A dryad concept with a first sculpt

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    • A dryad concept with a first sculpt

      Hello and welcome to some of my thoughts on dryads.

      I must admit that dryads are not something I would have thought of as making a sculpt of or putting much thought into them as a species. A while back @piteglio asked me if I could sculpt him a dryad and I said yes. I also told him that it would probably not look anything like what he expected. Luckily for him it was also free.

      It was a great challenge to learn new things and to see what photogrammetry can do for the hobby.

      Check out his Kickstarter for what I consider a novel idea on introducing new players, friends, family and colleagues to wargaming. All you need in a box to show and tell in no time at all.

      Most will just want images, so here you go:

      A very straight forward armature.

      First steps of adding details and deciding on finishing touches.

      All done, I made it to paint and get it ready for photogrammetry.

      When I started this design I wanted something plant like. Sorry to those that expected nude trees with bumps but plants often use flowers and I thought that adding a flower would add a nice focal point. If you look at the head, then you see a closed flower on top.

      Then I started thinking on mobility of plants, most animals use some kind of internal or external structure to accommodate the third law of motion by Newton. You need something to exert force with, which rigid structures do very well. Using vines that grapple sticks and pieces of wood seemed like a sensible way to achieve this. When propelling yourself this way, 2 legs are not very stable, 4 is too much but when counting to 4 you go past 3 and thus I decided that I wanted tripods.

      For looks I think that tree spirits such as dryads would copy what they see in daily life. After deciding on a head shape the eyes reminded me of insects so I started looking and found the conehead mantis with just the right head. After making a few changes because I can this is my first vision of a dryad.

      For those that made it to the end and want to see more, check out his Kickstarter. The dryad should end up in the digital package of which I am rather proud to have been able to contribute. Link

      Let me know what you think of the concept and how to improve it.
    • When I made this sculpt I had finished a few Gnashers and to me the challenge was to take that way of sculpting (layering detail) and make a single miniature that had more angles and complexity. I had planned for 9 sessions and was very pleased that it worked out. With painting making this miniature took me about 7.5 hours (over 5 days).

      I found a few images on my phone from after painting Hambi:

      Which can be used like this through the magic of photogrammetry:

      For (demo) gaming like this:

      The last 2 images are from Veil of the Ages (with other miniatures from Admiralty Miniatures), making the kickstarter work will make this an additional bonus. I do not have a TV or screen. :thumbsup:
      I like the eye candy, the concept of the box is what I consider new and exciting!