3 games. In every game he pushed in a flank all by himself. I think he got his points in most of the games except game 2 but there he destroyed the whole positional game of the elves.
      In this army, i feel i need a piece that excerts battlefield control. Scourge can do that.
      Dark Hide: Perfect for a centerpiece like the scourge. I was lucky to always deploy first but being able to always decide what he faces off against is worth gold.
      Dextrous Tentacles: Never came up. Allows him to go before Agi 0. If i have the points i take it.
      Incendiary Ichor: Scared the bejeezuz out of the Dragon in Game 2. Annoyed the pyromage in game 1 (he cast Flaming swords ince on the Imperial guard). Takes a little of ranged threat away and scourge can now fight things with regen. I like it
      MoeC: I took it because i thought i would play the positional game with him. Gives the Scourge something to do while he flies around things. Does encourage me to fly around things. On the fence on this one.

      All in all: I need more defence on him. Hard Target, Anti Divine. Those would have made his matchups better.

      + Core +

      Lemures [294pts]: 12x Lemures, Musician, Standard Bearer
      Managed to die just once. Held a dragon, chaffed stuff. Blocked KoE Lances. Held secondary. Noice.

      I might give them poison, just because i can, but it annoys me that the lemures under the throne dont profit from it, so i would have 6 attacks with poison, 4 without. (@'IoRi78': can we do something about that?)

      Myrmidons [581pts]: Champion, Musician, 21x Myrmidons, Unit - Bronze Backbone

      humm. they tied with heavy infantery, killed a dragon with passive combat score, got killed by the might duke.
      I liked to have two blocks. But they didnt do that much. Still reliable to keep a threat zone.

      Succubi [290pts]: Champion, Musician, 10x Succubi, Unit - Chilling Yawn
      Game 1 a cleanup unit. Game 2 they did nothing. Game 3 they were chaff.
      Okay for the points but i didnt feel like i needed them. i had not enough support for them in magic. Maybe with evo 1 they would have felt more worthwhile. Sadly to slow to effectively support the Scourge

      + Aves +

      Furies [165pts]: 5x Furies, Unit - Red Haze

      Game 1 they almost got the cannon. game 2-3 redirectors. Red Haze is sometimes killing myself. But they are worth it and red haze is cheap.

      Veil Serpents [370pts]: Champion, Deceptive Glamour, Twisted Effigy, 3x Veil Serpents

      majestic sea flap-flaps.
      Simply good. Flying ogres with mobile Chilling Yawn for the Scourge and Twisted effigy. They made my magic more reliable. Game 1 they even could take out the engineer and light infantery.

      + Special +

      Blazing Glory [355pts]: Unit - Bronze Backbone
      Aquaman, Khal Drogo. The guy with the gnarly face and the beautiful hair. Abs for days. The one and only Jason Glory.
      Boy did this guy good. Disablwd a steam tank, routed the Elves, Killed all the Knights.
      I need him for the ap. I can hide him behind the Engine. Not even sure i need the hatred that badly.

      Brazen Beasts [390pts]: 3x Brazen Beasts, Champion, Musician

      Total disappointment.
      Game 1 got shot. Game 2 killed a SGR and a lion chariot (with 1 hp). Game 3, got charged and died.
      In theory i like the threatrange. In practice the range is not that high and they need the charge.

      Hope Harvester [445pts]: Engine of Damnation, Unit - Aura of Despair

      Opponents hate this secret trick.
      His size alone makes him a target. He swallowed most of the shots, tanked units and his shots clean up chaff or can soften big units up. Aura of despair gives me a bit more range to play with. The mobile Cover he provides is also sweet. only his speed is a bit lacking (but March 15 can surprise people)

      ++ Total: [4,500pts] ++

      Thaumaturgy: i love it. A lot of possibility to spam. Hand of Heaven, Breath weapon, small Snipe spell. Hereditary. All on 2 dice. Also comet. Comet is just good.

      Veil Serpents: The twisted effigy is too good to pass. The buff they can give is a little small.

      Hereditary spam: With thauma i dont really need up to 3 Hereditaries.

      Buffs: i had two buffs (smite the unbeliever and the witchcraft one) and the breath weapon. Thats not enough.

