Attempt at a Destra/Mourous Homebrew.

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    • Attempt at a Destra/Mourous Homebrew.

      So after establishing my ambition to create an new faction based on Hispanic legend :

      Projet pour une faction inédite : Les Mourous ou Nains Ibériques

      I should start to make a army list, or atlest an attemp.

      I prefer start wit the core and finish with the character.

      Scrutarii Mourous.

      Heavly armoured warrior.

      They should carry a base weapon, like a falcata, and a shield.

      They can have the option to have javelin in addition.


      A longue range skirmish unit who do lot of damage against light untis.

      Heavy Singlers

      A personal creation of mine, basicly the same has slingers, but instead they throw heavy rock, in a weight throw style.

      They could serve has artillery units. :thumbsup:


      Skirmish units, with javelin, a base weapon, can carry a round shield.

      They should have bonus in forest, rough terrain and be able to ambush.


      Terrifying half boars, half bull, half unicorns.

      They could be use a heard or carry chariots with two scrutarii riding it.

      Since the theme of this fiction is montain I think they should have a bonus in rough terrain.


      Green weasel-like creature

      They should be like war hound or be ride by Almograves

      Since they are forest creatures, they should a bonus in forest terrain

      That all I come to mind in mourous units, but since it's a little short I think it could include Human units to complete the army

      And to not lost the ibérian theme I think one of this human units should:


      Heavly armored soldier, that can be either infantery or cavalery

      They could also carry pistol, because even if the mouros don't carry them, the human could

      For the rest of the human I don't have so many idea outside of basic unit that could seirve has meat shield, like levy

      Or make the Alamograves human instead of mouros.

      I have no other idea for new units, outside maybe:


      Peacefull giant in basque culture.

      They could either become giant who help Mourous, or ogres like creature who live in the montain and could serve has auxilary.

      For the heroes.

      Outisied of the obvious general and sorcerrors I don't have many idea.

      Maybe the :


      That could be Almoragraves type of heroes.

      Sorry for the bare bone army, but that really not my speciality.

      I whis I could come up something a magic base heroes who is tie to iberian lore, but they are little information aboot Iberian religion.

      So if so more competent people want to complete this list, they can do so.

      Have a good day.

    • oh - to be clearer: in a fantasy setting you can allow yourself to inject some non-human elements into a historically based faction. just like you can filter some clearly fantastic creature with some historically based elements (think of byzantine rats). i was wondering whether your Scutarii and Slingers had to necessarily be "human".

    • Sorry for the long absence, so I rework the army with the help of a friend, now like the title indicate I decide to include Destra has a whole into the mix, wich mean that now the army is split in three category : Human, Mouros and creature:

      Army Composition wrote:

      Human Character:

      Destriote Noble: Standard General.

      Bruja:Standard Wizard

      Sunna's Inquisitor:Fanatic with is on list of pray/spell.

      Adalid:leaders of the Almograves.

      Human Troops:

      Conquistador: Heavy Infantery that have sword and Shield, they can exchange their shield for a pistol.

      Freemen/Paysan:Chaffs units, they have a spear a shield and can have a light armour.

      Archer: All in the title.

      Crossbowmen:All in the title.

      Pikemen:Can fight on more ranks then lancer, have a light armor.

      Inquisitor's Acolyte: Outside of bieng fanatic I still don't have any idea what they should be.

      Almograves : Skirmish units, that have bonus forest and rough terrain, they can also lay trap.

      Canon; Less powerfull then Imperial and dwarfs, but lees expensive.

      Conquistador on horse: it speaks for itslef.

      Almagraves on Ramidreju: monstrous light calvalery.

      Mourous Character:

      Patriarch/Matriarch Mourous: leader of this Dwarf ethnicity.

      Priest of Caerga :Spiritual leader of the Mourous, spécialise in defense.

      Mourous troops:

      Scrutarii Mourous: Base infantary, with heavy armour, armerd with Falcata (ibérian sword) shield, can have javelin.

      Honorable Scrutarii: Véteran version, remplace their weapon with an heavy weapon.

      Miners Mourous: light armour, can mouve under the ground, armed with pikaxes that can perforated armours

      Slingers: Skirmish units, can have light armours.

      Heavy Slingers: Skirmish units, who instead of throwing little rock, throw heavy projectile, weight throw style, in contact their sling can be use has heavy weapon.

      Escorneau Chariots: Heavy chariots, ride by two or three Mourous, can ride on rough field.

      Monstrous units:

      Jentilaks Shepard: Ogres units with an affinity with creature, their sheperd staff count has heavy weapon.

      Escornaus herd: Herd of heavy creature that don't have malus in rought field, can be accompanied with a Jentilaks Shepard.

      Ramidreju pack: Wards hound that have a bonus in the forest.

      I must confess that I take some idea from Mathias Eliasson, warhammer project.

      If he don't want that, I will have no problem to rethinking my army list.

      However I'm not really satisfy with the human tropp halfs of are a reskin of Bretonia/Equita army, but I needed some chaffs and I din't find a trully Spanish exclusive units to do so.

      Also I need help in regard to special faction rule, magie and stats, that it's really not my thing.

      So if some people want to helps me on this particular problem, you'r welcome.