MONSTER MUNCH: Finished: Frost Dragon - Dire Bat - Treeman - Gargoyle - Jubjub Bird - Water Elemental - Manticore - Hippocampus - Fire Elemental - Nurgle Daemon - Mountain Giant - Basilisk - White Shedu - Earth Element - Jabberwocky - Stone Golem

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    • MONSTER MUNCH: Finished: Frost Dragon - Dire Bat - Treeman - Gargoyle - Jubjub Bird - Water Elemental - Manticore - Hippocampus - Fire Elemental - Nurgle Daemon - Mountain Giant - Basilisk - White Shedu - Earth Element - Jabberwocky - Stone Golem

      Over the next few weeks and months I would like to show quite a few monsters, if possible every week or every two weeks, depending on the effort.

      I will try to find and paint the best looking miniatures for the respective monster.
      I am trying to complet one or two monsters every week depending on complexity and size for a year, so Im trying to do a minimum of 26 and goal would be 52.

      It would be great if you would join in, maybe you have ideas for suitable miniatures or maybe you can think of a great monster that I might have missed.
      Of course, I'm not limited to the Warhammer universe, but a couple are GW specific.

      My idea to bring some structure in to the blog would be to divide the monsters into three categories, good, bad and neutral. I've already listed some that I already have or that I plan to buy. Of course, some models offer multiple options such as dragons, giants or demons. Feel free to add your ideas.

      So if you have other suggestions, or come up with other great ideas and miniatures. Where I have marked a monster with a "?" I haven't decided yet or I am still missing a perfect fit.

      The Good:

      The Bad:

      The Hungry: (neutral)

      Of course, the order doesn't have to be exact, but since we have far fewer "good" monsters, I suggest the following order.

      The Good
      The Bad
      The Hungry
      The Bad
      The Hungry.....

      And then start from the top again
      Here a few I have allready finished and would like to show you, so what do you think?

      "The Good"
      First of all a friendly Pegasus from Atlantis Miniatures. The casting was flawless again, only the transitions of the wings had to be processed with some GS. One of the most beautiful interpretations. The only thing, is that the head is a bit small, but the wings are very nicely designed.

      Appearance of pegasus
      Pegasus is a white, proud and elegant looking horse, with golden wings. A long silky mane blows in the wind on his neck and the full tail can also have beautiful curly strands.

      Pegasus way of life
      Aware of its divine origins, Pegasus is a little conceited and snooty. He voluntarily does not offer his services as a flying horse to anyone. This miracle horse generally avoids contact with other mythical creatures, gods and humans. Pegasus is very fond of poetry and enjoys being secluded and calm.

      If a Pegasus should fly through the sky again, it is very likely to hear his trumpet-like neighing first.

      "The Bad"

      Next for something evil, the mighty Shaggoth from the company "Creature Caster". Just a small conversion, both arms have been changed so that the position is a bit more universal.
      An incredibly powerful miniature and with about 17cm eye height the right size for a powerful Shaggoth, very detailed and flawlessly cast

      Appearance of the Shaggoth
      As dragon ogres get older, they also get bigger and continue to grow as the centuries pass. It is believed that only death in battle can destroy a Dragon Ore, otherwise they will survive until the end of time, as long as there are flashes to refresh their bodies and souls. The oldest dragon ogres are therefore actually monstrous. They were alive before the elves learned the art of writing, maybe even before the elders arrived in the world. The Shaggoths, as these cruel beasts are called, can reach titanic proportions and it has occasionally been seen to tower over tree tops and even castles.

      Shaggoth way of life
      Though they have pledged allegiance to the Chaos Gods long ago, Shaggoths are extremely independent and refuse to fight for a demonic master if they believe this would endanger what is left of their souls.

      Your thoughts?

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    • Kdownunder wrote:

      Nice selection you got there, cannot wait to see few of them painted :thumbsup:

      Would also like to know what is the "Roc" miniature and which manufacturer?
      Hi Kdownunder, welcome
      that is a Hordes: Circle - Storm Raptor Gargantuan model

      Well the first two I have shown, here another one

      "The Hungry"
      Next a miniature that I classify as "Neutral" so that you don't have so many malicious monsters. In this case a basilisk in the shape of a giant snake or as I say in this case "The Swamp Cobraconda".

