Tales of a infernal general

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    • Well,I cannot neglect this thread longer !

      @TheChange, thanks for your kind words.

      You give me the perfect opportunity to quickly debrief my participation to the "Awaken the beast" tournament, organised by the glorious @Pellegrim and his minions (all info about the event, including lists and results can be found HERE). For those who are unfamiliar with his regular event, the tournament takes place in a nice hotel close to Schipol airport, which makes it one of the greatest event in term of venue and catering :D The event itself is single tournament, on 1 day, gathering la crème de la crème of the Dutch gaming scene, plus 4 Belgians (us!) and swiss guy (my opponent for the second round).

      Tourism aside, I enjoyed my day and played 3 very different lists, played by nice and good lads !

      Here is my list for the event :

      First Game : SA - Encircle and secure target

      So, for the first game I had the chance to face a saurian ancient list. I was thrilled cuz I am gathering some dinos and wanted to have a direct exposure to this army (they aren't that represented in BE).

      Display Spoiler

      700 - Cuatl Lord, General, Grasp of the Immortal, Trained from Birth, Ancient Plaque, Pyromancy
      330 - Caiman Ancient, BSB, Halberd, Taurosaur's Vigour, Supernatural Dexterity
      490 - 24x Saurian Warriors, Jaguar, M, SB
      300 - 15x Saurian Warriors, Jaguar, Spear
      135 - 15x Skink Braves
      375 - 5x Caimans, Halberd, Standard Bearer
      620 - 20x Temple Guard, FC, Rending Banner
      260 - 5x Raptor Riders
      145 - Weapon Beasts - Spearback
      170 - Weapon Beasts - Salamander
      170 - Weapon Beasts - Salamander
      252 - 3x Rhamphodon Riders, Shield
      130 - 5x Skink Hunters, Shield, Poisoned Javelin, Vanguard
      420 - Stygiosaur, Mystic Traveller

      While going through is list, it became rapidly clear that it would be a difficult game for the lizzies. A pyromancy master and 2 salamanders are not exactly the best line-up to handle our burning dwarves. Yet, he had some nice tools with the Caimans+BSB, the Rhampho and temple guards.

      Note that I opted for witchcraft with my adept (ravens' wing and deceptive glamour)

      Above picture is "post-vanguard" but pre-first turn.

      So my opponent won the side and elected to take the side with the wall, impassable and water terrain, for some cover I assume, as he took the "big center" too. I then dropped all and went for the first turn. As depicted, I elected for a broad deployment, trying to place my heavy hitters on each flank and the core infantry in the middle. General and BSB were deployed centrally.

      He reacted to my deployment by splitting his forces. It surpised me a bit, as it would then make his life a bit more difficult. He then vanguarded his rhampo just out of charge range of my disciples with paired weapons and his skink hunters in range of my Titan (on the right side).

      for my first turn, I declared a - long - charge with the Titan on the hunters. They panicked and run close to the edge of the map. The rest of the army moved forward. My bunker landed in the ruin, to support the future combats and threaten the army. Magic was relatively uneventful and my opponent managed to stay out of range of the gunnery teams.

      He reacted with caution and backed-up with most of his forces to stay out of charge range, with the exception of the rhampho. They charged my PW disciples (previously marked ofc) and then he tried to set up some counter charges (i.e. with raptors riders).

      During is magic phase he boosted the rampho (but don't remember how) and started a master-grill session guest-staring my slaves (prolly the only "easy target" for pyromancy). In CC, the ramphos killed a bunch of lugars, but took 3 wounds back. I managed to pass my leadership test was ready for the rest turn.

      On second turn I charged my engine in his caimans, Titan went in the rallied hunters (forgot to mention that tho). I continued to move forward and apply pressure where I could. My memory starts to get fuzzy, but during magic phase I prolly boosted the engine and lugars to help them a bit.
      RAS with shooting - eventually sneaked a wound or two on the salamanders and spearbacks. In CC, hunters got destroyed (surprise ?) and we witnessed a pillow fight between rhampho and lugars. I won the combat but his cold blooded lizards managed to pass their LD test, with the help of the caiman BSB. The Engine won his combat again the caimans and made them flee away. I run 1 inch behind them but enforced his left side.


      During is second turn, he charged the engaged disciples with his raptors raiders moved forward his small pack of skink and his 15saurus to block some charge from the titan and disciples into the quatl bunker.

      He continued to grill my slaves and casted some boost to support is fighting units - but most of them got dispelled. In CC, the raptors riders were not effective enough to decimate the lugars. the last Rhampho died and I won the combat by 1 or 2 points.

