Vale Renegades 2020 League

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    • Vale Renegades 2020 League

      Welcome one and all to the 2020 Vale Renegades Annual 9th age league.

      Will last years champion Gareth defend his title. Will one of the new Generals cause an upset. Only on the table will these questions be asked.

      So this year has seen 8 players enter

      Gareth Willis @20phoenix (2019 - Winner)
      Rob Cousins @destroyem ( 2019 - Runner Up)
      James Owen @rusty13 (2019 - 4th)
      Chay Davies-Smith @ChayDS (2019 - 5th)
      Oli Mather @Riddles (2019 - 6th)
      Jay Sloper (2019 - 7th)
      Karl Mugford (New Entry)
      Ryan Forster (New Entry)

      This years structure will be 2 groups of 4 unseeded. All will play all during round 1. Once all games complete the top 2 from each group will qualify for Division 1 and bottom 2 will go into Division 2.

      Then again all will play all and a champion will be crowned.


      Winner Division 1
      Runner Up Division 1
      Winner Division 2
      Wooden Spoon (Bottom Division 2)
      Best New Entry

      So the Lists and Draw.

      Group 1

      Rob Cousins
      Highborn Elves 4,500

      Commander [445pts]: Battle Standard Bearer, Great Weapon, Longbow (1+), Master of Canreig Tower
      . Dragonforged Armour
      . Special Equipment: 2x Aether Icon, Elu's Heartwood

      Mage [435pts]: Army General, Divination, Light Armour, Wizard Master
      . Special Equipment: Potion of Strength (not on Towering Presence), °Magical Heirloom

      Elein Reavers [185pts]: Bow (3+), 5x Elein Reaver

      Elein Reavers [185pts]: Bow (3+), 5x Elein Reaver

      Elein Reavers [185pts]: Bow (3+), 5x Elein Reaver

      Sea Guard [585pts]: Banner of Discipline, Champion, Musician, 25x Sea Guard, Standard Bearer

      Flame Wardens [563pts]: Banner of Becalming, Champion, 19x Flame Warden, Musician, Standard Bearer

      Lion Guard [742pts]: Champion, 24x Lion Guard, Musician, Navigator's Banner, Standard Bearer

      Lion Guard [235pts]: 10x Lion Guard, Musician

      Sky Sloop [250pts]

      Sky Sloop [250pts]

      Phoenix [440pts]: Fire Phoenix, Warden's Bond


      Chay Davies-Smith

      Seidhkennar [515pts]: Light Armour, Shamanism, Wizard Master
      . Special Equipment: Essence of Mithril (only on Standard), Talisman of the Void, °Magical Heirloom

      Åsklander Chief [320pts]: Battle Standard Bearer, Shield, War Dais
      . Special Equipment: 2x Aether Icon, Eyratöki, Lucky Charm, Rod of Battle

      Åsklander Chief [355pts]: Longship Raid, Paired Weapons, Replace Heavy Armour with Shield and Berserker's Bear Pelt, War Dais
      . Special Equipment: Ghostly Guard, Hero's Heart

      Åsklander Chief [360pts]: Army General, Jarl, Shield, War Dais
      . Special Equipment: Dusk Forged, Harp of Bragi, Obsidian Rock, Shield Breaker

      Warhounds [95pts]: 5x Warhound

      Warhounds [95pts]: 5x Warhound

      Åsklanders [290pts]: Bow (4+), Musician, Shield, 24x Åsklander

      Åsklanders [440pts]: Champion, Musician, Spear and Shield, Standard Bearer, 35x Åsklander

      Berserkers [407pts]: Champion, 20x Berserker, Spear

      Huskarls [706pts]: Champion, 34x Huskarl, Musician, Raven Banner, Spear, Standard Bearer

      Trolls [626pts]: Ice Troll, 8x Troll

      Åsklander Horsemen [290pts]: Banner of Discipline, Musician, Paired Weapons, Standard Bearer, 10x Åsklander Horseman


      James Owen
      Warriors of the Dark Gods [4,493pts]

