Izzilduuurs combined thread of everything (that I am working on)

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    • For those who want to see some painted dwarves @Wesser has finally created a blog (now he just needs a better camera :P). In this thread all the dwarves I convert for our mutual friend will get a coat of paint and a picture to prove it :) Check it out:

    • Just thought I would repost @Wessers awesome battle report here, although the battle was a tough one for the ratsies :P
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      Alrighty then.. I'm struggling a bit with locations and background for 9th, so here I am weaving in my own fluff with a Vermin Swarm attack on my lord's resident city of Münsterhof. Hoping I don't miss the mark too badly


      The nefarious ratmen of Clan @Izzilduuur had prowled the outlying settlements of the city of Münsterhof for some time, and emboldened by the seeming indifference of the city’s lord the vermin launched a direct attack to take the city.

      Scribes were later unable to gather names of the leaders of the swarm, but estimated the invaders in rough terms as:

      Tyrant on a warlitter bearing Putrid Protection and blades of Titanic Might
      Magister wielding Thaumathurgy and Sceptre of Vermin Valour
      Plague Patriach wielding Occultism and carrying a Swarm Master
      6 Jezzails
      6 Jezzails
      Warp-Lightning Cannon
      Plague Catapult
      14 Footpads wielding slings and paired weapons
      14 Footpads wielding slings and paired weapons
      60 Rats-at-arms with a Banner of the Endless Swarm
      10 Giant Rats
      10 Giant Rats
      30 Slaves
      30 Slaves
      21 Vermin Guard
      30 or more Plague Brotherhood
      A Chieftain holding aloft the Battle Standard

      The lord of Münsterhof – Graf Davian Rudolphus zu und aus Münsterhof, had been indifferent to the vermin while they gnawed at the edges of his domain. Such creatures were beneath his skill, but a direct attack on his lands was not as much as threat as it was an insult. Though anger at having sully his blade with the blood of such weak foes burned through him, Graf Davian summoned forth his troops.
      Were the vermin aware that it was no run-of-the-mill country lord whose ire they had roused, but a powerful if unstable Vampire Lord of the order of the Brotherhood of the Dragon? If so – they would quickly discover different

      Graf Davian Rudolphus zu und aus Münsterhof (Vampire Count)A skilled and precise, if overly orthodox and straight-lined fighter and general in life, Graf Davian fell in battle as victim to the kind of poor luck that can sometimes even the most certain of victories. Whether it was the shock of this or some side effect of rising as a vampire is unknown – but he has risen in undeath as a proud, but berserk fighter and general.
      • Brotherhood of the Dragon, Crimson Rage, Dead Arise Adept of Occultism, Reaper’s Harvest, Shield of Willow’s Ward, Talisman of Shielding, Obsidian Rock
      Morvael Bloodwind (Vampire Courtier) – The Self-proclaimed “Phoenix Lord” was in reality an outcast whose arrogance and aggressiveness made him shunned by even his fellow highborn. It is sad that Morvael behind his haughty facade possessed a heart and soul pure and noble, for in his damnation he displays all the savagery and cruelty that he was so unfairly suspected of in life.

      • Battle Standard, Ghostly Guard, Paired Weapons, shield, halberd
      1st Münsterhof Guard (25 Skeleton Warriors)

      • Full Command, Legion Banner
      2nd Münsterhof Guard (24 Skeleton Warriors)

      • Full Command, Banner of the Relentless Company
      3rd Münsterhof Guard (24 Skeleton Warriors)

      • Full Command, Halberds, Rending Banner
      4 Bats Swarms
      8 Dire Wolves (Champion)
      8 Dire Wolves (Champion)
      The Order of the Bloodelves (5 Vampire Knights)

      • Full Command, Bloodline units, Flaming Standard
      The Kin (8 Vampire Spawns)

      • Champion
      Münsterhof Felbloods (formerly the Münsterhof Bluebloods) (40 Barrow Guard)

      • Shields, Full Command, Black Banner of Zagvozd

      Objectives: Multiple Objectives

      - BsB must Charge and survive a turn (Onwards men)
      - Count must start a Turn after Turn 4 in enemy deployment zone (Message)
      - Scoring unit start a turn in enemy deployment zone before Turn 4 (Steal their Land)

      - BsB must Charge and survive a turn (Onwards men)
      - Plague Patriarch must start a Turn after Turn 4 in enemy deployment zone (Message)
      - Rats-at-arms must be destroyed (Thin the Herd)

      Midnight (Deployment/Vanguard)
      The Vermin had thought to advance under cover of darkness, but such things were of little concern to the restless dead…

      1st bell
      Seizing the initiative Graf Davian ordered a strong advance in the center while the right flank held off. The Necromancer conjured forth spirits of yet more soldiers slain in the service of the Graf and bolstered the ranks of all three Münsterhof Guard units. Graf Davian and Morvael Bloodwind sped forward to join the Münsterhof Felbloods facing off against the Plague Brotherhood
      The Vermin replied by bunkering down and let fly with their craven weapons. 7 Münsterhof Felbloods, half the bat swarms and even one of the Order was brought down by foul vermin technology.

