Flat Paper Proxies - Dread Elves

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    • Flat Paper Proxies - Dread Elves

      Hi all,

      So I am a huge fan of Duape's flat paper proxies, and have been using them myself to get back into the hobby of tabletop gaming, as I love playing the games but have absolutely zero disposable income at the moment. I noticed that there are a few armies which Duape never got round to creating the proxies for, so I went ahead and did all the proxies for the Dread Elves. Unfortunately I have no idea how to go about uploading this many images (100+) into that gallery, or if I even have permissions to do so, and I also wouldn't want to step on Duape's toes if he/she still intends to finish all the armies.

      I'd love to go through and do some of the other armies, and have quite enjoyed the process of putting these proxies together. I'm really keen on their potential to get new people into the hobby who maybe can't afford to buy models, and if I can upload them here it would be grand!

      Duape doesn't appear to have been active since last year from what I can see, so I wondered if there is anyone else that I can contact or speak to about getting these proxies put up into the relevant gallery? I've put this in the Beginners forum only because that is where the current pinned post is for this, but I am new to the forums, having signed up specifically to share these proxies, and don't want to be guilty of thread necromancy if I can help it!
    • It's awesome to see someone starting this anew! :)
      Don't worry about stepping on @Duape 's toes. The philosophy of The Ninth Age is very much about taking initiatives and making things move by yourself. I'm not sure of why he stopped doing the proxies, but it's possible that he felt alone in this task, which can be painful and a source of demotivation...

      You should be able to upload the picture by yourself. Just visit the Gallery, click on Upload, and don't forget to click the appropriate category for the picture ("Public - Community resources > Flat Paper Proxies > the relevant army).
      A useful trick: once you've set the category for one picture, click on the arrows here: . This will set the same category for all other pictures you're uploading at that time!

      You will soon be limited with your current status though - 100 pictures max. But you can ask admins for more upload space - @Zikum @Grimbold Blackhammer. ;)
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    • Amazing, thanks for your help. It looks like I needed to make a couple of posts as well before I could make the uploads, but that has updated now and I am ready to rock and roll!

      The categories trick is especially useful, I will make sure that all the images end up in the right place that way!

      I'll make a start on the upload right now, Dread Elves incoming! :D
    • 100 Images uploaded and visible here:


      That's me at my limit though, and I've not quite got all the Dread Elves up yet!

      Admins save me!

      EDIT: I have been saved by the admins, and all of the DE proxies are now up in the gallery! Let me know if there's any obvious ones missing. I am afraid that I have just done one proxy for each character/mount combination, rather than all the hundreds of equipment combinations possible because ain't nobody got time for that!

      Perhaps once I have finished all the armies I might revisit with equipment combos, but for the time being I hope that this will be sufficient for new players, or those without disposable income, or even just those who want to try out a new army/unit before they buy!

      Coming up next: Dwarven Holds! (Sneak Peek attached)

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