      Chosen Lord [855pts]: General, Dark Prelate, Greed, Shield, Trophy Rack, Wasteland Dragon, Banner of Speed, Obsidian Rock, Wyrd Stone

      Exalted Herald [820pts]

      Sorcerer [220pts]: Alchemy, Light Armour, Wizard Adept

      10 Barbarian Horsemen [330pts]: Light Lance, Shield, Musician, Standard Bearer, Wasteland Torch

      10 Warriors [285pts]: Champion, Musician, Lust

      10 Warriors [285pts]: Champion, Musician, Lust

      Chimera [200pts]

      3 Chosen Knights [509pts]: FCG, Greed, Aether Icon

      3 Chosen Knights [499pts]: FCG, Greed

      4 Feldraks [490pts]: Halberd, Musician


      Ryan Forster
      Empire of Sonnstahl

      Knight Commander - General, Horse, Shield, Crystal Ball, Death Warrant, Witchfire Guard - 315pts

      Marshal - BSB, Horse, Shield, Aether Icon x2 - 245pts

      Prelate - Plate Armour, Shield - 200pts

      Wizard - Master, Divination, Light Armour, Arcane Engine (Arcane Shield), Alchemist's Alloy, Talisman of Shielding, Exemplar's Flame - 670pts

      Electoral Cavalry x13 - Knightly Orders, Lances, Shields, Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer (Household Standard) - 663pts

      Light Infantry x20 - Handguns, Champion (Repeater Gun), Standard Bearer (Marksman's Pennant) - 325pts

      State Militia x10 - Irregulars - 145pts

      Knights of the Sun Griffon x3 - Lances, Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer - 380pts

      Knights of the Sun Griffon x3 - Lances, Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer - 380pts

      Imperial Auxilliaries - 375pts

      Reiters x5 - Heavy Armour, Repeater Guns - 200pts

      Reiters x5 - Brace of Pistols - 175pts

      Sunna's Fury - 801pts

      Flagellants x23 - 326pts

      Steam Tank - 475pts


      Group 2

      Oli Mather
      Daemon Legions

      sentinel of nukuja, general, dark pulpit, evo master 690

      omen of savaar, guiding bronze backbone, thaum master 785

      10 lemures, unnatural roots, standard bearer, muso 270
      10 lemures, unnatural roots, standard bearer 250
      21 succubi, smothering coils, champion, muso 612

      5 clawed fiends, unhinging jaw, muso 565
      3 clawed fiends 270
      5 furies 165

      10 hellhounds, hot blood, champion 300
      10 hellhounds, hot blood, champion 300
      10 hellhounds, champion 290


      Gareth Willis
      Vampire Covernant

      895 - Vampire Count, General (The Dead Arise), Brotherhood of the Dragon (Crimson Rage), Spectral Steed, Wizard Adept, Occultism, Shield, Plate Armour (Legend of the Black King), Paired Weapons, Great Weapon, Lance, Dragonfire Gem

      440 - Barrow King, Skeletal Steed, Battle Standard Bearer, Dusk Forged, Basalt Infusion, Hand Weapon (Heros Heart)

      440 - Necromancer, Wizard Master, Evocation, Necromantic Staff

      536 - 33 Ghouls, Champion

      165 - 20 Zombies, Standard Bearer, Musician

      165 - 20 Zombies, Standard Bearer, Musician

      136 - 8 Dire Wolves, Champion

      136 - 8 Dire Wolves, Champion

      400 - 8 Barrow Knights, Standard Bearer (Banner of Speed), Musician, Champion

      600 - 7 Vampire Spawn, Champion

      586 - 5 Vampire Knights, Blood Ties (Brotherhood of the Dragon), Musician, Champion


      Jay Sloper
      Warriors of Dark Gods

      Doomlord - 360
      Trophy rack - 25
      Spiked shield - 50
      Halberd - 25
      Gladiators spirit - 35
      Immortal gauntlets - 45
      Blessed inscriptions - 65
      Talisman of Shielding - 50
      Total - 655

