Help with my Homebrew SE

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  • Help with my Homebrew SE

    Hail and Welcome my friends, today I come before you all to request your aid in my hour of need.

    Well, sort of :D

    So, around 6 months ago or so I started working on my own Homebrew version of SE. The intention wasn’t to go as far as a LAB hopefully will, with possible new units and all, but rather to show how I would like to see SE work, and how I would design them now if I had free reign (and bearing in mind some mistakes made so far over the process of 2.0-2.1, such as the scrapped hereditary, or the awkwardly implemented witchcraft access). After getting a little over half-way through the book, I started getting frustrated, and let the project drop by the wayside.

    A few days ago, I stumbled across the file on my computer, and decided to update the points in-line with the recent points update, and maybe see whether I was inspired to have another go at finishing it. I have mostly finished it aside from a few points values, but I have hit on something of a conundrum.

    I have split the Kestrel knight entry into Kestrel knights and Kestrel Scouts (the bow armed version), and I’m not sure quite what to do with the Kestrel Scouts and Briar Maidens. I want one of these two units to be a real “shooty” unit (albeit probably only at short range) and the other to be more of a tricksy, tactical unit. What do you think of the following ideas, and can anyone suggest anything else?

    Shooty ideas:

    • Briar Maidens – Poisoned Thorn gains range 18”, Accurate, S as user. Maidens gain S4 (s4 poisoned javelins! Potential for S5 javelins with Shamanism/Cosmology)
    • Briar Maidens – Replace Poisoned Thorn with Throwing Weapons, possibly also give BM S4 (2x shots, only 8” range, potential for S4/S5 shots with spell buffs)
    • Kestrel Scouts – aim 2+, Plunging Fire: Shots at short range gain an additional +1 S and AP if units is flying (S5 AP2 shots at short range).
    • Kestrel Scouts – aim 2+, 2 shots (decent firepower, but maybe a bit too avoidy with long range firepower)

    Tricksy ideas:

    • Either unit, possibly better on Kestrel Scouts due to Flying - Screening Cover If this unit is not Fleeing or engaged in combat, friendly units within 6” who declare a “Flee” charge reaction roll their flee distance with Maximised Roll, and instead of fleeing directly away from the charging unit, they may instead pivot to face directly towards this unit (measure from the center of each unit) and flee in that direction instead. This unit does not take Panic tests from friendly units fleeing through it. (This is based on another idea I posted back in January, but which involved the unit moving towards the fleeing unit’s starting position to block the charger. Adding out of sequence movement is a bit iffy, and has too much potential for abuse. I’m just not sure whether changing the “flee” direction might also be potentially abuseable. Or whether there is a better way of helping a fleeing unit escape, and portraying the idea of friendly cavalry screening their fleeing allies.)
    • Briar Maidens - gain Advanced Treesinging, as normal treesinging, but also able to spend a void token to prevent a chosen unit gaining cover from any forest, target loses Strider while in a Forest. Lasts until end of opponents next turn.
    • Briar Maidens – Hallucinogenic Toxins. Any unit which suffers at least one unsaved wound from the unit’s shooting gains Random movement (2d6) in their next turn.
    • Kestrel Scouts – Caltrop Drop The unit may make a sweeping attack. The target unit suffers takes an attack with Area (x) where x is the number of Kestel Scouts in the unit, hits are resolved at S1, AP0. If the target unit charges in their next turn, they roll their charge distance with Minimized Roll. If they are standard sized cavalry or beasts, they also treat open ground as Dangerous Terrain (1) for the next turn. Units with Flying or Ghost Step are not affected by these penalties.
    • Kestrel Scouts – Distracting Flyby The unit may make a sweeping attack. No damage is inflicted, but the target unit’s aim score is reduced by 1 until the end of their next turn.
    • Kestrel Scouts – Swap Vanguard for Scout, Aerial Surveillance This unit is not counted as having Scouted for the purpose of determining how close enemy Vanguard units can move.
    Any thoughts on these options? Alternative ideas?
  • Endymion wrote:

    I think I'd prefer both units to be tricksy! Both because that's a playstyle i like and because i like your tricksy ideas more, particularly the advanced treesinging

    I have added a bit more tricksy stuff already, like Witchcraft, a revamped Mist Walker's Mirror, and another item which synergizes well with the Mirror, but still works well on it's own.

    My homebrew already has Sentinels becoming tricksy, with the ability to increase the difficulty of dangerous terrain tests for nearby enemies (or those charging the sentinels) as a nod to the old Waywatcher traps. Meanwhile Pathfinders get enhanced firepower if they don't march. That gives one shooty unit and one tricksy one, so I was planning the same split with Kestrel Scouts and Briar Maidens, for 2 of each.

    I may add advanced tree singing as an aspect or something. There might also be room for a tricksy banner enchantment, but I don't think any of my ideas here would be suitable, except for maybe a toned down version of Screening Cover.
  • I am personally adverse to layering additional special rules onto the Kestrels and Briar Maidens. They both already have quite a few basic ones from the main book on top of our army rules and risk becoming bloated and overcosted if more are added.

    For skimirsh Kestrels I like the idea of having a sweep attack, but instead of a special unique debuff how about a simple damaging sweep attack; 2 hits per model @ Str 4 AP 2, then have the option count towards Unseen Arrows. (Its something I have been experimenting with recently myself)

    For Briar Maidens I am fan of just a straight swap from Poisoned Thorn to Throwing Weapons /w poison and leave higher strength shooting to possible changes to Treefathers/Sylvan Spirits. I also think preventing characters from joining the unit could solve a lot of the issues with the Druid mounts by removing the concerns others have about possibly creating an OP avoidance bunker.

    I look forward to seeing the end product you come up with! Cheers :thumbsup:
    A Sylvan Elves Homebrew Full Army Book - last updated September 26, 2019
  • @funkyfellow I'm trying to avoid layering too many additional rules into the book, but at the same time I'm trying to add a bit of a crafty, tactical edge and increase the guerrila feel of the army. We already have the ability to move forests, Witchcraft and Shamanism give us some pretty appropriate spell effects, Banner of Silent Mists can remove opponents ability to swift reform and give -1 to march tests.

    I want to have 2 shooty units, and 2 tricksy units, I'd be happy to use BRB special rules, but there isn't really anything like that in there, so I really have to add my own rules. I want something to either reduce the opponent's ability to maneuvre or to allow the SE player to pull of tricksy maneuvres.

    If I go with Kestrel Scouts as the shooty unit, a straight damage dealing sweep attack would be good, not technically "shooty", but fills the same role.