      A great miniature from the Mcfarlen collection that still fits perfectly, 11cm high and how I find beautifully dynamic how the tail winds. In this case I removed the arms and a few horns, otherwise only the transitions were smoothed out.

      Appearance of the basilisk 'Cobraconda'
      Basilisks are huge and visually resemble a snake, which can be up to seventeen meters long and also has kite-like features. Physically they are extremely strong and strong and can easily smash stone, have razor-sharp teeth, an extremely strong poison bite.

      Basilisk lifestyle
      The basilisk hatches from the egg of an old rooster or from a yolk-less chicken egg hatched by a toad or a snake in the manure. His smelly breath is unbearable and his gaze should be able to petrify. The monster lives in old swamps and bogs. It can only be destroyed by holding a metal mirror in front of it, in which the petrifying look turns against the basilisk itself.

    • Kdownunder wrote:

      It's a great looking mini as is the one you posted the picture. Thanks for sharing!
      Sure glad to help, hope to see such a great painter around more often

      "The Bad"
      another mini this week something bad because the "good monsters" are much less, here is the bestial Ghorgor from the company Mierce miniatures.
      When converting, I attached the two lower arms further up, I didn't like the gaps on the original miniature and modeled the chest muscles further up, I also changed my head.
      A really wild miniature the only thing I have to complain about is the size, the miniature is only 12cm high so I made the base much higher.

      Appearance of the Ghorgor
      Ghorgons are giant, four-armed varieties of the ox-headed Minotaur breed that evolved from their extreme over-consumption of spoiled meat, which triggered rapid growth and extreme physical mutations, to their current state. As such, they now tower over the Gor tribes as big as a giant.

      Ghorgor lifestyle
      It is believed among the Bray shamans that the ghorgons began their lives as the greatest minotaurs of their tribe, warrior lords, preferred gluttony to leadership. All cannibals, everyone devoured their lesser relatives in a hideous feast, and so the blood-rush that accumulated in their hearts finally reached a level of fever that consumed them in mind, body, and soul. All beasts know that living on strong, muscular flesh means growing strong and inheriting the strength of those you feed on. The ghorgons embody this belief.

    • "The Hungry"
      This week a giant spider which I classify as "Neutral".
      A simple but beautiful miniature just the size is great from the Heresy company made of metal. Fills a 120mm base just fine.

      Appearance of the giant spider
      It is known that some particularly old and powerful giant spiders grow to the size of a house. The giant spiders that mischief in the forests and caves reach such height that they can even become dangerous to other monsters. Giant spiders as well as the giant spiders have a certain level of intelligence and a simple type of language with which they communicate with each other.

      Lifestyle of the giant spider
      They are natural predators, they use their huge, sticky nets to catch their prey before they enjoy them. Giant spiders are rarely found outside the forest or cave, where they weave their webs. The poisonous poison of a giant spider is deadly for everyone except the heaviest victim, and few survive long after being bitten.

      Comments and Ideas welcome
    • "The Good"
      Another good mythical creature this week, the unicorn.
      A simple but beautiful miniature from the company Wizkids. No conversion work done on this miniature.

      Appearance of the unicorn
      The unicorn has the shape of a horse with a long turned horn on the forehead. Most of the time it has a white silky fur with different shades.

      Unicorn lifestyle
      Unicorns are rare mythical creatures. They mostly live as loners or in small unicorn families. They mainly stay in dense, unknown forests and take care of the well-being of plants, animals and forest creatures. Unicorns are very meek mythical creatures who only want to have beauty and harmony in nature.

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    • "The Bad"
      Just in time for Easter, I present one of the most dangerous monsters ever ...... the Easter Bunny!
      From the Zealot Miniatures company.

      Appearance of the Easter bunny
      As the name suggests, the Easter bunny is a rabbit. In contrast to its conventional counterparts, the Easter bunny has an upright walk and moves forward on its hind legs. Its size is about the size of a 10 year old child. Of course, the Easter bunny has long fur-covered ears, which he can either stand upright or buckle over his shoulder.
      If you are very lucky and face an Easter bunny, you would look into a friendly, often very mischievous face. The Easter Bunny is not a sad child and is happy when he can make everyone laugh.

      Way of life of the Easter bunny
      Easter bunnies only appear once a year and of course in Easter. They are friendly beings and just want to put happiness and laughter on people's faces. They only appear to people in spring. For other fantasy creatures, they are normal roommates in the fantasy world.