      Sorceror - 145
      Veil Walker - 100
      Wizard master - 225
      Plate armour - 15
      Paired weapons - 5
      Ledger of souls - 75
      Destiny’s call - 70
      Total - 635

      10 Chaos warriors - 215

      10 Chaos warriors - 215

      40 Barbarians - 310
      Full command - 60
      Paired weapons - 40
      Zealots banner - 60
      Total - 470

      5 fallen - 150

      5 fallen - 150

      5 forsworn - 320
      5 spiked shields - 75
      5 halberds - 15
      Total - 410

      Hellmaw - 280
      2 ominous gateways - 200
      Total - 280

      5 Flayers - 145
      5 Skinning lashes - 20
      Total - 165

      5 Flayers - 145
      5 Skinning lashes - 20
      Total - 165

      Battleshrine - 285
      Veilgate orb - 10
      Total - 295

      6 Wretched ones - 480

      Army total - 4485

      Saurian Ancients

      Cuatl Lord [795pts]: Alchemy, Army General, Battle Standard Bearer [100pts], Breaker of Spells [70pts], Grasp of the Immortal [130pts]
      . Special Equipment [50pts]: Talisman of the Void [50pts]

      Saurian Warlord [955pts]: Lance [20pts], Light Armour
      . Alpha Carnosaur [520pts]
      . Special Equipment [155pts]: Spirit of the Stampede [70pts], Starfall Shard, Supernatural Dexterity.

      Saurian Warriors [375pts]: Champion [20pts], Crocodile [60pts], Musician [20pts], 15x Saurian Warrior [285pts], Standard Bearer [20pts]

      Saurian Warriors [530pts]: Champion [20pts], Crocodile [80pts], Musician [20pts], 20x Saurian Warrior [380pts], Spears [40pts], Standard Bearer [20pts]

      Temple Guard [640pts]: Champion [20pts], Musician [20pts], Standard Bearer [20pts], 20x Temple Guard [640pts], Totem of Mixoatl.

      Skink Hunters [190pts]: 10x Skink Hunter [120pts], Vanguard [20pts]

      Taurosaur [555pts]: Engine of the Ancients [100pts]

      Taurosaur [455pts]: Giant Bow


      Read more:…-2020-plans#ixzz6B0GlI6RG
      Best in Race - Orcs and Goblins Art of War 2018
      Best in Race - Orcs and Goblins Call to War 2018
      Best in Race - Orcs and Goblins Scottish Championships 2019


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      Group 1

      Rob (HBE) 9 vs 11 Chay (ASK)
      Rob (HBE) 16 vs 4 Ryan (EoS)
      James (WDG) vs Ryan (EoS)
      Rob (HBE) vs James (WDG)
      Chay (Ask) vs Ryan (EoS)
      Chay (Ask) vs James (WDG)

      Player NamePlayedWon2ndrysPoints
      Rob (HBE)21125
      Chay (Ask)11111
      Ryan (EoS)1005
      James (WDG)0000

      Group 2

      Gareth (VC) 3 vs 17 Oli (DL)
      Oli (DL) 15 vs 5 Karl (SA)
      Jay (WDG) vs Karl (SA)
      Gareth (VS) vs Jay (WDG)
      Gareth (VC) vs Karl (SA)
      Oli (DL) vs Jay (WDG)

      Best in Race - Orcs and Goblins Art of War 2018
      Best in Race - Orcs and Goblins Call to War 2018
      Best in Race - Orcs and Goblins Scottish Championships 2019


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    • The light was failing as a thick fog shrouded the coast of this western isle of Caracen. Solnal learned on his spear staring out into the growing darkness. “Pointless”, he thought to himself. That’s what this was, “pointless”. Why, was he standing looking out over an empty sea when he could be enjoying the company of the various elf maidens in the nearby fishing village.

      Annoyed, Solnal turned his gaze slowly away from the blank mist towards the flickering lights coming to life down the coast in the village. Families enjoying evenings eating and drinking while he stood in the growing cold watching for enemies that did not exist.

