Dwarven Hold of Nevaz Derom (T9A Dacia)

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    • Dwarven Hold of Nevaz Derom (T9A Dacia)

      Ladies and gentlemen, let's sprinkle some gold into the world of the Ninth Age. Glittering gold.

      Eastmost of the three great Dwarven Holds of the White Mountains in Vetia, we find Nevaz Derom. Given its location, which corresponds to the Carpathians of Europe, I propose that the Dwarves of Nevaz Derom and all her daughter holds in the area be based on ancient Dacians. This historical people were famous for their gold mines, their mountain fortresses, their curved falx swords, their wolf-topped draco standards and their wars against Rome which have been immortalized in Trajanus' triumphal column.

      Aesthetically, basing Nevaz Derom on ancient Dacia brings with it advantages outside the scope of the Dacian basis in and of itself: For the prevalent scale armour, high helmets and curved swords all nods to the Infernal Dwarves farther east, which ought to suit the easternmost of the three great Dwarven Holds in Vetia. It also give a good excuse for wolf pelts and fangs, and lupine iconography in the Dwarves' handicraft designs. Moreover, with ancient Dacia being stylistically influenced by the Roman and Greek Mediterranean world, we find here - if anywhere - a decent Dwarf culture candidate to feature designs reminiscent of the ancient (or mediaeval) Roman Empire, particularly given Nevaz Derom's close proximity to Avras. As with the proposed Dwarven Holds of the Maidens (T9A Celts) and the Crimson Peaks (T9A Celtiberians), Nevaz Derom is fully a part of the Vetian Dwarves' world of shared high technology, and moreover Nevaz Derom would be a bustling industrial centre of science and invention in its own right unlike the two mentioned peripheral regions. So its arsenal would be the standard Dwarven Hold one.

      And of course, Nevaz Derom would be famous for its gold mines and its goldsmiths, and its people and warriors would sport plenty of golden art about their persons.

      Please share your ideas, comments and criticism for this quick Dwarven culture proposal. :)

      Reference images:

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    • I wrote this about Nevaz Derom

      "4. The Gates of Nevaz Derom

      The old great iron eastern gates of the white mountains are still able to protect the Nevaz Derom pass and access to the heart of the territories of the strongholds.

      At the time of their construction, the gates were able to open mechanically and were heavily armed. Despite the extraordinary structural defense, the gates fell against the astuteness of the Rat Legions. The gates serve as a wall and fortress, no longer moving, and as a stronghold of the Path of Revenge, the famous crested dwarf brotherhood."

      . it fits with a Dacian style, defeated by romans / rats legions.
      for me is a good starting point. we should try to find a name and a good bg for characters. Decebalo but dwarvish version.

      the Path of Revenge is a project to make an army out of Fireslayers/Seekers
    • @Mercenary Armies: Very nice! Dacian Dwarves of Nevaz Derom could also be the Seeker nest/Karak Kadrin of the Ninth Age. I like it all, although I interpret the unmoving gates not as the result of loss of greatness and lack of resources, will or ability on the Dwarves' part, but as a concious choice to turn an ancient gate into an unmovable fortification for defensive reasons. :)

      I've quoted and linked to your post, and spread it on other forums. Speaking of which:

      Dînadan on Deviantart this proposal to share, which makes a lot of sense given Nevaz Derom's proximity to Avras:

      Dinadan-Ermorfea wrote:

      One idea - how about instead of wolves they use something like moles or other such subterranean creatures in their iconography?

      Not up on 9th Age lore, but does there exist the same animosity between dwarves and ratmen as between WH Dwarfs and Skaven? Maybe they could even be ratman pelts?

      While Thunderförge on Bugman's Brewery had this idea:

      Thunderförge wrote:

      I wonder if the concave blade could be applied to an axe in the Dacian style? Like back to back crescent moons with a handle?
      I’ve always considered that axes are such a deep part of dwarf psyche that they transgress cultural stylings.
    • @Scottish Knight Can you answer the question on animosity between dwarves and Vermin ? (see above)
      Is there any particular animosity between the two as there was in WH ?

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    • Ghiznuk wrote:

      @Scottish Knight Can you answer the question on animosity between dwarves and Vermin ? (see above)
      Is there any particular animosity between the two as there was in WH ?
      There's an obvious area of overlap with them both often operating in subterranean environments. And some Holds will hold fearsome grudges against the Vermin. But no, there's no universal hatred between the factions.

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    • I wrote this about Dwarfs on t9a @Karak Norn Clansman 7wonders map

      The Seven Wonders of the 5th Age

      Military Archeology Class. 955 A.S.

      University of Pontefreddo. Prof.: C. C. Campari

      Prologue. The Wonders

      During the 5th Age, humans and dwarves were at the zenith of their power.