      Unfortunately, the Easter bunny is only good-natured and cute on only one day of the year. The rest of the year you know this monster as

      The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog

    • "The Hungry"
      I have always found this huge miniature impressive and at least after the phenomenal diorama "The Run" I had to have the miniature.
      From the company "Puppets War". Here I only changed the one arm a little so that it is in a throwing position.

      The Stone Golem's Appearance
      Stone golems are magical constructs cut or chiseled from stone to appear as tall, impressive statues or wild natural constructs of the earth. Like other golems, they are almost impervious to spells and ordinary weapons.

      The appearance of a golem depends on the material from which it is made. Normally this is clay and earth, as these raw materials are always at hand. The Golem's skin then looks like dried clay and has furrows and cracks. The body stature is chunky and looks very awkward. His height exceeds that of a full-grown man by about 2 to 3 heads. The strength and power of a golem far exceeds that of a human. The face of a golem is expressionless and emotionless. He has no intelligence of his own and cannot feel anything.

      When a golem is formed from materials other than clay and earth, its skin and body structure take on the shape of the material chosen. A used root can give the golem a tree-like appearance and a stone gives the golem a rock-like structure.

      Stone Golem's way of life
      Golem are created by a master to serve him. A golem has no will of its own and immediately executes every command without criticism.
      A golem is dumb, has supernatural powers, and its size can be described as gigantic. He is created by his master, who can take his life back at any time.

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    • Hal wrote:

      Great thread. Loving the killer rabbit.

      Couple of guys with coconut shells next?
      Hi, Hal!
      Thanks glad yyou like it, yes a couple of coconut guy would be cool but they are not monsters ;)

      Henrypmiller wrote:

      This is fantastic.

      Are you just doing the models you like? Square base is needed for sure!!! ;)
      Hello and welcomme Henrypmiller,
      as stated in the opening post I am doing all the monsters I can think of so I am allways open for ideas.
      The individual modells can be removed as they are only magentised but I would have to place most of them on 150x100 bases as most of them are allready on 120mm or 170mm bases.

      So basing size really does not matter and if anyone should get his or her nickers in a twist I would just place the needed empty 50x50 -100x50mm base and problem solved ;)
    • "The Bad"

      Sunday again, monster time again! I wanted a slightly more impressive miniature for my Jabberwocky, but somehow I always liked this interpretation of Reaper because you can always find it in illustrations and again. a bit smaller than desired but still a great mini. No modifications to this miniature.

      Appearance Of The Jabberwock
      The Jabberwocky is a dragon-like creature that combines the physical properties of western and eastern dragons, as can be seen from the clumsy body with unusually long limbs. Instead of the fangs that are more common in kites, the teeth of the Jabberwocky are more smooth than those of a rodent.
      Jabberwocks are really disgusting to look at because they have such grotesque and twisted features that even the clearest pools of water don't offer their reflection. It encompasses everything that is unhealthy and hideous in nature and magnifies it a hundred times.

      Way of life of the Jabberwock
      Jabberwocks live in deep forests, in cave holes or loathsome swamps.
      The most terrible of all the Jabberslythe weapons is their hideous appearance. The Jabberslythe is a creature that is so unsightly, a monster that is so disturbing to look at that it is surrounded by an aura of madness. There is something so scary and disturbing about these beasts that even looking at them will make you go crazy instantly and permanently

    • Henrypmiller wrote:

      Awesome. How did you do the drooling slime?
      Hi and welcome back,
      quite simple, two methods.
      1. Take a piece of plastic Blister and cut it into the wanted form/size.
      Glue into place and cover with a few layers of acrylic water texture

      2. take a piece of clear flying stand or any other clear plastic, heat it with a lighter and pull the plastic into long streched form.
      Break into the desired lenght and glue in place, cover with acrylic water texture

      CuervoDeTempestad wrote:

      Amazing stuff.

      Waiting for seeing more.

      Thank you CuervoDeTempestad!
      you will not be disapointed I have about 28 Monsters laying around waiting to be painted

      Arturiki wrote:

      I arrive late but you missed the opportunity to call them "the good, the bad and the ugly", although your word play is much more fitting (well, some are debatable).
      Welcome Arturiki!
      Yes well the opening title was chosen specifically because of that because never forget the cookie monster is always hungry ;)