Nørdcon 2020 // October 3rd and 4th // Copenhagen

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    • Nørdcon 2020 // October 3rd and 4th // Copenhagen

      Nørdcon: Tabletop 2020 Tournament Pack

      Basic information

      Saturday 3rd - Sunday 4th of October
      DGI Byen Copenhagen
      395 DKK - international attendees get in touch with us if you have problems with payment. Tickets are available here:


      If you need help with sleeping arrangements please get in touch. There are some opportunities to sleep on couches and floors for those who would prefer to avoid hotel fees.

      60 players (more will be allocated from the joint pool if we reach 60 players)
      5 games

      List submission no later than 19th September 2020 23:59 to ammertimedk@gmail.com
      • Lists submitted after the deadline will receive -1,000,000 tournament points


      Registration 8:15
      Welcome 8:45
      Game 1. 9:00 - 12:30
      Game 2. 1:00 - 16:30
      Game 3. 17:00 - 20:30

      Game 4. 9:30 - 13:00
      Game 5. 13:30 - 16:00
      Prizes 16:15
      Clean up 16:40

      Each round will be strictly 3.5 hours. If you go over time you will receive a warning. If you go over time in a second game you will receive -5 battle points for that game. In subsequent games, going over time will result in a 0 for that game.
      Game Size and Army Lists

      Most recent 9th Age Army Books as per September 19th 2020
      Auxiliary books are allowed.
      Giants Supplement is allowed.
      4500 points
      We will attempt to do matchups using tourneykeeper.net

      Please bring at least 1 copy of your army list for the judges. It will be checked during round 1 of the event.

      Scenarios and Objectives

      Will be rolled at the start of each round. It will be the same scenario and objective on all tables.


      We are hoping to have the following Prizes for the event subject to sponsorships:

      Top 5 Most Awesome Armies
      1st, 2nd, 3rd Place
      Best Sports

      Soft score

      • 3 points per fair play vote.
      • 10 points will be available for a quiz.
      • Between 10 and 20 points will be awarded for fully painted armies.
        • 10 points will be awarded if your army conforms to level 6 on the below chart.
        • Up to 10 additional points will be awarded for additional details within an army at the discretion of the judges. This could include:
          • Freehand banners.
          • Impressive centerpieces.
          • Strong theme, army character/narrative etc.
          • Characterful unit fillers.
          • Particularly well painted characters.
        • If your army does not meet level 6 in the below chart or contains unpainted [lexicon]models[/lexicon] you will receive a 0 in paint score and it is considered as unpainted.
        • All [lexicon]models[/lexicon] must be based to receive 10 points.
      • Armies nominated for “Most Awesome Army” will be awarded 3 points.
      • Armies voted for one of the 5 “Most Awesome Armies” will be awarded an additional 2 points.

      Painting and WYSIWYG Requirements
      We kindly ask that you don’t bring unpainted armies. This tournament is built on the legacy of Giant Fanatic which is a tournament for the hobbiest. Nevertheless you may bring unpainted armies.
      Furthermore we will not be enforcing WYSIWYG, however please ensure that it is clear to your opponent what models represent what unit.
      • Opponents of armies which have 1 or more unpainted models, non WYSIWYG or unpainted bases can choose the table side. If both armies do not meet the requirements, roll off as normal.
      Any questions about the tournament and the rules can be sent to ammertimedk@gmail.com or asked on the 9th Age forum thread:


      Background Team

      9th Scroll Editor

      Advisory Board

      Ammertime Podcast Host
      Team Ireland ETC 2019 :HE: