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  • You opened Pandora Box.
    IMHO I would like a return of 6th Ed magic system (Price not adjusted, I used elements from Folomo Homebrew Book because he did a great job for other units) :

    Naptan Incantations wrote:

    Magic in Naptesh was a privilege of the ancient priesthood of the Gods. They used to channel their powers by magic, prayers and rituals.
    All spells cast by Undying Dynasties Wizard are considered as a Bound Spell (4/8) and gain the type Naptan Spell. The spells have to be cast following this order :
    - Acolyt
    - Adept
    - Hierarch
    - Hierophant

    Acolyte choose his spells as a Wizard Apprentice and can only cast a 2 dice version
    Adept choose his spells as a Wizard Adept add +1 to casting values
    Hierarch choose his spells as a Wizard Master add +2 to casting value
    Hierophant always add +1 to casting values
    Notice they aren't Adepts or Masters, so no Channel

    Another change is this one :

    Naptan Priest wrote:

    125 pts, single model, base 20mmx20mm, Standard Infantry

    Adv 4, Mar 8, Dis 7, Rsr1, Acolyt, Undead
    HP 3, Def 3, Res 1, Arm 0
    Att 1, Off 3, Str 3, Ap 0, Agi 2

    May choose spells from (select one path), Divination, Cosmology
    May become (one choice only):
    - Adept : +65pts
    - Hierarch: +170pts
    May become (one choice only):
    - Death Cult Priest, knows the spell Death is Only the beggining and can choose Evocation for spell selection : +50pts
    - Statuary Priest, knows the spell Blessing of Stone and can choose Alchemy for spell selection : +50pts
    May become Hierophant : 25pts

    May take:
    Light Armour : 5pts
    May take Special Equipmentup to 100
    If Wizard Master up to 200
    May take Light Armour 5

    May take a mount (one choice only):
    Skeletal Horse 20
    Ark of Ages 170
    No more distinction between Hierarch and Architect, only an additional spell : here they are :

    Hereditary spells wrote:

    Death is only the beggining

    Type Caster, Permanent, Red text are for 3 dice version

    If the caster is affected by "Death is Only the Beggining" each time he cast a spell of type "Naptan, Augment", the caster may choose a single friendly Undying Dynasties affected by the triggering spell.

    If the target hasn't the Special Rule "Ensouled Statue" the target Raise a number of Health Points equal to the Resurrected value of the R&F models in the unit
    If the target has the Special Rule "Ensouled Statue" the target Recover/Raise a number of Health Points equal to the Resurrected value of the R&F models in the unit. If the target contains any Characters, you may instead choose a single Character in it.

    Characters and models with Towering Presence cannot Recover more than 1/2 Health Points in each Magic Phase from Death is Only the Beginning.

    This spell ends if the Caster attempts to cast Death is Only the Beggining again, or if the opponent removes one/two dice from their Magic Dice pool at the end of step 3 of any Magic Phase sequence

    Blessing of the Stone

    Type Augment, Instant, Range 12"/18", Red text are for 3 dice version

    If the unit has the special rule "Ensouled Statue", the unit gain Fortitude(6+/5+)
    If the unit hasn't the special rule "Ensouled Statue", the unit gain this special rule

    What about the Nomarch/Pharaoh. I don't know why we keep having two profiles. I would see something like this (always old school flavour and a real value of having a Pharaoh):

    Nomarch wrote:

    150 pts, single model, Size: Standard, Type: Infantry, Base: 20x20mm

    Adv 4, Mar 8, Dis 9, Rsr 1, Undead, Fear, Flammable, Acolyt, Protean Magic, Undying Will
    HP 3, Def 4, Res 5, Arm 0, Light Armour
    Att 2, Off 4, Str 4, Ap 1, Agi 3

    May take Special Equipment up to 100
    if Pharaoh : up to 200

    May take any of the following:
    Heavy Armour 10
    Shield 5
    May take an Aspen Bow (4+) 5
    May take a Close Combat Weapon (one choice only):
    Paired Weapons 5
    Halberd 10
    Lance 10
    Great Weapon 10

    May become Pharaoh(0-1 per army, General only) :
    Gain +1 Off/Def/Str and +2Att 100

    May take a mount (one choice only):
    Skeletal Horse20
    Skeleton Chariot 60
    Royal Palanquin 100
    Sha Guardian 350

    Magic Options:
    Must select spells from:
    If General :
    May choose one additional Spell 50
    If Pharaoh :
    May choose one additional Spell 50

    Special Rule : Undying Will
    When casting a spell, a Nomarch/Pharaoh may choose to throw only one dice, but the casting value is reduced to 3 and range changed to "Caster Unit"
    Oathbound to my King in life
    Soulbound to my Pharaoh in death

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  • Something that most probably has been brought up before, but bares repeating, is the idea to make the basic UD skeleton better than a basic VC skeleton. This to reflect the idea that they aren't mindless automatons. Would differentiate between the armies and avoid UD becoming a "horde" army.