      The lands of Avras and the White Mountains joined their efforts to pacify the entire continent and came to govern all the lands that faced the Middle Sea.

      In that period of great richness and wealth the dwarves of the strongholds built wonders beyond imagination, the most famous and mighty were the seven military wonders, known as The Seven Wonders of the 5th Age, made by the greatest dwarf builder and architect ever, the legend Clockwork Von Vinegar.

      The Seven Wonders mark the zenith of the dwarven civilization and the civilization of Avras. Shortly after the construction of the Walls of Avras, the Vetia will slip into the civil war and then be subjugated by rats during the VerminWars.

      List of the Seven Wonders:

      1. The Western Chain.

      The titanic chain of stellar iron that connected the Vetia to Taphiria passing through the fortress island of Gan Dareb, was forged when the island was under the dwarfs’ rule it’s know as The Western Chain.

      West of Amharaq, on the Taphirian coast where the Middle Sea meets the ocean, a large ring of stellar iron is still anchored to the rock face of the coast, but the rest of the chain has been destroyed, merged by order of the Pearl Queen to forge rostrums and artillery for her armada and armours for his armies.

      2. The Dark Stairway.

      The scale that is lost in the abyss of Bottomless Pit, in the territories of Nevaz Barim is knew as Dark Stairway. Its ruins are still lost in the darkness. many adventurers go into the abyss, the wisest give up, the others are not seen again. By now the ladder is ruined and invaded by monsters of every kind. No one has reached the end Bottomless Pit and in more than a thousand years only once the dwarves have gone to the end of the ladder, to the unsuccessful hunting of defectors.

      3. The Bright Stairway

      The colossal spiral stairway was known as The Bright Stairway was directly carved into the stone within the Nevaz Barim mountain. The staircase started from the base of the mountain and reached the Terrace of the Regret, the throne room of the Bitter Kings, touching all levels of the stronghold. on the scale there were engraved, with the technique of the life-size bas-relief, all the important moments in the history of the dwarves of the White Mountains. The ruins of the staircase now definitively obstruct the passage, the only part of the spiral stairway remained intact after the Vermin Wars is the final part, anchored to the Terrace of the Regret, where you can see the handshake between the people of the dwarves and the people of Avras, as in the famous tapestry of Equitaine.

      4. The Gates of Nevaz Derom

      The old great iron eastern gates of the white mountains are still able to protect the Nevaz Derom pass and access to the heart of the territories of the strongholds.

      At the time of their construction, the gates were able to open mechanically and were heavily armed. Despite the extraordinary structural defense, the gates fell against the astuteness of the Rat Legions. The gates serve as a wall and fortress, no longer moving, and as a stronghold of the Path of Revenge, the famous crested dwarf brotherhood.

      5. Veil Blast or Triskelion

      In the Crismon Peaks, about ten years ago, an expedition of the Sonnsthall empire found great megalithic and metallic ruins.

      Many armies of every race and land have fought and started a great massacre for the control of the Crismon Peaks risking the total war. The reason for this escalation was that the ruins, known as Triskelion, were identified as the Veil Blast, the lost wonder. The original Veil Blast projects disappeared from the forges of Nevaz Derom and they served the Infernal Dwarfs to build The Inferno, a weapon capable of wiping out entire cities in an instant. However, it is not yet known whether the Triskelion is Veil Blast or not, but so far the Triskelion has remained an inactive ruin and its studies have not made significant progress.

      6. The Hall of the Mountain Kings

      The Hall of the Mountain Kings is the royal mausoleum of Nevaz Vanez and is the only wonder of the 5th age to have remained totally intact and never reworked. The gigantic room was carved into the rock as an antechamber to the throne room, on the highest level of the Nevaz Vanez stronghold and is the only road to ask for an audience to the Mountain King. The room contains twenty sarcophagi, including tombs, and cenotaphs. Fifteen sarcophagi are sealed with powerful protective runes. There are still five empty tombs, ready to welcome the deceased dwarf sovereigns.

      7. The Walls of Avras

      The Walls of Avras were built to celebrate the 5th era alliance between men and dwarves and is the only wonder conceived to be used by human allies instead of dwarves. A double line of fortifications in blocks of cyclopean stone impossible to destroy even with the most modern military technology. Even today nobody has ever managed to break through the dwarven walls of the Holy City. The original fortification is still intact in all its parts, with the exception of the portal of the Bridge of Destiny, destroyed by the Sunna army, Goddess of the Sun and the Flame during the early stages of the last battle of the Vermin Wars.

      and also this:

      Viktor Von Vinegar
      The Abyss’ Defectors

      Viktor Von Vinegar has the worst reputation of all the oathbreakers of Arcalea.
      It is known that the Abyss’ Defectors do not respect the word given and obey only to money and It is well known that what is good for Viktor Von Vinegar is good only if someone is not willing to pay more.
      He is the only living thing known to have escaped from the dungeons of Gan Dareb and it was he himself who breached the fortress's defenses during the Battle of the Conquest, when the Pearl Queen of the elves took possession of the island.
      Together with the reckless Cagliostro C. Campari was one of the protagonists of Müller Thurgau Castle’s siege, one of the most memorable in the whole Vetia history (*).