      2nd bell
      On the left flank, the Graf willed the Dire Wolves into Giant rats which were torn apart with the wolves carrying on into the massed slaves behind.
      In the center, the advance continued while the Necromancer replenished the Felbloods and further bolstered the 2nd and 3rd Münsterhof Guard, while Graf Davian administered Rot Within on the Plague Brotherhood.
      The Vermin replied by cravenly letting their guns speak. Heedless of the slaves the Dire Wolves were shot or hacked apart along with several slaves on the left flank, where another of the Order fell to the Jezzails. And in the center 6 Münsterhof Felbloods and an astonished 6 of The Kin were felled and the Bat Swarms wiped out by the Footpads.

      3rd bell
      The Münsterhof Felbloods charged the Giant Rats who were blocking them and for their temerity slaughtered them and ploughed on into the Plague Brotherhood thus fulfilling their “Onwards Men” objective.
      On the right, the Dire Wolves charged the flank of the Dreadmill. Reckless but the Graf was content to let fate rule – he cared little for yelping dogs alive, and nothing now he was the undead.
      The 1st Münsterhof Guard charged the Slaves who had disposed of the Dire Wolves, and in a sterling feat of Necromancy two of the Kin, one of the Order and all of the Münsterhof Felbloods were raised to unlife once more.
      Tiredness most have worked at the vermin, for at this stage only 9 halberdiers of the Münsterhof 3rd and one of the Order were shot down.
      The second unit of Slaves charged the rear of the Felbloods engaged with the Plague Brotherhood, but while a full dozen Felbloods fell they cut down half the Plague Vermin including the Patriarch with the Graf personally accounting for a full 10. The Plague Brotherhood fled to safety near the vermin artillery as the massed ranks of Slaves did not budge.
      On the far left the Slaves were embarrassingly gaining the upper hand on the isolated Münsterhof 1st, and on the right the Dreadmill disposed of the last Dire Wolves.

      4th bell
      The Münsterhof 3rd charged and broke the footpads who were given such a bloody nose that as dawn broke hours later they were still fleeing the field. Enraged at being held up by so lowly mites the Graf and his guard massacred the offending Slaves even as fell magics infused them with invigorating and protective magics should the Vermin Guard or Rat-at-arms get ideas.
      On the left the Footpads flanked the failing Münsterhof 1st while the Dreadmill flanked the Felbloods and held them up despite not doing damage. The Vermin artillery struggled this turn as only one of the Kin were shot down

      5th bell
      The battle was entering its final stages. The Graf sensed it and was enraged by the constant delays the Vermin set for him. Shouldering his way through the ranks his blade carved the Dreadmill apart like so much chaff… But on the left flank the 1st Münsterhof finally succumbed.
      Remembering his objectives of disposing of the minions of his rival the Tyrant ordered the Rats-at-arms into the Felbloods, but clever proved too clever for while the Rats clawed down no few of the Felbloods with foul breath and blade the Felbloods and their dread leaders were not to be trifled with. More than half the rats were slain and seeing they no longer outnumbered their foe they fled. Graf Davian however halted the pursuit. He had other plans

      6th bell
      Suddenly exposed the Tyrant, his bannerman and the Vermin Guard faced the full onslaught of the Münsterhof Felbloods, and while the Tyrant did mightily slay Morvael Bloodwind he withdrew his blade only to find himself alone. As he scrambled to flee the Reaper’s Harvest fell to greet him…
      The rats-at-arms rallied and while the vermin artillery killed another of the Kin and several of Münsterhof Felbloods it was too little too late.
      As the Vermin Magister joined the general rout he was pleased enough. Münsterhof stood inviolate, but his rival in the Clan was dead… and would do very well for taking the blame for the fiasco.

      Final Result: 13-7 on points (VC complete 1 Objective/VS complete zero objectives = 16-4 for VC

      Thoughts of the Graf

      • My opponent had a really proper VS army with loads of Core and plenty of rats. I found myself wishing I could emulate him, but our Core really doesn’t lend itself to being taken in large quantities.
      • Being nothing but shooting and huge units it also kind of meant both the Vampire Spawn and Vampire Knights were relegated to soaking shooting and not dying. This was a grind/shoot-fest where they didn’t have a place to be. The Spawns finally got into position on the 5th turn, but me being laissez-faire about placing them meant my opponent could chaff them with the rallied Plague Brotherhood, so I could actually charge at the artillery
      • The Barrow Guard ended up as an Ultra-deathstar because in the end the impassable terrain broke up my army, and I didn’t dare put my Vampires in the Skeleton units (and good thing I didn’t because I think the Barrow Guard would have been ground down), but this was supposed to be an option rather than the plan…
      • Ultimately my opponent could just have chaffed the Barrow Guard leading to a very dull game, so it’s back to the drawing board for me
    • Work keeps on going although I am bad at posting pictures… for some reason I cannot stop buying "new" minies! But I have almost based all my rats - except for a few straglers (19 slaves and a bunch of clan rats - THATS RIGHT, I SAID CLAN RATS

      Anyways, got my hands on some giant rats over the last two months and put them on bases yesterday - along with some extra pack masters that can also go with my slave units :)

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