Team Canada - ETC 2020 - Call for Applicants

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    • Team Canada - ETC 2020 - Call for Applicants

      Here it is! - A few of us have already been chatting about ETC 2020 and decided to kick off the process of putting a team together for 2020. You will find the application form linked below as well as some comments on the process/expectations of players.

      Team Canada ETC 2020 – Call for Applicants – Background and Expectations


      ETC 2019 has not even happened yet and Canada is looking to put together its 2020 team! Why so early? A cross-ocean trip to Europe is big commitment in terms of time, money, hobby energy, and requires quite a bit of planning to pull off seamlessly. Sadly we were unable to put a team together in 2019 given the timelines and cost, so we wanted to start the process for 2020 early to give the team/players lots of time to prepare.

      As many of you know, last year team Canada finished dead last (and it was not particularly close to second last). ETC brings stiff competition and in 2020 we want to bring our best foot forward and finish as highly as we possibly can. 2018 was a learning experience, in 2020 we are going to do better! With hindsight, if we want to compete at the highest levels, we need: better lists, better knowledge our matchups, better team planning and team list competition, more practice against a variety of players and lists!

      Canada has a lot of disadvantages working against it. – We are geographically far from Europe and do not get to play against these players often. We a are geographically spread out country. One cannot simply hop on a train and in a few hours, play someone from across the country. Cost and time are going to be a factor both in terms of practicing and getting to the tournament itself.

      That said, excuses are un-Canadian! We don’t make excuses, we say “sorry.” – Let’s overcome these disadvantages and do as well as we can!

      The Application:
      This application form is acting like an “expression of interest” for the 2020 team. By applying you are not committing to be on the team nor are you guaranteed a spot on the team. Once the players on the team are selected, they will be asked to commit. – So, feel free to apply even if you are not 100% sure if you can go just yet (it is still a year away).

      The Process:
      · Applications will be open from now until August 30th, 2019.
      · Once the application deadline has closed, a selection committee will vet the applications and select the individuals to be part of the 2020 team.
      · When considering possible candidates, the committee will consider many factors including but not limited to; tournament results, team composition (armies you play), personality and fit. – If you live outside the Western Canadian region where most of 2018’s team was from it is possible we may follow up with you via Skype and a Universal Battle game or two to develop more of a connection.
      · The selected individuals will be contacted and asked if they want to accept their place on the team (at this time firm commitment will be expected). Expect this to occur in September, with reasonable timelines to express your commitment.
      · By January 31st, players will be asked to provide a $200 deposit as a token of their commitment. This money will be used to cover the tournament fees and other team expenses (such as jerseys). Should you elect to bail on the team after this time, you should have no expectation of receiving this deposit back short of extreme circumstances.
      · ETC dates have not yet been set for 2020, but the last two years they have been the first weekend in August. Expect for it to occur around this time. We will likely learn the dates over the coming months. In 2020 ETC is scheduled to occur in Luxembourg.

      · Cost: Going to Europe is expensive! Be prepared to budget at least $3,000 (airfare is about $1,500), more if you plan to extend this to become a European vacation.
      · Practice and embrace online play: Play games with the team! – Canada is a big country. Outside of tournaments it is unrealistic to play games regularly between players in Calgary and Edmonton, let alone between Alberta and Ontario. There will most certainly be distance between the players on the team. Last year we had Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver represented. Especially if our footprint grows and the team includes players from Eastern Canada the only way to practice over this distance is online. Everyone should get comfortable using Universal Battle, it is the best tool we have to combat geography.
      · No Control Over Your Own List: Be prepared to work with the team to build your list. In 2018 almost every player just built their own list with limited insight into the overall consequences for the team. This year, lists will have more defined roles, but also need to be flexible. Lists need to have multiple good matchups and cannot be built to do only a single thing well (it is highly unlikely you will get that one good matchup). – There is a high probability you will be asked to run some form of a netlist as generally, these tend to perform the best.
      · Contribute to Team Strategy: Work with the team to strategize how we want to build lists and define roles.
      · Be Prepared to Work to Evaluate Other Teams Lists: When lists come out in July budget some time to review them and evaluate how your list ranks up against them.
      · Understand the Meta: Grow your knowledge of the meta, especially how your list ranks up against it. Get better acquainted with armies you DON’T play. This may mean playing with your friends’ armies or using UB to experience them. Know what your good matchups are and what are your bad matchups are.

      The Coach: Team Canada is also looking to recruit a coach. In 2018 Kieran did a great job as a coach and was a tremendous asset to our team. He was integral to organizing the team and kept things running smoothly. – If you are interested in being the coach, please indicate this on the player form.

      What is the role of the coach?
      · The coach is a non-playing team member. The coach can (and is encouraged) to play in the singles event but does not play during the team event. That said, the coach can go in as an alternate should the need arise or if one of the players cannot play.
      · The coach contributes to team strategy and is involved in all team strategy decisions/discussions.
      · The coach helps coordinate the pairing process
      · During the event, the coach is a resource for the players to call upon during timeouts.
      · The coach also ensures game results are submitted correctly and on time.
      · Last year Kieran did a lot of heavy lifting in terms of planning the trip itself (accommodations), but that is not necessarily an expectation the coach.
      · Act as liaison to the ETC organization before and after the event. This includes registering and paying fees for the team, submitting and revising army lists, participating in event discussion, and voting on ETC issues.

      The Application Form:

      Questions, comments, discussion? - Feel free to post below! Or, come join us on the main Canadian 9th age FaceBook Group:

      -BlackLancer (AKA: Ryan Freiburger)
    • Awesome! As part of this, we would love to grow the "Canadian" player base (even if you do not currently live here), so we are hoping to build a player base outside of our current geographic region of Western Canada. This should help us ensure we have a continued presence at ETC every year going forward.

      Your interest is most certainly welcome :)

      (Ps: next year's ETC will be in Luxembourg)