[Austria] Make 9th Age great again! #2 - Two day tournament in Vienna - 13.6/14.6.2020

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    • [Austria] Make 9th Age great again! #2 - Two day tournament in Vienna - 13.6/14.6.2020


      The mission to make T9A in Austria great again continues. This time as a 2-day mini/maxi version.

      Miniversion: 3 games on 1st day. Ranking & Prices at the end of the day.
      Maxiversion: 2 more games on 2nd day. Rankings from day one will be continued & you get extra prices.

      Deadline for lists and played patch: Saturday, 6.6.2020. Late lists receive -3 penalty tournament points.

      Send lists to: kontakt@jan-philippi.com

      Thusday 11.6.2020: Lists will be posted and 1st round matchups announced. Let the trashtalk begin!

      Sa 13.6
      8:30 Entry & Payment (bring 1x10€ or 2x10€ bills please)
      08:45-09:00: Greeting
      09:00-12:00: 1. Game
      12:00-13:00: Break
      13:00-16:00: 2. Game
      16:00-16:15: Break
      16:15-19:15: 3. Game

      ~19:20: Prices for Miniversion

      Su 14.6
      10:00-13:00: 4.Game
      13:00-14:00: Break
      14:00-17:00: 5.Game

      ~17:30 Prices for overall tournament

      4500 Points.

      No points for painting but there will be an extra price for the nicest/coolest army.

      Deployment and Secondary to be announced.

      10€ Mini, 20€ Maxi.

      Please bring armylist copies for your opponents. Lists MUST be in this format (newrecruit), wrong format will get you -3 tournament points:

      [Name] [Nickname] [Last Name] - [Army]

      [Points] – [Character] - [General/BSB], [Mount], [Mount Option], [Other Options/Equipment]

      [Points] - [Amount] x [Unit1] - [Options], [M, S, C], [Magic Banner]
      [Points] - [Amount] x [Unit2] - [Options], [M, S, C], [Magic Banner]
      [Points] - [Amount] x [Unit3] - [Options], [M, S, C], [Magic Banner]

      Sum: [total points]


      Jan "Holger" Philippi - WDG

      615 - Sorcerer Master, Evocation, General, Skywheel, Destiny's Call, Lord of the Damned, Magical Heirloom

      905 - 30 Warriors, GW, FCG, Banner of Relentless Company
      920 - 30 Warriors, GW, FCG, Banner of Speed

      615 - 2x6 Wretched Ones
      410 - 2x1 Forsaken Ones

      Sum: 4490

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