Mourous/Destria background

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    • Mourous/Destria background

      So after an attemp at creating an army list, I think I should provide an actual background for the Mourous and Destria in general:


      History wrote:

      The Mourous are an dwarfs ethnicity who din't follow their brethren into the White Montain and prefer stay in the norther mount chain of the contry later know has Destria.

      For a time the Mourous were able to contain any invasion, until a terrible Margist named "Vastone Andiboris", find a path into the tunnel who lead to the gun powder reserve of the main Mourous gate forteress, and ordered his gutter blade to bring fire to the reseve.

      The explosion complety destroy the forteresse, and the gutter blade whit it.

      The forteress destroy, the vermin din't have any problem into rushing inside the Mouros mountain, the Mourous who din't get slay become slave.

      The human who lived in the south in a relative peace, thank to the Mourous protection, were not spare by the Vermin invasion.

      This happen in the late VII age and until the return of Sunna, Destria become an realm that the Vermin control ruthlessly, they were w only challenged by the Almograves, human who lived in deep forest, whose used guerrilla warfare to battle the tyrannic rodents.

      When Sunna return and start to fight the vermin, an religious fever start to spread all around Destria, leading by Gemini Quemar, furtur founder of the contreversial Sunna Inquisition, the Destriote, whit the help of the Almogavres where able to retake their land, reprelling the vermin to the north.

      They where stopped, for a moment, at mount Dipon, one of the strongest forteress of the ancient Mourous realm.

      A group of Almagraves were able to infiltrate the forteresse, they discover that the Mourous where still alive, but enslaved and with them a tribe of ogre named the Jentilaks, who unlike the rest of their bretheren, prefer to be sheperd then raider, who were imported to Destria to serve the vermin at taming their monstrous creation.

      After a succesfull sneak attack, the human were able to capture the forteress and free the slave.

      In gratitude, the Mourous swear eternal friendship to the Destriote, and help them forge better weapon and armor.

      At this point the Destriote reorganized their army.

      Now the Destriote noble wear heavy armor that able to deflect most of the vermin weapon, and decide to call themself "Conquistador", they also take time to supply themself what gun powder, much to sorrow of the Mourrous who since the fall of their first forteresse, rejected gun powder weapon.

      The reorganization done , Human, Mourous and Jentilak march together, shoulder to shoulder, to repel the vermin outside the country, once and for all.

      They later rejoin the rest of the Sunna army at repeal the force of darkness.

      After the final battle, the main leader of the Destriote, Genoveva, become the first Reina (Queen) of Destria.


      Society wrote:

      The Destriote human society is split into different class.

      At the top their are the Noble who rule politicaly, inside castel, not unlike their Equitaine neighbour.

      But unlike them, they don't have a problem fighting with gun powder weapon, on the contrary they really heavly on it.

      Alongside the noble, exist a magical rulling class, generally compose of women name Bruja, they are sanctionned by the Destriote Monarchy and need to get a diploma, the only way to get it are years of study from magical collage.

      The current leader is Empress Sophia

      After the noble, the second rulling class are the Church and more precisely; the ruthless Sunna's Inquisition.

      They where fonded by the first human leader who was hable to really beat the Vermin, Gemini Quemar, he was a fanatic, he decide to found his own personnal army to repress any vermin who would have escaped during the Destriote Reconquista.

      But very quiclky the hunt extanded to anything the Inquisition find suppecious, after several years of strive toward so call heretic, the Destriote monarchy decide to chaperon, to try to avoid unnescarry conflit, but they genrally work to concert to destroy any opposing power.

      Their acolyte watch everywhere to find heresey.

      their zealout nature lead them to conflit with anyone who don't follow Sunna light, include, unsenctinoned ( or even sanctionned when they find an excuse) Bruja, the ancestral ally Mourous and a lot of them still hold a grudge against Warrin treason, despite Sunna forgivness.

      Under the noble and church boot, live the common people of Destria who can alse be divise into two class.

      The Townsman, who like the name suggest are people who live into city and generally live to commerce and industry.

      Their main force are millita town, semi trained soldier, by either the Noble, Church or more recently rich marchant.

      Thei work is to bring order into the vaste and labyrinthine city.

      They are generally decently armed, depending how much the town leader is ready to finance, and genarally use Pike, crossbow and even handgun and canon for the most properous city.

      Alongside the Tnownsman live the Farmers, the numerous human habitant of Destria, they are the one who genrally bring the vital supply of the Destria society, food,wood and workforce.

      When war is coming they must answer the call to arm, if they din't want to suffer punishment.

      They are generaly poorly armed and untrained, Spearman and Archer, but it's their number are mainly use has canon founder by the Nobles.

      Outside this society, live the Almograves, fiercely independent, they prefer live in the wild nature, alongside the Mourous and/or becoming mercenary for other nation.

      This reckless way of life brought them into conflit against the rest of the Destriote society, the Noble dislike the fact they don't respond directly to them, the Farmers and Townsman of small city fear to be raided by ruthless Almograves (wuch had already happen several time, espescially during famine time or war campaing that last lenght) and the Curch want to burn them for not respectting Sunna doctrine and even done right worshipping Mourous divinity.

      Still despite their savage nature, when it come to war they are incredibly discipline, capable of leading sucessfull ambush, their light equipement, composed of short sword, round shield, javellin and other small equipement lead them be able to cross terrain that would have been to rough for heavly armored Conquistador and Mourous Scrutarii.

      Their Ramidreju cavalery are extremly fast and able to cross heavly densited forest, they where the key victor for a lot of the most glorious Destriote victory!

      Outside the human society, live the Mourous, an Dwarfs ectnicity who generally live in the northen part of Destria, home from a huge mountain range, name : Mendi Gorria.

      Even tough, all the main Destria city have their Mourous district.

      Like their dwarf kin, they are master blacksmith and jeweler, however they are well know for their distain of gun powder, the fault to the famous accident that lead their kingdom to the fall.

      Therefore they really heavly on strong block of Infantery named Scrutarii and their Miners only use their pickaxe to excavete into the mountain.

      They are also master Slinger, the strongest are even able to launch rock heavy has a the one use catapult ammunition.

      Another particularity is the use of chariot, pulled by Escorneaus, huge beast only find in Destria, that are able to cross even the most rough terrain.

      Their relation with the human are pretty formal, everyone stick to their buissness.

      However, Mourous Matriarch and Patriarche, rulling class of the Mourous are very critical of the over reliance of gundpowder that Conquistador exhibit and the Inquisition have enter in conflict, several time with the Mourous for still worshipping their ancestoral pantheon and their closeness with the Almograves.

      Still most of the time their relationship are friendly, even brotherly and Mourous outpost are scattered all the north of Destria to protect the trade route.

      The last part of the Destriote society is the most unusual, the Jentialaks are a clan of Ogre specialise into taming and are master shepperd.

      They where generally the clan that help the other clan to tame their mountrous beast.

      One day long a time ago, a large number of them where capture by diverse force of darkness and sprinkled all around Avras.

      One rumour want that they are the reason why the Ogre clan have enter into conflict whit the Dark god servant.

      A large number of them end up into Destria and even after the reconquista decide to settle down, since them they help the Mourous at tamed the Escorneaus and the human farmer with divers live-stock.

      Despite their genrally peacfull nature, they still can be fearsome warrior when they need to fight.

      Then that my backround of Destria and their Mourous ally, what did you think of it.

      Please to be affraid of comment and correctd my typo, english is not my native language.

      Si vous êtes Francophones, s'il vous plait écriver en Français.


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