Gaming/Video Editing Laptop Purchase

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  • Last paragraph for the TLDR

    So just for something different. In the past year I started making/editing videos and found that my Linux converted Pixel Chromebook was not enough. It's an i5 Intel with 4GB ram. The biggest issue was it overhead and would stepdown the voltage which slowed the CPU.

    Since I don't game much anymore and just videos render I went for the Xeon processer that is far better at processing video and wanted load's of ram to reduce disk swappage to improve video processing.So I got 32GB of RAM. Now since I'm on a real budget I bought a used power edge 710 for $150USD

    I setup the system so I can remotely login to it. That is not necessary

    The downside to buying a server system is the have horrible video cards, so I finally broke down yesterday and bought a passable video card for $50. I might get gutsy and buy a full-blown graphics card but that will require some elbow work so that's a future project.

    The take away is with technology one should always have a primary driver, auxiliary needs are fine they help refine the options. Based on the videos you make, fan of your channel BTW, a gaming system should easily handle any of the content you generate. So I would advise you focus on a gaming system first. say this because one of the major factor in the laptop cost is the display. Resolution, dpi, contrast matter.

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