      He mused half asleep. Dreaming of the pleasures he was missing out on. As a faint sound met the air. “Thump, thump, thump”. At first, he thought it must be coming from down in the village. That must be it. A musician playing a drum. But why was it echoing off the mist. Why did it sound like it was coming out of the mist and not the village? and why was it getting louder.

      Solnal’s horse issued a whine and tried to pull itself from its binding. Grasping his spear Solnal moved his hand to quieten the animal while still staring into the mist, trying to seek the source of the beat. It grew louder and one by one small lights became visible. A couple at first but more and more with every beat.

      Fear was rising in Solnal now. Fisherman, that was it!?!? Had to be. Out in the evening from the village for a night-time catch. Using drums to avoid each other and lights to see. That was it, had to be.

      One of the lights was getting closer. Moving towards the beach in front of his post. Relief swept him it all made sense. They had decided the mist was to thick. They were coming in to land on the beach and go to their homes in the village instead.

      Then he saw it. The massive head of a dragon on a sharp wooden prow. As soon as it became visible it hit the beach and half slid up onto the sand. Its flat bottom and speed allowed it to remain upright with rows of oars vertical on both sides. Then the oars fell and at the same moment another noise met his ears. A guttural roar erupted as over twenty fur clad men jumped over the sides and ran towards him. Their painted faces and long braided hair caused Solnal to stare in wonder, open mouthed towards the oncoming raiders.
      A fresh move from the horse dragged Solnal back to his senses. A quick glance to the left and right showed more and more ships beaching either side of him. Hundreds of Barbarians jumping to shore, charging up the beach.

      With a quick motion Solnal pulled the binding of the horse and leapt with all this skill on his companion. His first thoughts were of the village. Those smiling maidens. However what little experience he had from his small time with the reavers told him they were doomed. Hundreds of raiders were already only yards from the first houses.

      He turned his horse and made with all speed inland. He must get to the captain, he must ensure that they knew before this incursion ended anymore lives. As this thought solidified in his mind, he could hear the screams of the villagers as the raiders claimed their first prizes of conquest.
      And still the relentless “Boom, Boom, Boom” echoed through the mist.

      So here we go. Game one of the 2020 league and I was playing Chay's Asklanders with my (Rob) Highborn Elves. (Thought I would have a go at writing some fluff for it above). This was going to be my first game vs this army and I was looking forward to it. Before the tournament I meta guessed and thought there was going to be at least 2 warriors players, a DL player and 2 new players so it made some of the decisions for my list. However Chay through me a curve ball with his list as I did not have all the tools I would have liked.

      With his high agility my LG would hit at the time as his huskarls despite who charged. And what I was going to do with the trolls I had no idea.

      But I would have to see what the terrain, deployment and 2ndry determined the battle I would have to fight.

      Deployment type: Flank Attack
      Secondary: Hold the ground

      So playing diagonal (the one deployment I did not want) and hold the ground (the worst objective for me) I knew two things were important. 1) I need to prevent the scouting berserkers from coming on in my back field. 2) I need to go 2nd so the berserkers come on early and I only needed to stop totem once.

      My first drops saw me position my Reavers in conga lines in the corners to prevent the berserkers coming on. Chay just laid his dogs and cavalry on his right flank. My next drop saw me foolishly put my Seaguard in a set of ruins in my centre. I initially wanted to corner but with the objective and deployment combination I did not want them to be out of the game. Time will tell on my mistake. At this point Chay realised that I still had a lot of drops left so decided to drop. Unknown to him my plan was to drop all next for 2nd as I wanted him to put at least of his big blocks down to get a favourable matchup. However, to my relief he dropped and opted to go 1st. This was the best of both worlds.

      Chay deployed his Asklanders with Caster and General on his left. His Trolls (no idea how I was going to deal with these) in his centre opposite my seaguard and his huscarls with BSB on the centre to move onto objective.

      I therefore deployed the sloops on the right flank as I hoped to take care of the cavalry and dogs and then move to threaten flanks. I put my flame wardens (FW) and small lion guard (LG) on the right opposite his Asklanders with General and my large LG unit on the left to threaten the centre as I was confident they could look after themselves. My phoenix I saw as an ace card in the matchup and with the Asklander caster far on the left flank I put him on the other flank behind the building to avoid getting insects in the face.