      Should i play the list again i would want a evocation or divination adept in there to provide more buff spells. I dont like it to give the Scourge the adept upgrade because he gets pricey really fast.

      Unsure what to do. Maybe the solution is to switch the Scourge to a maw. But that changes the list and his base is a lot more klunky.
      • lAl in all the list was better than expected. Considering it is a product of a few minutes of procrastination, i am really proud.
    • New City, new club, new opponents. I recently moved and already found a new club in the new city. So now i am a snotling at the privateer poza boyz. This comes with many new opponents. For my first game i played Elthraco who is also at this forum, is a very good player and has a beautiful sylvan elves army in winter style. So i took my winter style Daemons and we met on a winter table. Prepare for a very frosty battle.

      I played the following list as evolution on my last list

      Miser of Sugulag
      General, Master of Evocation
      Mirrored Scales, Living Shield, Unnatural Roots

      He replaces the Scourge and brings more durability, more magic, more points and more weak in Combat.

      Sentinel on Throne
      Guiding Mirror Scales
      Master of Thaumaturgy

      Still in. Love this guy to give me a second combat block with the Lemures. Also boosts the Magic way over the top and is surprisingly adequate in melee.

      20 Myrmidons, Bronze Backbone, MC
      10 Lemures, MS Unnatural Roots
      10 Succubi, Chilling Yawn, MC

      Minimal core that gives me 2 medium sized combat blcoks and one small combat block.

      7 Hellhound, C

      I had the points for them, didnt want Furies.

      2x Blazing Glories, Cloven Hooves

      Yes two of them. Brazen Beasts feel not right to me. Blazing Glories work well with the Engine as Cover and are more mobile.

      Engine of Damnation, Aura of Despair
      8 Eidolons, Aura of Despair
      Shooting departement. I love the engine but cant take two with the miser, so eidolons get a chance.

      He brought roughly:
      treefather ancient with Divination as General
      Master of Shamanism on Dragon with MR2, Binding Scroll and a bolt thrower

      2x10 Archer
      20 Archer with Aether Icon
      2x5 Wild Riders with Aether Icon
      2x7 Dancer
      2x5 Pathfinder

      Thats 50 Shots and a bolt thrower and divination, 2Dragon profiles and a few nasty charge blocks. The Magic resist makes my magic game a lot harder. I plan to pressure the Threefather and the Dragon with the snipes and shoot what i can.

      we get Refused flank and King of the hill.
      I have close to no chance to bring a scoring unit to his ruins (maybe i should reevaluate my choice of side), but i can hold of his archers from my hill.

      I plan to push the Lemures slowly to the ruins. They are my anvil, they can bait a few charges. Maybe i can get there.

      He deployed first: Left to right: small archers, wild riders, small archers, Treefather, Dancer, Dragon (Bug), Big Archers (in the ruins i had to take), Riders. Pathfinders on both flanks.

      Me: Left to right: Engine (behind the hill i had to defend), Blazing Glory, Myrmidons (behind a wall), succubi, behind them Eidolons, Sentinel with Lemures, Blazing Glory (in the field), Miser (behind the Obelisk), Hounds (behind the Miser)

      The post was edited 5 times, last by Theokrit ().

    • Alright lets see.

      For magic he had
      Shamanism: The one with difficult terrain, the one with battle focus... the rest i dont remember.
      Div: Fates judgement, Unerring Strike, Stars Align and scrying

      I took:
      Evocation: Whispers, Reroll to hit, both snipes
      Thaumaturgy: Hand of Heavens, Smite the unbeliever, Breath weapon, Snipe

      Sylvan Elves took the first turn.

      Left side moved carefully forward. Middle shuffled around a bit. Left blade Dancers moved into the woods. He was careful to not give me any charges except for very far ones (we will get to that)

      magic was uneventful because he forgot to move in range for div.
      Shooting took a few myrms and lemures of. Bad To wound from him and good aegis saves from me made this turn not to bad.

