Building a HE army

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  • Building a HE army

    Hello Everyone,

    After a bit of a hiatus from 9th age I am back to fumble with it again, this time with some elves. But I am finding myself really unsure of how to round out what I have into a functional list. IoB and ebay have put me up to 35ish swordmasters, 20 seaguard, a bolt thrower, 15 reavers, 2 eagles, a reaver chariot and a lion chariot, neither of which might be salvageable. I also have decent selection of characters on foot, and a prince on a griffon.

    I fluffed it up into a quick 4500 point list, but it definitely feels like I am stretching. I didn't really build this army so much as I picked up whatever was cheap on ebay at the time. Now I'm wondering what next. Are there any auto includes that are missing? is an army with these models viable? Currently I'm leaning towards dumping the chariots, some of the reavers and maybe the griffon in favour of more seaguard, possibly with a mage for the flaming swords bubble, or am I way off?
    • Highborn Elves (Highborn Elves 2.0 Beta) [4465pts]
      • Characters [1780pts]
        • Commander [410pts] Selections: Battle Standard Bearer [50pts], Dragonforged Armour [20pts], Fleet Officer [75pts], Longbow (1+) [5pts], Shield [5pts], Spear [5pts]
          • Special Equipment [100pts] Selections: Sliver of the Blazing Dawn [100pts]

        • High [lexicon]Prince[/lexicon] [675pts] Selections: 2 Additonal Learned [lexicon]Spells[/lexicon] [80pts], Army [lexicon]General[/lexicon], [lexicon]Dragonforged Armour[/lexicon] [25pts], [lexicon]Great Weapon[/lexicon] [15pts], [lexicon]Master of Canreig Tower[/lexicon] [135pts]
          • Special Equipment [170pts] Selections: Book of Meladys [100pts], Destiny's Call - Standard Size only [70pts]

        • High [lexicon]Prince[/lexicon] [695pts] Selections: [lexicon]Dragonforged Armour[/lexicon] [25pts], [lexicon]Griffon[/lexicon] [200pts], [lexicon]Lance[/lexicon] [20pts], [lexicon]Shield[/lexicon] [5pts]
          • Special Equipment [195pts] Selections: Daemon's Bane [20pts], Diadem of Protection [85pts], Nova Flare [90pts]

      • Core [1140pts]
        • Elein Reavers [210pts] Selections: Bow (3+) [10pts], Champion [20pts], 5x Elein Reaver [125pts]
        • Elein Reavers [210pts] Selections: Bow (3+) [10pts], Champion [20pts], 5x Elein Reaver [125pts]
        • Elein Reavers [210pts] Selections: Bow (3+) [10pts], Champion [20pts], 5x Elein Reaver [125pts]
        • Sea Guard [510pts] Selections: Champion [20pts], Musician [20pts], 20x Sea Guard [420pts], Standard Bearer [20pts]
          • Banner Enchantment [45pts] Selections: Rending Banner [45pts]

      • Special [1365pts]
        • Giant Eagles [100pts] Selections: Giant Eagle [35pts]
        • Giant Eagles [100pts] Selections: Giant Eagle [35pts]
        • Lion Chariot [215pts]
        • Reaver Chariots [110pts] Selections: Reaver Chariot [100pts]
        • Sword Masters [840pts] Selections: Champion [20pts], Musician [20pts], Standard Bearer [20pts], 30x Sword Master [690pts]
          • Banner Enchantment [75pts] Selections: Navigator's Banner [75pts]

      • Naval Ordnance [180pts]
        • Sea Guard Reaper [180pts]

  • Welcome, HBE Commander.

    From a collection point of view I would invest in some Knights of Ryma, more Spearmen/Sea Guard, 2*Sea Guard Reapers, Queens Guard, and your pick of the three elite infantry options. That gives you plenty of versatility.

    From a list perspective - 5 chaff is excessive, character load-out suboptimal. You'll get plenty of useful tips in this subforum and perusing existing lists. Check out the WTC HBE list thread for ideas.

    Go forth and conquer!
  • @rankorcankor

    How competitive do you want to push your list?

    Do you simply want to polish what you have or to push your list in power with new acquisitions?

    What is your expected meta? Are your opponents competitive or beer and pretzels game types? :D

    I know I am asking a lot of questions when you want the answers, but I would wait with suggestions till I get a clearer picture of the desired target. :)
    Used to be a Vampire ABC member... then an Elf lass bit me... nowadays I have this insatiable craving for cheese, whine and fancy dresses... 8| The Dawn Host of ArchangelusM

    Army Design Team

    Draecarion, may the Lord grant eternal peace to your soul, my Friend!
  • thanks for the responses. not competitive in the least, mostly we are trying to learn (everyone in our local scene is new to 9th and anything like it), and mostly we are interested in running scenarios and campaigns.

    so I am seeing that bolt throwers, queens guard and knights are all important choices.

    knights and bolt throwers seem straightforward enough. how do you use queens guard? shooting with a bite if charged?
  • QG shouldn't really be in a position to be charged, they can defend themselves but they are not cost effective for combat, keep an eagle near them to ensure they dont get screwed over.

    That being said, they are some of the best archers in the game, keep them back, support them with magic and find anything that is flammable or ethereal and you'll find their worth super quickly.

    Dont use them for attacking large blocks, archers are for that, aim at high priced and low to medium armour targets and you wont go far wrong. Also very good vs the undead :)
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