      Asklander Turn 1

      Chays turn 1 saw him move up hard on his left with the asklanders and trolls marching full forward (its scary how fast trolls are). His huscarls moved onto the objective and essentially won that. His right flanks was less aggressive with the cavalry staying on a hill next to a unit of dogs. The second unit realising the battle would be on the other flank started the race behind his lines.
      During the magic phase I stopped totem (for the whole game Chay always rolled 2 6s for this spell!!! so usually took all my dice to stop). He therefore killed a couple seaguard with a swarm of insects.
      Shooting (as it was all game, so will not mention it again) did nothing and with no combat it was my turn.

      Highborn Elves Turn 1

      ARRRRGHHHHH Trolls!!!! My forward position of the seaguard was a mistake. The trolls were at easy charge range of my unit with all my characters and that was not good. So, I quickly backed up and had to sacrifice a unit of reavers from the back line to chaff them. I moved the phoenix to plug the gap. The small LG moved to a position to threaten the flank of the trolls. The large LG moved round the left, but I had to leave a 12” overrun for the trolls.
      Magic saw me put some buffs on my shooting and take a couple of wounds off the trolls with unerring strike. I also managed to ravens wing the seaguard further away from the trolls. Shooting from the seaguard focused on the trolls and killed a troll out right. The sloops had better success and killed 4 of the cavalry. They however passed their panic check.

      End of Turn 2

      Asklanders Turn 2

      With a ROAR the trolls charged the chaff. A Seaguard SnS took off another wound. The cavalry tried to charge the sloops but failed.
      The beserkers arrived and slotted in on my left threatening my LG but as I expected to be charging the trolls next turn I did not see this as an issue as I now could chaff them. The dogs continued their move behind his lines and the rest shuffled forward to prepare for charges next turn.
      Magic again saw me stop the totem and the rest was ineffective. As was shooting.

      Combat came and the trolls (as expected) smashed the chaff aside. Now at this point Chay was in a dilemma. He could try the 12 overrun into the large LG unit and fix them in place with the beserkers right next to them. However if he did not make it he would possibly get the large LG in the front and either the small LG or Seaguard in the flank depending on how high he rolled. Is other option would have been to stay and still get double charged but (and Chay did not see this) it would have meant my large unit having to charge through the ruins and could have resulted in DTs and if I won and broke the unit a double set. He however got ballsy and rolled to overrun and the double 6 turned up. ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH. Although I wanted this match-up I did not want it there.

      Highborn Elves Turn 2

      So I was in trouble. I wanted combat however not this early and I hoped to have removed a couple of the other threats. I charged the cavalry with one of the sloops and they fled and with the trolls out of the way the small LG reverted to 2ndry use and chaffed the Asklanders. The FW moved to threaten them next turn.
      The beserkers were more of an issue. I tried to chaff them with reavers however I needed to ensure I broke the trolls for there sacrifice to be worth it. The Seaguard pivoted to shoot at the Beserkers. The phoenix swept them also killed 4. The other sloop moved to shoot at the beserkers also.

      Magic allowed me to get rerolls to hit on the LG, things were looking good. He did however prevent me from getting up Favour.
      Shooting saw me kill another 7 berserkers but they also passed their panic.
      Combat. 25 attacks from the LG 3s with re-rolls = 23 hits. 2s to wound = 20 wounds. No armour save. 4+ regen. = 13 saves! 7 wounds killed 2 trolls and puts 2 wounds on a third. With distracting on the LG Chay went for vomit and stomps. This killed 8 LG. This resulted in me losing combat. Sigh. I passed the test but that was little comfort.

      Asklanders Turn 3

      The Asklanders charged the small LG and the Beserkers charging the chaff. This meant that when they overran, they hit the rear of the LG not the flank. This was slightly by design.
      Chay pivoted this Hascarls for some reason to face the sloops and phoenix to try and deter me from coming round the flank and put the dogs that had finally got round the flank to chaff the FW.

