little tactical book for Sea Guard Reaper

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  • little tactical book for Sea Guard Reaper


    If you read this book, you are the proud owner of a Sea Guard Reaper.
    if not, STOP READ.

    After a few battles, the fleet general staff decided to indicate to the gunners which targets to prioritize.
    All shots of your Sea Guard reaper have a cost, my goal here is to make the Sea Guard reaper earn more points than she costs

    For all shoots, i have choose 6 shoots F4 AP2, with the exception of : Arm + res => 9

    On average, your SGR can shoot during 4 turns -> 24 shoots
    if your target is a melee fighter 14 touch (2*4+/2*3+) if a distance fighter 12 touch (4*4+)
    sum of wounds (melee)(for 4 turns)9,3374,66
    cost of SGR/sum of wounds19,3325,7138,63
    sum of wounds (distance)(for 4 turns)864
    cost of SGR/sum of wounds22,53045

    All calculations were done without EMC

    The number next to each name is the profitability of each shot on this target.
    For example, a giant eagle (100 pts) have 3 HP -> wounds in res 4 cost 25.71 pts/shoots. kill eagle cost 25.71*3= 77.13 pts

    This is just an indication, all battles are different, but in most cases, it is better to target knights of Ryma rather than Flame Warden.

    And now, the order of target
    HE vs HE
    1. Sky sloop (2.08)
    2. Elein Reavers (1.86)
    3. Fire phenix (1.64)
    4. Knight of ryma (1.55)
    5. Sea Guard Reaper (1.50)
    6. Reaver Chariots (1.36)
    7. Lion Chariot (1.33)
    8. Giant Eagle (1.30)

    9. Queen's Guard (1.2)
    10. Sword Masters (1.14)
    11. Hightborn Lancers (1.12)
    12. Grey Watchers (1.07)
    13. Lion Guard (0.97)
    14. Frost Phenix (0.92)
    15. Sea Guard (0.86)
    16. Citizen Archers (0.83)
    17. Citizen Spear (0.72)
    18. Flame Wardens (0.70)

    I will certainly do the other armies for me, if you are interested say it

    Ps: I'm sorry if everything is not correctly translated, I'm not an English speaker
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    Using SGR to statistically net as many points as possible is a losing strategy. You shoot what you need to shoot, and usually it’s a unit the rest of your army can’t handle.

    I would use my Sea Huard Reaper to shoot my opponents’ Frost Phoenix in a heartbeat, because I know how easily it can swing that key combat that will decide the game.
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    I don't think "profitability of each shot" is very useful as it depends on the unit you are shooting at and if you can get it below 25% or wipe it out in order to get any points at all.

    A mathhammer chart would be helpful for chance to get wounds through. But its pretty straightforward calculations.

    Also, with the Reapers in HE and DE, if you are using them to get direct kills then you are only half-using them correctly.
    Once I learned how to zone with my Reapers, they became auto-includes in my lists. Some games you just use the Reapers to force opponent to avoid certain areas of the board, which lets your combat units get more favorable matchups/charges.
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    I never said that this table was the order in which to kill the adversary, it is only one indicator of the value in points of your SGR. Of course, we have to think of each part to prioritize, but when there are several options available to us in no order of priority, it is important for me to know what to aim for. When my opponent chooses to target sea guards or archers rather than SGR or lion guard, it is not a bad choice, but it can be taken more.

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    Sure, but your chart goes out the window once one of the targets have cover. Your system has a narrow range of where it is applicable, and it is easier to just calculate the ideal target in the fly, as @Peacemaker has already mentioned.

    I do think your chart is semi relevant when you are list building however, I have done something similar when comparing/contrasting Queen’s Guard and Archers. That way you can have a general idea of how efficient archers are against lightly-armored units in constraint to SGR.
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