    What I would have had in mind is simply increasing OS/DS by 1 and maybe Agi by 1. No need to add fancy special rules and stuff but this might make them synergies better with character buffs and so on. Ofc this would mean that necropolis guard stats get bumped by 1 as well so there is a distinction, but that isn't a bad thing in my opinion, just adjust price accordingly.
    Previously Echunia

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  • IMHO Necropolis guards suffer from the comparison to barrow guards.
    I don't know why Cataphracts and Sphinx riders have 2 attacks each and not the necropolis guards don't (even charioteers have 2 attacks)
    NG have poison for... i don't know what reason, event background doesn't justify this. But I would trade this poison for a second attack.
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  • Recently we talked about our infantry, why skeleton warriors and necroguards aren't liked a lot.
    As i previously said, our troops are trained soldiers which keep a few of their previous lives. Thats why I would propose this :

    Source Code

    1. Skeletons XXX pts
    2. 20 models, may add up to 40 additional models for X pts/model
    3. Size: Standard
    4. Type: Infantry
    5. Base: 20x20mm
    6. Global Adv Mar Dis Rsr Model Rules
    7. 4” 8” 6 7 Undead, Scoring
    8. Defensive HP Def Res Arm
    9. 1 3 3 0 Light Armour, Shield
    10. Offensive Att Off Str AP Agi
    11. Skeleton 1 3 3 0 2
    12. Options:
    13. May take a Spear 1ppm
    14. May swap shield for halberd 2ppm
    15. May upgrade one model to each of the following:
    16. Champion 20
    17. Musician 20
    18. Standard Bearer 20
    19. Banner enchantment no limit
    Display All

    And Necropolis Guards would become :

    Source Code

    1. Necropolis Guards XXX pts
    2. 15 models, may add up to 25 additional models for XXpts/model
    3. Size: Standard
    4. Type: Infantry
    5. Base: 20x20mm
    6. Global Adv Mar Dis Rsr Model Rules
    7. 4” 8” 6 3 Undead, Scoring, Bodyguard
    8. Defensive HP Def Res Arm
    9. 1 4 4 0 Light Armour, Shield
    10. Offensive Att Off Str AP Agi
    11. Guard 2 4 4 0 2 Magical Attack, Lethal Strike
    12. Options:
    13. May swap shield for helberd or paired weapons 1ppm
    14. May upgrade one model to each of the following:
    15. Champion 20
    16. Musician 20
    17. Standard Bearer 20
    18. Banner enchantment no limit
    19. If General is Pharaoh :
    20. May upgrade Light Armour for Heavy armour 2ppm
    Display All

    And a Banner Enchantment which could make people consider taking Infantry

    Banner of Ramosis wrote:

    Banner of Ramosis XXpts
    Standard Infantry only
    At the start of the Charge Phase (Step 1) an unit where all models are Standard Infantry with Banner of Ramosis can perform a pivot of 45° maximum following the rules of post-combat pivot. If this unit declare a charge after performing this pivot, it doesn’t use its Advance value for charge range.
    Yeah I anticipated the guys who could think to give it to the BSB and go with Shabtis. Only units of standard infantry gonna benefits of this Standard. Do a reform before charge is something very strong, but reducing the range could reduce this strength.
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    Soulbound to my Pharaoh in death

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  • I sometimes dream with UD non magic dependant, an army where using pharaohs could be a nice option. I think this is fluffwise more appealing than letting the wizards control all our armies. It should be the pharaohs and princes, with their semi-divine blood who allow our troops to walk again.

    Basically something like necrons in 40k

    I sugggest somthing like:
    At the begining of each turn roll a 1d6 for each health point lost in the previous turn, on a 6 you recover the wound.

    the characters could have the following skill:
    " at 6 inches of each character, on a 5+ you recover the wound"

    that can also help to generate nice magical objects that allow you to trigger the skill once extra per batlle....or heal ekstra 1d3 wounds, rerolling to heal when the skill is affecting skellis...

    then our wizards would be regular wizards, and the army could work with or without them
  • imperialengineer wrote:

    The banner of 360 degree charging was way OP back in the GW game. I like the idea and the attempt to reduce it's power, but I think it would be tough to balance it.
    Its difficult to make it not OP. I thought about multiple options :
    - No roll for charge, only Advance Rate, but it would be a bit useless (depends of the price)
    - Minimized Roll for charge : But with a bit of luck it could give the same range.
    - A single D6 for charge, halve the roll : Champion would make the 4 minimum.
    - Do not use Advance : its 4/5" removed to charge range which become 2"/4" with champion-12"
    May be a combo of two a these things. The objective is, normal charge, normal range, reform charge, lower range.

    @Litoperez : This is more like TK banners in age of sigmar, this could be an interesting way of doing
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  • imperialengineer wrote:

    How about a banner that reduces crumbling somehow for multiple combats? Maybe the bearer's unit takes additional wounds to reduce other units crumble or the bearing unit's casualties aren't counted for other units crumble.
    Or a banner one use only which makes the unit stubborn (and have the crumble) for the combat phase.
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    Soulbound to my Pharaoh in death
  • JimMorr wrote:

    I do not play UD so I am not going to make any rules suggestions. However part of LAB is also background. I would love to see UD background extended in the direction of UD being described as a force with some purpose not the dormant feel we've got in slimbook with Background.
    that would be Nice, maybe also a rewrite that distance units/characters from WHFB.
    That wich dosnt kill me better run...

  • Closed Kingdom of Death is nice though. I could live with some ancient god of Underworld trapped in a pocked dimension. But I would like to see some current action happening. Maybe Keys to the Underworld are on this side and it can be unlocked. Maybe a cult of "It ain't Nagash' has survived and they fight other Undead Kingd to free him. Or maybe an alliance has been formed by a group of Monarchs who are tired by countless millennia of existence here and want to unlock the Underworld to find the Afterlife... even at the cost of slavery.