Cosmology vs Dusk Forged

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  • Cosmology vs Dusk Forged


    My prophet has +1 armor saved and dusk forged shield (reroll armor saves)

    Cosmology can cast Ice and Fire:

    Reading; The target suffers 2D6 hits with Strength 4, Armour Penetration 0, and Magical Attacks. Successful Armour Save sagainst wounds caused by this spell must be rerolled

    My question is then. All non 1's must be rerolled, as they made the armor save, and i presume i cant reroll after a succesful armor save


    what about the 1's? They fail, so i get to reroll them, and then what? Do i have to reroll that save, due to the Ice and fire spell?

    My understanding is that only one reroll can be done, but this is both a negative and a positive roll.. what to do?

  • You're right, every dice can only be rerolled once.

    a) You have to reroll every successful because of Ice and Fire (so each 2-6)
    b) You can reroll every 1 (Dusk Forged); lets assume you want to use it.

    -> Result: Roll your armour saves and reroll EVERY dice once.
    Alternative: Talk to your opponent and say that instead of rerolling every single dice you just roll once and not reroll any (the result is the same).

    But rules as written you do have to reroll everything so if you haven't talked with your opponent about it, that is what you need to do.