Second Awakening and Trial of Faith

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  • Second Awakening and Trial of Faith


    A discussion has sparked among my group regarding the interaction of VS' Second Awakening and Trial of Faith.

    The majority believe that there is -or should not be- any interaction between the two, because it's the difference and not the dice roll which determines the number of hits. Me and some other believe that given how the difference is directly set by the dice roll, it does trigger the effect. As I understand it, repeating the roll would mean the caster's and the opponent's roll, not just the caster.

    Could you shed some light into this, please?

    It got resolved "fairly easy" in game, but still, we would like to make sure on how it is to be interpreted.

    Thank you!
  • Second Awakening
    When the bearer casts a spell of type Damage for whichdice are used to determine the number of hits the spellinflicts, you may choose to reroll those dice. If so, alldice must be rerolled.

    Trial of Faith
    The Caster rolls D3+1 and the target rolls D3. If the Caster’sroll is higher, the target suffers a number of hits equalto the difference between their respective rolls. Thesehits wound automatically with Armour Penetration 10 andMagical Attacks.

    It's been answered in the main Rules Q&A thread by RT people a number of times; both players reroll their dice.

    In terms of English language, the difference in the dice rolls (from both players) determines the number of hits from the spell. That is just fact.
    So these dice 'used to determine the number of hits the spell inflicts' should be rerolled.
    How the difference between these dice rolls is set is not relevant because there is no caveat in the Second Awakening description. It literally just says you reroll 'those dice'.

    Personally I think its mad, because the spell sorta gets cast twice this way. But it is how it is.
  • Downandirty wrote:

    dazzle wrote:

    I'd like to tag along in this thread with some additional questions regarding Second Awakening. Especially the part of the description that says "all dice must be rerolled"

    Do I also reroll Strength for Hand of Heaven?

    any thoughts on this? I think if the player decides to re roll then both hit and str would be re rolled
    Second awakening does not refer to the dice that determine strength, so no, you only reroll dice that determine the number of hits.