War Beast/Cavalry - Monstrous Beast/Monstrous Cavalry - Mount's Protection rule....not really clear

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  • War Beast/Cavalry - Monstrous Beast/Monstrous Cavalry - Mount's Protection rule....not really clear

    I already posted this in the Error report topic but nothing changed so i still don't know if i'm the one that doesn't understand well these rules or what....

    Section: TROOP TYPES and ARMOR (page 50)
    ----War Beast/Cavalry and Monstrous Beasts/Monstrous Cavalry and MOUNT’S PROTECTION rule
    ----ARMOR (page 50), MOUNTS “Model is mounted on Warbeast or Chariot: +1 […]
    Remember that mounted Monstrous Beasts and Monsters don’t give this +1 Armour Save”

    If i'm not wrong, Mount’s Protection rule should be removed from War Beast/Monstrous Beasts and moved to Cavalry/Monstrous Cavalry.

    Mount’s Protection gives +1 to their rider’s Armour Save but war beasts and monstrous beasts don’t have riders (nosense);
    a model riding a warbeast/monstrous beast follows rules for cavalry/monstrous cavalry (instead of warbeast/monstrous beast), so he lose Mount’s Protection rule right?

    Nowhere is written that a ridder warbeast/monstrous beast that becomes cavalry/monstrous cavalry share both rules from warbeast/monstrous beasts and new cavalry/monstrous cavalry unit types.

    Also a normal warbeast/monstrous beast (warhounds,giant eagles etc) would have an useless and confusing rule (mount’s protection) due to not having any rider.

    Plus as stated, there is conflict with rules at page 50 MOUNTS….+1 armour save for models on warbeasts/chariot is redundant; also not clear about Monstrous Beast/Monstrous Cavalry not having +1 Armor Save that is in conflict with Mount’s Protection rule.

    So it’s very confusing and don’t make any sense written in current way.

    I really don't understand if it's just an error or really 9th age team wanted to remove +1 AS for all cavalry/monstrous cavalry (all cavalry/MC without a plate mail 4+ would be at 3+ AS)
    Thanks :)