Who are we? Perspective of wise generals on the t9a factions

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  • Who are we? Perspective of wise generals on the t9a factions

    Hi there, im Radian and I wanted to start a side discussion about our armies.
    We all know the "archetypes". Things that GW's WFB left us as a legacy. Each army has got some special flavours to it, hereditary rules, units and behaviors. I think we all agree on most of theese statements.
    But let's now try to cast aside legacy (for a moment- this thread only, for now). Let's look at the races, armies as we would do in real life. Let's dwell deep in our logic thinking, instead of written in stone rules.
    How should each race really be?
    And how to represent it best in the current rules (stats mostly!, points aside, due to balance problems).

    In this thread I want to share my analysys, but also read your about armies you want to discuss!
    So, as a host I'll start, and show you what I mean:
    First, I want to look at the elves (bc I love this race in every fantasy genre!)
    So elves. Who are elves? Either immortal, or very vwry very long-living race. Proud race.
    Because of the time they got, they master many aspects of life. And are really good about it (mostly due to time put into it).
    They look similar as a men, at first glance. First difference is their ears, a pointy ones, but not as big as goblin's ears. Similar to human's in size.
    Who elves (as a whole, specific types will be later) are in their life?
    Mages. Many elves have magical potencial, bigger than other races (maybe except demons lol). Magic is big part of their knowledge and intelligence, but not all elves are mages. Really, not many of them are. But a fairy big percent of their society, comparing to other races are.
    So if not a mage than who?
    Smith. Elven smiths are greatest of all smiths, on par with maybe jus a dwarven ones. Best of the best elven smiths can enchant magic into, not only a material, but into the work itself. Best of them are not mages themselves, but they have magical potential, and they use it as best.
    In other hand if a mage is also attracted to smithing sometimes, than he will end up as a Alchemy mage.
    So we have a mages, a smiths. What else do we have?
    Elves need freedom. They love big terrain. Either is it a forest, a sea or a big plains of fields. At now let's look at sea- sailors.
    Sailors. Their skill in building ships, using wood, matches the skill of smithing. Elves do best boats in the world. And use them to discover new places, trade, gather resources, or in a military.
    Ah yes. The military.
    One of most important aspect of a elven race is to have a strong, well rounded army. Either is it used to conquer (dark elves, dread elves) or to defend, or fight evil of this world (natural, sylvan, wood elves and high, light, highborn elves). The schism began between the race, but it was mostly political one. Different views on different matters.
    But in army the elves are strong.
    But how to implemet basic elven traits into a good army?
    They are skilled for sure. They have a time to practice, and have great knowledge of tactics.
    They are quick, but less durable. This is their main weakeness. The body, slim, agile, but not as easy as harden than even the humans are. They can have similar strength, but with higher cost and time.
    How would you arm such race to a fight, as a general?
    First thing- it is important to use ranged combat! Why risk life of a proud, old elf, in foght with an mighty orc, when you can use a bow, crossbow or a balista? But be aware, that they are not only ones that thought about it. So we must protect ourselves, our fragile bodies from enemy's shooting. For most elves shield is an answer. It gives protection in melee as from ranged. Add a great elvish smiths to equation, and we have some really powerfull set.
    Elves are as "heavy" equipped as dwarfs can be! It is a first misconception about them! I quoted "heavy" armoured, bc it doesn't mean it will slow down their movements (as like human plate armour didn't slow the knights!).
    Heavy armor in basic infantry, and shields shouldnt be ubcommon! As a plate armor for riders and special infantry! Elven smiths are good enough to make such great armor!
    Let's talk about mounts!
    Or no. Not yet. It is getting late, next thoughts in elves part 2
    But feel free to add your thoughts about armies!
    See you all in near future!
  • agree. Elves are not naturally tough, but the dreads and highborns who have more organised “industrial” societies protect even their lowliest troops bodies with decent armour. Sylvan elves dont have the economy to do this and have a more guerrilla style setting to protect themselves instead.

    expensive, ireplaceable and skilled troops are invariably armoured where possible and the hbe and de are no exception - they cant do much more about their lack of resilience though - the dwarves of both flavours cover both of those at once but in the inevitable triad of firepower, mobility and protection suffer with mobility.
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  • The problem with any army falling to a certain extreme playstyles is that balance inherently makes the game miserable for both sides.

    DE are an amazing example of this. There is something monstrously unfair about a unit hitting on 2+ and then getting to rerollble ones to hit. The only thing that makes these units possible for other res 3 armies to be able to fight them is dropping huge amounts of shooting on the unit.

    This in turn means that most DE players have a miserable game because they get shot to (insert word) before they make it across the field assuming that the dice gods are with the catapults.
  • glad you get my point, part two is in work, than i'll write something about other race (vampires maybe, dwarf or sksven, will see).
    In pt2 of elves i make a distinction between subraces (de, hbe, se)
    And remember, if you want you can add your thoughts of races of t9a!
  • I primarily play Empire of Sonnstahl, so I'll take a crack at that.

    The Empire of Sonnstahl makes up the best and worst parts of humanity. At it's best it's a large conglomerate of nations that work together, creating safety and opportunity for its citizens. Those who grow up in the brighter parts of the empire have a vast horizon of opportunity, and can make their wealth through trade, military, or arcane study.

    On the darker side though, the empire is corrupt and overreaching. Politicians bicker and jostle for position rather than looking out for the good of the people. Command is often given to those who are the most well connected, not the most qualified. And for those born poor there is little hope of change, and often taking the Emperor's shilling is the only escape to a "better" life.

    Politically The Empire is a constant balancing act between the Church and the State. Clergy whisper in the ears of Lords, who in turn look for ways to use the Faith to control their subjects. If one side grows too powerful, the other side finds a way to put their finger on the scale.

    The armies of the Empire are a microcosm of the Empire itself. On one extreme you have noble lords wearing gilded armor and riding prize warhorses, spending extravagant sums of money to decorate themselves for the sport of war. On the other, you have a mass of state troops who are hardly more than peasants, hoping that bread and soup will follow the march.

    Experimental weaponry and arcane support buffer the armies of the Empire. Engineers are hired by lords to bring mechanical advantage to the field. Ignorant noblemen are constantly breathing down their necks, pushing for results beyond reason. Constant warfare drives the gears of innovation, and new weapons are frequently presented at court, and engineers find themselves racing to produce the next best thing.

    Likewise, arcane talent is scooped up as soon as it is recognized. Patrons fund colleges of magic, with the hopes that the latest prodigy will bring ruin and destruction to the enemies of the Empire. Young wizards are constantly expected to perform, often pushed dangerously beyond their eldritch capacity in order to yield results. A wizard who has lived to old age is a rarity, someone who demands respect and holds great influence at court. As the saying goes, fear the old man in a profession where you die young.

    It's been a while since I've read the official T9A background, so I could be totally off. This is just my feel for the faction. If I need correcting, don't hesitate!

    Also, great idea for a thread!
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