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    Hi guys, maybe it's the wrong place to ask this but I wanted to download the newest version of the rule in one shot and it seems the ZIP package is still in 2.0

    I guess it can be confusing because it's in the middle of the updated books.

    Also I would love to be able to download all the latest books in one shot instead of going one by one.

    Actually a way to pick several books (like a check box) before downloading could be a nice idea. Or an accessible up to date dropbox folder, only editable by the staff ? maybe not possible.

    I had to download manually all books on my phone and it's a nightmare :

    Click on book > Click download > send to a pdf reader > Back to download page ... like 20 times for all books and rules. It's a bit too complicated.

    Again, sorry if it's the wrong place to ask this.
  • Ok its done ! Enjoy.

    @Scorbol Now that files are in direct acces, (if you use download link from the website not the forum) its already more easy easy than before. You dont need to Click on book > Click download > send to a pdf reader > Back to download page wich i understand is boring.

    You can just make a right click (on Iphone just push 2 sec on the link,) and then select: download the link.

    @Hombre de Mundo ? @Grimbold Blackhammer ?
    Could you check this next time ther is an updated ? With my really low connection its a bit boring to download files, zip, then upload. With a good conneciton would take max 5 minute. (where i need 25 minute to upload 25 mo .. :S )
    (If there is some trouble for uploading directly in backoffice, use ftp, i coudl explain if needed. - and when you change the file link in the document, he ask you if you want unzip, so there is a bug that hide the "save" button, so you have to use Tab keytouch to reach the button ^^..)

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