Polish Team Championships, Cracow, Poland, July 11-12, 2020 CANCELLED

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    • Polish Team Championships, Cracow, Poland, July 11-12, 2020 CANCELLED

      I would like to invite you all to

      Polish Team Championships of The Ninth Age

      Format: 5 x 4500 pts
      Date: July 11-12, 2020
      Stara Zajezdnia Kraków by DeSilva, ul. Św. Wawrzyńca 12, 31-060 Kraków

      Registration and entry fee:
      Fee: 150 PLN (EUR 37) per pax, 750 PLN (EUR 185) per team, includes two lunches per person
      Payment deadline: June 1, 2020
      Account: PL 97 1140 2004 0000 3102 7473 7100, SWIFT/ BIC BREXPLPWOMB, addressed at Unitekst. Agnieszka Skowerska.
      Participation is secured by payment only. Places limit: 300 pax / 60 teams.
      Please make transfers with PTC 2020 – (team name)
      For any questions regarding organisation, models, etc.: dmp.t9a.2020@gmail.com or PM me.
      The registration fee is non-refundable but it can be moved to another team.

      Food: menu to be confirmed, I aim for more like proper lunch rather than tortilla.

      Registration: url pending
      Deadline for registration: TBC
      20 big points per player for timely registration, 100 points per team, added to the result after the final battle. After the deadline I will publish all rosters. I will not check the rosters before publishing them but I will apply penalties for mistakes (points deductions).

      A correct registration should be sent as an attachment in txt format by the team captain and contain all rosters in one file, along with the list of names and surnames of players. Failure to provide all data and rosters on time results in 0 points for this part.

      When editing the rosters, you do not have to provide basic info on compulsory features of units, e.g. bows on a unit of bowmen or spears on spearmen. The registration should include ETC-style formatted rosters.

      Errors in rosters will result in as follows:
      • minor tweaks in the roster, a misclick, like a general not appointed -1 point
      • major error, resulting in several tweaks and changes in number of models -5 pts
      • profound change: path of magic change, magic standard change, replacing a unit with another one – on less than -10 pts, it may be disallowed
      • penalties per player cannot exceed -20 pts
      • the host gets the bay in case of uneven number of teams
      • teams from the same club do not play against one another round one
      • the pairings will be disclosed after the deadline for rosters registration (with a transmission)
      • round two and beyond – swiss pairing system
      Referees: VIP

      Tentative schedule


      9:00 – 9:00 registration
      9:20 – 9:30 meeting with captains
      9:30 – 13:00 round one
      13:00 – 14:00 lunch (and concurrent painting contest)
      14:00 – 17:20 round two
      17:35 – 21:10 round three
      21:10 party onsite

      Round three will not be prolonged.


      8:00 – 8:15 captain confirms presence of the team
      8:15 – 11:45 round four
      11:45 – 12:30 lunch
      12:30 – 16:00 round five
      16:15 awards ceremony

      NOTICE: July 12, 2020 is the finale of European Football Championships. The players and organisers are obliged to leave the venue by 18:00. People who want to stay and watch the match, please address me so that I can coordinate it with the venue. Due to the above I will keep the Sunday schedule and not allow delays.

      Points system
      A team in a round can get 35-65 pts.
      Each player per round can get 0-20 pts, the results of players are added together.
      A team exceeding 64 pts gets 65 pts. A team with less than 36 pts gets 35 pts. Others get as many points as they have accumulated. The ranking is set based on battle points, then victory points totals, then based on penalty points (teams with less penalty points get better spot).
      So 65-35 limit.

      A bay is as follows:
      64 pts round one
      63 pts round two
      62 pts round three
      61 pts round four
      60 pts round five


      ETC style players matching

      1. (1&2th match up of Team A v. Team B)
      Both Teams put up 1 army.
      Both Teams put up 2 opponents
      Both Teams choose their match

      2. (3&4)
      Both Teams put up 1 army.
      Both Teams put up 2 opponents
      Both Teams choose their match

      5. (5)
      Team A last army («in hand»)
      Team B last army («in hand»)
      Pairings should not last more than 15 minutes.

      Tables and maps
      After the players are allocated, roll of to see where they play.

      Painting and accessories

      Movement trays obligatory regardless of whether painted or not, it’s about game comfort.
      Army book printed, on a tablet or a smartphone, easily accessible.
      Rulebook – at least one held by the captain.
      Tapes, dice – obligator for each player.
      There will be no painting evaluation to secure additional points but the referees will check to see if players have painted armies and do not use proxies.
      All models must have bases.
      All models must be painted with at least basic colours, otherwise they are treated as killed and removed from the table.
      No proxing. The orgs and referees can evaluate whether something is a proxy or not. In case of doubts, the org has the final say. Please contact me via email or PM to avoid misunderstandings on this.
      Gummy models and prepaints will be removed if:
      • They do not fit the theme and look of the army.
      • They are not painted.

      Presence reporting and results

      The captain reports the presence of the team to the org. The registration on Saturday lasts till 9:20, then it is completely closed. The teams who do not make it on time are not guaranteed to be allowed to play round one. Please take possible delays en route into account when planning your travel time to avoid penalties.

      We will use Tourney Keeper. The captain is responsible for entering the results on behalf of the team. Each round is 3h 30 min, including pairings and results. The moment the time runs out, we take a print screen of TK. Each team late gets as follows:

      0-2 min – 10 pts
      2-5 min – 20 pts
      5-10 min – 35 pts
      10+ min – 0:0 result for the round, 35 points
      Penalty points are not applied for pairing purposes, only for the final result. Note: no additional time for round three on Saturday.


      During PTC, the referees are at the players disposal and captains. Please make requests to the via captains, regardless of the nature of the request. All questions regarding rules that can be easily check in the rulebook will be treated as an attempt to stall and may result in penalty. The referees are not oracles and must be informed about possible issues beforehand. There are not there to control each and every table and player, fix positions of units and teach players. They are there to solve potential conflicts or a problematic situation. They are obliged to remove unsuitable models from the table (counting them as destroyed for result purposes).

      An afterparty and awards ceremony for Polish 2019 season will take place onsite.

      Any minors without adult’s supervision must deliver a declaration from their legal supervisor, reading:
      “I hereby give consent for my child…… to participate in The 9th Age Polish Team Championships Tournament in Cracow between July 11-12, 2020 and I bear full responsibility for any damage he/ she might cause.


      Teams that expressed their interest in attending the tournament:

      Team Ukraine 1
      Team Ukraine 2
      Henri's Chosen
      Swiss Roots
      Dream Team
      Sexy Obelix
      PKS Sargon Games
      8 Bila 1
      8 Bila 2
      8 Bila 3

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