      Daemon Legions Turn 1:

      I took a charge on a 12 with the hellhounds on the Wild riders because the Miser would block a failed charge and so there was no downside to trying it. I failed and The hounds got stuck on the miser. Right side moved up to block the pathfinders way out. On the left the Engine walked up the hill and the Glory tried to threaten the pathfinders.
      In the middle i moved just slightly.
      Magic brought one wound on the Dragon. Shooting killed one archer...
      We are throwing soft feathers at each other.

      SE Turn 2:
      This changed with turn 2

      Left side archers and pathfinder moved on short range to the Blazing Glory, didnt manage a single wound :D
      Engine got charged by the Dancers in the Flank (i forgot the Aura of Despair). he got break the spirit through, so engine lost the fight, stuck with 2 hp.
      His riders moved up outside of arc of my myrms. Right side his archers and pathfinders shot the blazing glory down to 2 hp. Rest moved up to the middle.

      Dl Turn 2:

      Left side the Glory charged and killed the pathfinders. Right side the same. In the middle i turned a little. My succubi tried to charge the wild riders but didnt make it, which blocked my middle a lot. Lemures moved up to the Dancers to limit theyr charge range. In magic he let a small hand of heaven on the Right riders through and i oneshot them. Miser tried to set up counter charges for the Lemures and the Hounds tried to scare Dragon and Treefather away a bit (with the champ and 7 bodies i can bind them 2 turns).
      In cc the Engine wins combat, scares the dancers away but doesnt catch them. He runs into the flank of the riders but looses one hp to break the spirit.

      SE Turn 3:

      Archers in the middle try to charge the engine. i remember auta of despair so the charge fails ^^
      On the left side the archers shoot the Full health glory and kill it outright. Humm.
      Right side his archers shoot the dogs down to 4.
      In cc the engine scares the riders away but again doesnt catch them and dies to Break the spirit (yes i tried to ban it. Yes i tried to restrain.)
      His dancers bounce of the lemures due to mirror scales but stick.

      Dl Turn 3:
      So lets see. With my left flank suddenly gone, i need to bring a unit up to krrp his archers away from the hill. But first things first. The rallied dancers are a sweet jumping board to run into the riders and the one unit of archers, so i charge them with Myrms and succubi. Kill them and overrun wuth myrms in the Archers (but dont get a 4 with the succubi, so the riders live). Lemures kill the Dancers. Dogs, Miser and Glory move up to the Archers.

      Se Turn 4:
      The Bug Dragon charges the succubi (okay i guess? with champ they will stick a round. enough for the myrms to counter). The riders rally.

      His Archers shoot the dogs up.

      Myrms kill the Archers. Succubi stick. Myrms reform to look at the dragon (they couldnt turn because Dragon was to close because of the Riders.)

      Dl Turn 4:
      Myrns arent allowed to charge because they reformed... the more you know.

      Glory and Miser charge the Archers and run them down. Glory dies while doing so.
      Dragon kills the succubi and turns to the lemures. uh oh.

      Se Turn 5:
      Dragon charges lemures in the flank. Riders in the front. Mirrored scales kills a rider and brings the dragon down to 3 hp. i win, but he sticks.
      I ban mostly combat buffs so he gets unnering strike on the miser, bringing him down to 1 hp.

      Dl Turn 5:
      Since sentinel is in a challenge with the dragon i decide to charge the eidolons in the back of the dragon. Myrms turn to the archers to save the secondary.
      I magically lower the dragon to res 4. In cc the sentinel survives with 1 hp and brings the dragon down to 1 hp. He fails both dis checks and the eidolons run the dragon down. The riders escape in another direction. Lemures sadly dont run far enough to get to the ruins.

      Se Turn 6:

      Last rider rallies.
      Archers reform and get to the hill (wait are they scoring if they reform?)
      He kills my miser with the shoots from the treefather.

      Dl Turn 6:
      Myrms charge and kill the archers. I try to magically bring the Treefather down but fail that. It was magic phase 1, so +1 to misscasts. I joke about my sentinel dying to a misscast... proceed to roll 444... Sentinel has the decency to save all the wounds. Eidolons try to shoot the rider but fail that.

