Cultists first alpha feedback

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    The brand new army book for Infernal Dwarves is finally available, along with a small surprise! Remember that it is a beta version, and provide us your feedback!

    • NAAAAAAAH we want MOOOOORE !!!

      Hey, if your friend finds the book to complex, he doesn't have to play it !
      Also, some people play the game not competitively ! :D

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    • Just read the book for the first time, so apologies for coming in a bit late and running the risk of covering old ground, and only having first impressions to offer.

      great idea, great fluff, interesting playstyle. Good job to those who have pulled it together

      it seems underpowered.

      If i read it right, you pay for daemonic units, dont have access to the big hitters, and kind of pay a tax to get them on table. You cant charge with a daemonic unit until turn 3. You dont get good magic phases because you need to spend your veil tokens on summoning, so your likely to be even on magic dice.

      As the most direct comparison, i dont see how this army could beat a daemons list.

      good job by the designers not putting out an OP list, but i think there’s scope to beef it up.
    • Good points that we shall be knee deep in learning new armies if we push the limits :)

      Then again TOs can and should make list of what Supplements to use and what not to use. The Gold Versions should be solid enough with worst hiccups removed.

      As for powerlevel... agreee :) Total 1 draw with 6 games, rest losses.

      This is attempt to make new non-militant faction work on battlefield as opposed to expanding one corner of main book like in WDG books which are actually very "historical".This is attempt to be more like Comic sidekick like: "whoops I killed them again" as famed bard Britney "Infinity's" Spear sings.

      And complexity is indeed said many times, lets discuss it. First lets check out what we mean by the word:
      - Army is difficult to build, limits, entries, combinations
      - Army has mechanic with long explanations "tldr" (like Ricochet (X) in O&G)
      - Army has too many unique rules (like daemonic manifestations)
      - Army is hard to play, as I forget its rules
      - Army is hard to explain to opponent
      - Army has bad rules which work counterintuitively
      - Army has too many entries and "weird" statblocks for opponents to learn
      - Army has trick that can cause instant loss if it is forgotten

      so what is complexity in cultists?
    • Ghiznuk wrote:

      ‘Someone’ mentioned war wagons … could be interesting to bring them back in ^^
      That was me. When I wrote the alpha version, it was pretty explicitely human rebel cultists modelleded on the hussites, so they had war wagons, dragoons and light field artillery.
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    • So lets brainstorm this out a bit.

      What could cultists be good at; a) fluff wise, AND game mechanic wise?

      Heres a starter ideas:

      Cultists are cult-like, and cult leaders are demagogues with absolutely devotional followers. But chop the head off and it all falls apart. So- keep the general a bit rubbish, (about the same stats a beastherds BSB), but all rank and file models within 12' are essentially flaggelants- unbreakable, and get a deathblow in. If he dies, then they revert to regular rubbish humans. Game wise this makes them similar to the undead lists- relentless hordes, but if you catch the general its a big blow, and fluff wise creates an army of crazy devotees protecting an evil manipulator. I suspect the units would have to be dropped down to regular humans for this

      - I think 12' is too restrictive. 12' but with unit spacing could be very tricky.
      - Or alternatively, 12' but summoned at the beginning of movement- so that that charges could happen. maybe this could be too powerful, and might need to be restricted- e.g. unit size, or just core. Fluffwise I think it fits for a unit to be summoned onto an enemy catching them unaware, play wise this could be the key strength of the army- you can always summon a unit to attack. Maybe theres a hereditary spell that allows you summon a unit that can then attack- so you have the choice of either summoning them on automatically, or throwing dice to make it better.