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  • DE LAB Team Annoucment

    Hello fellow DE citizens,

    I am pleased to introduce the full DE LAB

    Coach - Nightwun - a strong advocate for elves of smaller stature. He vanguards for the ADT Management and dispenses pearls of wisdom
    RT - Sir_Joker - a longtime founding member and strong advocate of rule of law and chief advisor on DE commercial interests.
    BGT - Giladis - Elven Loremaster and fine art connoisseur of late among a mountain of former positions and skillsets
    BGT - Blackheart - a new member of BGT and a fresh Academy graduate with immense skill at deciphering finer details and accustom to the comforts the DE lifestyle provides those who earn titles of distinction.
    ADT - echoCTRL - Academy Drillmaster and Sgt at arms who exceeds at unconventional warfare and out of the box tactics.
    ADT- Petreopatroklos - Beast Master has a way of taming foul beasts and commanding the lessor races to stay on track and bend to his will.
    ADT - SmithF - a well read and cunning General his exploits are legendary.
    ADT - Noir - once a marauding corsair looting and pillaging but quickly earning a name for himself.
    PT rep - SirMC2015 Once retired and living a carefree life watching servants harvest his Skooma now recalled to active service.
    Extended Team: ACS - KiRaHyuU

    of course myself, MSU117 as Product Owner.

    We have begun preliminary Concept 01 Tasks while we await updated RT - Guidelines and full team status after post ETC summer vacations. Things should really start rolling with September quickly approaching .

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