      And they were always the Abyss’ Defectors that with a sleight of hands burst into the centre of Piazza St Camembert in Santa Regina during the battle and bring the new elected Magister Gruyere to safety through the legendary Passetto, taking him from the clutches of the greedy Iron Legion's soldiers who had breached the city walls.

      The Von Vinegar affair is one of those grudges whose dwarves never speak and everyone knows.
      Long time ago, Viktor Von Vinegar was the youngest and most promising officer of Nevaz Barim's Deep Watch.
      The Von Vinegar clan was the guardian of the Bottomless Pit of the White Mountains and his members were descendants of Clockwork Von Vinegar, the genius who built the walls of Avras.
      But in a night of terror, Von Vinegar's Deep Watch abandoned his guard post and without warning, exterminated his own clan in his sleep. Viktor left only his younger brother alive, still a beardless at the time, and today known as Kladrin The Vengeance Seeker. (the guy from @MOMminiaturas )
      Nobody knows with certainty the reason for that brutal and deadly attack. Some say that Viktor and his warriors went crazy after seeing something in the Pit, others say they were paid by the elves or goblins that have always infested the heart of the mountain.
      The Abyss’ Defectors fled through Bottomless Pit and reappeared thirteen years later equipped with weapons never seen in Vetia, respiratory and lethal gas globes, their beards and hair cut and used as a banner.

      All the left half of Viktor's body had been replaced with mechanical parts and somebody say that he is unable to survive without his respirator. If it is the truth, nobody knows for sure.

      After trying in vain to reconquer his castle with the strength of his army, the desperate Count Müller decides to request the services of Cagliostro C. Campari to resolve the issue with his half-brother, the Marquis of Thurgau.
      For the occasion, Campari hires Viktor Von Vinegar and his Abyss' Defectors, the most feared infiltrator unit in Arcalea.
      After seven months of siege, with a daring single night action, the B-17 takes the Müller Thurgau Castle without spilling a drop of blood.


      Thane Harald of Hofbrauhaus clan, was sent by Robust “Bitter” Porter, dwarf king of Nevaz Barim of the White Mountains to conquer Bellatorre.

      Harald fought bravely against the Marsala's princely dinasty of the island, and after a short military campaign, he managed to kill prince Marsala VII during the Battle of Vespri.

      After the prince's death, the inhabitants of the island surrendered, bowing to the invaders. Harald built two twin towers on the two sides of the strait of the shipwrecks, thus founding the city know as Southern Market, that grew quickly and thanks to the skill of the dwarfs builders became an impregnable fortress.

      The Bitter King Porter appointed Harald as lord and protectors of the island in his majesty name, and for the first time in his life the king was pleased to pay a very high sum for the construction of that marvelous city because he knows that the new market would bring many benefit to the people of Nevaz Barim.

      Indeed the city grew stronger and richer, but when it was time to raise profits, Harald refused to pay and declared themselves independent.

      The Bitter King was so furious that he prepared an army in a hurry and without any negotiations, he marched through Arcalea to recover Bellatorre.

      But Harald was already well prepared. His army ready well paid and ready for the battle, he could also recruit the infamous Iron Legion, the cream of Arcalean Mercenaries.

      Still The Bitter King was sure of victory, his . he was in the front line with the royal guard, he charged against Harald and his infamous Black Shieldwall. The traitors of Bellatorre would have been exterminated that day.

      but things went differently. Harald's battle line held firm, soon Nevaz Barim's artillery was silent, destroyed by a surprise attack by the Abyss' Defectors, and from the right side the mercenaries of the Iron Legion mercilessly attacked the battle line of King Roubust Porter

      King Robust, barely escaped capture and managed to return home with his tail between his legs. The king cursed that day and cursed Harald to have ending lust for gold and he named Harald " The Oathbreaker".
      The power of the island became stronger and stronger, the dwarfs of Bellatorre became famous slavers and feared mercenaries across the continent. Southern Market became the largest slaves market of all Middle Sea and they trade with Infernal Dwarves, Dread Elves and worst.
      Harald and his warriors call themselves Oathbreakers, mocking the curse of the dwarf king.

      hope you like it. the Oathbreakers stuff is still under construction. if you have some good tips just tell me

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