      Magic was ineffective as I stopped the totem and his spells meant little. The asklanders smashed the LG aside and tried a long overrun but did not roll that high. The beserkers killed the chaff hit the LG rear. As expected it was a massacre. The LG killed 6 beserkers however they were killed outright. This then put Chay in a traffic jam as both units were sandwiched preventing them from reforming to give a strong defence against the charges from the sloop and phoenix on one side and the Seaguard on the other. Chay elected to go narrow and face the phoenix hoping I would not risk my Seaguard unit.

      Highborn elves Turn 3

      I would risk them. I charged the rear of the trolls with the seaguard. I charged the FW into the dogs. I did not charge the phoenix and the sloop. Instead I swooped the beserkers. Killing another 3. Leaving 4 plus the chief. They had discarded their shields so were fearless.
      Magic got a couple of buffs on the seaguard including the hereditary.
      The first sloop shot the cavalry killing another couple. The other sloop I decided not to shoot as I needed the bodies to make use of the unstable rule.
      The Seaguard killed a troll and with res broke them and ran them down into the rear of the beserkers. The FW made short work of the dogs.

      End of Turn 3

      Asklanders Turn 4

      With the Asklanders chaffed and surrounded Chay elected not to charge the chaff. He also started to move the Huscarls into the fray as the objective was more than won. He also moving the 2nd unit of dogs towards the sloops to force something. What I don’t know.
      Magic and shooting was ineffective.
      Combat saw the Seaguard Champion get squished by the Asklander chief but the rest of the unit was toast and the chief crumbled to unstable. Crisis averted. The LGs sacrifice was justified.

      Highborn Turn 4

      The FW and Phoenix (flank) charged the Asklanders. The Chaff moved to chaff the Huscarls that were now joining the fray.
      Magic allowed me to get rerolls to hit on the seaguard again but the rest was stopped.
      The shooting however was poor from the Seaguard due to the 3+ Huscarl save. The sloop however did better killing the cavalry outright and panicking the Archers.
      The combat was bloody with the general killing a number of FW but the asklanders tock a pounding just holding onto being steadfast. The phoenix reformed to move further away from the Huscarls overrun.

      Asklanders Turn 5

      Objective won the Huscarls charged the chaff aligning to set up an overrun into the seaguard. The archers rallied and the dogs moved in front of the sloops.
      The Huscarls killed the chaff and made the overrun with another high roll. The Asklanders left to their fate however were killed and ran just outrunning the FW by 1” and the phoenix turned to aid the Seaguard.

      Highborn Turn 5

      Phoenix and Sloop charged both flanks for the Huscarls. The FW ran down the Asklanders. The other sloop charged the dogs for the easy points.
      Magic didn’t help me much with Chay stopping Awaken the beast.
      Combat saw me kill a lot of huscarls but the BSB was able to kill my bsb with its double crush attack. I did not want him to turn on my phoenix. The held on bodyguard. The sloop killed the dogs and overran towards archers.

      Asklanders Turn 6

      Shooting was the usual.
      The Huscarls took another beating but still held on bodyguard as my general mage took the bsb on, and died.

      Highborn Elves Turn 6

      The FW failed to join the combat and the sloop did not reach the archers.
      The combat went badly now as the bsb nearly kills the phoenix leaving it on one wound and the dice deserted me and I loose combat by 1. The sloop fled however the rest held and the game ended.

      End of Game


      After adding it up it resulted in 3157 Asklanders and 3736 Highborn Elves. Which was a 12-8 however the objective put it to a 11-9 win to the Asklanders.


      A great game. End of Turn 2 I thought I was toast. My centre in ruins and objective lost. However my mobility, particularly the phoenix was great this game. The fragility of my characters was an issue and something I will change when I can. The rest however went well.
      Best in Race - Orcs and Goblins Art of War 2018
      Best in Race - Orcs and Goblins Call to War 2018
      Best in Race - Orcs and Goblins Scottish Championships 2019


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