Size of movement trays

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    • Size of movement trays

      In the world of T9A (Does the world have a name?) are many races that do not fight in rank and file, as in the case with the armies of elves and humans. I'm thinking of the armies of orcs & goblins, the ogres and so on ...
      As a player of the orks & goblins, I would like to show this in my army and on my movement trays. SoI need a little bit of space between the models, which means that the movement tray get wider than usual.
      The question is, how do I deal with it in the game (measurement)? ?(

      What are your experiences with it / your opinions on it?

      Has anyone of you already implemented that?

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  • Probably not really a rules question, hence the lack of feedback ;) .

    For competitive play there is not really a way to implement this, as the rules are based on models and bases sticking to their "official" base size. If you want your army to be compatible with that, you could create mini-dioramas/multibases, where you put e.g. two models on a bigger base that replaces three models.

    But maybe the Painting and Modelling Discussion topic is better suited for your inquiry.
  • Yeah I’d recommend what @Auto2 suggested. I’ve done that with my cavalry for the sake of them fitting more easily, as well as to add a dynamic, realistic look to the unit, kind like what you’re going for as well. I didn’t just use 25x50mm bases without models but also a 50x50 one with the model slightly off center, stuff like that
  • Xargosh wrote:

    @Eisenheinrich: Can you transfer this thread to Painting and Modeling Discussion?
    I'll try - looks like I have the necessary rights to do so ;) .

    Edit: I can choose the option to do so, but then I get the message that I'm not authorised after all ;) .

    @Casas, could you please move this thread to Painting and Modelling Discussion?