      Result 11:9

      What a bloody game. All said and done we have a differnce of around 400 points, no one gets the secondary.
      Misstakes were made on both sides but the game was a lot of fun.
      This kind of list is a lot of fun for me, but i have to finetune it a bit more.
      I loved the chance to bring most of my big models to the field. Especially against such a beautiful snow elf army.

      Thats it for now :)
    • Thanks @WastelandWarrior.

      I got some useful tips and insights from the game and my opponent. I want to share them with you and funnel them into the next update.

      Step 1: The game plan:
      Sitting back against sylvan elves would have been suicide. he outranges and outhits me. I think i found a relative good middle ground by letting him come to me and defending the Hill. In Cc he could have only wiped me with the riders and i managed them okay.
      BUT: I left to many angles open unintentionally. I have to think farther ahead. The situation with the engine worked in my favour, but more by my opponents mistake (letting him overrun in riders) than my own genius.
      Im proud of how i managed the pathfinders. The blazing glories survived just long enough to wipe them and had a vital part in not allowing him to outflank me.
      To sum up: letting him come to me good. Flank play: good. Middle play: still to optimize.

      Step 2: The parts of the list:

      Miser of Sugulag
      It feels good to play a big daemon i feel comfortable with to let Div Spells through sometimes. He was also a model i could confidently push forward. Wild Riders should be no match for him. That way i herded in the right flank. But: I invested roughly 2000 points to herd in 20 Archers and pathfinders. Would have been worth it had i gotten the objective but we will come to that.
      I played him way to aggressive, maybe still with the scourge in mind. With a price tag of 1000 points and general bonus i should maybe give him defence duty. In the middle of my lines he can still work his magic while also providing a mobile threat (kinda lile a treefather ancient).
      Magic was underwhelming. triple snipes just didnt do enough to kill the big guys. I wasted most of my magic phases. That is why i think i should take divination on the Miser.

      Sentinel on throne:
      Oh baby. I might have used it badly, but boy was magic powerful this game. She deleted a key unit, provided +4 magic dice every turn, beat up a unit of dancers and a dragon and still survived. And She almost got the objective too, only missing ~3 inches.
      I might need a fitting model for her.
      I do enjoy Thaumaturgy on her for the extra blast damage it can provide.
      BUT: I dont think i played her perfectly. Lemures just arent cut out to run for the objective.

      Speaking of which:
      10 Lemures with unnatural roots, standard and musician.
      Minimal unit to go with the sentinel. They have a surprising amount of passive bonus and dont die easily. With Mirror scales they get a little offensive potential. The more i play it the more i like it. Best used as a trap for Dragons and small units.
      Should have used them more to the left side i guess.

      20 Myrms with hatred
      Big enough for the duty in this game. I tried playing them 6 wide a few times now, but 5 wide feels just better.
      But: I should have played them on the right side to push for objective.

      10 succubi with -2 agi

      Sweet unit. They help immensly against elves. They could have been another contender to sneak up on the objective.

      2*Blazing glories with Cloven Hooves:
      Yeah. i dont need the hatred. Hooves were fine. Not over the top but fine.
      They did a massive job on the flanks, clearing the annoying pathfinders. They die very easily against s4 shots, but still did the job they had to do. Easy to hide behind the engine, i just wish i had the points for flying in them, but thats just too expensive for a support unit. In tgis game, Brazen Beasts would have had more staying power but i dont think they could have been that mobile.

      Engine of Damnation, Aura of Despair.
      Well i forgot the aura the first time. Still this thing is a menace. His shots are mostly for psychological warfare against sylvan elves but boy they could hurt if i catch them in the open. Just a big guy that holds my flank very well. This time brought down by break the spirit i failed to dispell twice. The chaos he brought saved my left flank. I would play two of them... but my miser...

      Well... they survived. They killed 1-2 elves the whole game... They got the points by rearcharging a dragon and running him over...
      I dont think thats a game that shows the potential of this unit. I think i will go to a smaller unit, so i can throw them under the bus if necessary. I enjoyed playing them without champ to make them cheap. Still to be tested.

      Humm... I dont like them. They feel clunky without musician or light troops. They are fast but fragile, the threat is just not that high. Meh.

      What are your thoughts? Do you think the list can work? Have you suggestions?