      (by the way, on the above pictures, you can see the sexy calves of @Blonde Beer :love: )

      My third turn was quite similar to the previous one = Charges ! I charged in the rallied caimans with the engine, the IW with heavy weapon in the stygiosaur. On the other side of the board, I went in the skink block with my lugars and the kadim charges the saurian warriors.


      Again, magic phase was dedicated to boost my units. Shooting was, again, anecdotal (or I simply don't remember..). In cc, lugars and titan cleared the right flank. The other lugars finally finished the raptors riders and the stygio surprisingly won the combat agains the IW brick. The engine won the combat, again. The caimans fled and got caught up.

      I've no more picture of the battle, but we ran out of time and only managed to play a fourth turn. However, the game took a clear direction and this last turn would not turn it upside down. I had a charge with the titan and in the flank of the temple guards and failed the supporting charge of remaining lugars in the same pack. On the left flank I will clear his stygio and redirect his pack of saurians warriors, while securing to sit on the objective.

      In brief, I was very close to settle the quatl's fate, but did not manage to kill all the temple guards. The titan did an amazing job tho, with only 3or 4 temple guards remaining at the very end of the game.

      We ended on turn 4, with a decent 18/2 for the infernal dwarves.

      What went well ?

      • Placing the engine and titan on each flank with a pack of lugar was a winning combination. It allowed me to push hard and zone my opponent while the slower units served as second waive.
      • my opponent offered me the perfect side - having a bit impassable in the middle of his line crippled a bit his movement and deployment phase. It would have been horrible for me...
      • Per essence, the matchup was quite positive so, nothing to be super excited about.
      • I casted raven's wings at almost every turns forcing my opponent to keep/use dice for that specific spell.

      What went wrong ?

      • I think that the charge T1 on the skink hunters was a waiste of time. The titan then stayed a bit behind. Not major, but clearly greedy. Pushing forward with 14 inches and get redirected T1 is prolly better than the same but T2 right ?
      • My opponent was new to the ID and I had to explain a lot things, which slowed down our game. I usually manage to play 6turns without breaking a sweat.

      What should I have done ?

      • Prolly keep the slave behind my lines - they soaked up most of the magic missiles and got nuked at the end.
      • No charge on T1 !
      ETC Belgium ID Player Novi Sad 2019

      My journey with ID ==> Tales of an infernal general :ID:
    • The Kremlin wrote:

      Nice writeup.

      Minor detail - you say the Caimans fled from the Engine and got caught. I thought it wouldn't be able to pursue when not charging?

      In any case, I agree with you that ID seem to like playing fairly wide, and that threatening the flanks works well with them.

      What were you threatening to Raven's Wing?
      Hi and thanks :)

      The engine charged them twice - 1 st time they panicked and fled but the engine fall 1 inch away. Then they rallied and got charged the next turn, and fled again but this time the engine got them. Maybe it wasn't that clear in the battle report. But you're fully right that in other circumstances it wouldn't be possible.

      With regard to raven's wing, and witchcraft in general, I feel that this lore combines very well with more pushy lists. I play quite agressively with this list and being able to project a block of disciples or the engine allows to avoid being chaffed, or negate some countercharge. Deceptive glamour is also a very good way to put pressure on the opponent, by lowering his initiative and create tuff' choices when it comes to dispell other boosts from alchemy.

      But to come back on the raven's wing, it compensate our slow movement and can completely change your movement phase in so many ways. I must however admit that this is less tricky for a more seasoned opponent. The latter will probably anticipate the possibilities offered by the spell but that does not decrease its psychological impact. This is even more accurate during the 2/3 first turns of a game. It's also a way to spare the disciples from too many shooting phases too.
      ETC Belgium ID Player Novi Sad 2019

      My journey with ID ==> Tales of an infernal general :ID:
    • strauss wrote:

      You give me the perfect opportunity to quickly debrief my participation to the "Awaken the beast" tournament, organised by the glorious @Pellegrim and his minions (all info about the event, including lists and results can be found HERE). For those who are unfamiliar with his regular event, the tournament takes place in a nice hotel close to Schipol airport, which makes it one of the greatest event in term of venue and catering The event itself is single tournament, on 1 day, gathering la crème de la crème of the Dutch gaming scene, plus 4 Belgians (us!) and swiss guy (my opponent for the second round).
      You are too kind :love:

      Good to have you there.
      When strolling around before going to bed, a mean Orc might whack you on the back of your head!
    • Real life sometimes keeps you away from your hobby duties, not even mentioning painting marathon to get ready for a tournament that is, at the end, not happening.

      Enough talking, after a convincing win, I had to face another "international" participant. Franz came from all the way from Switzerland (initially he was coming for the wtc but kept his tickets :) ). He came with some sweet and cute WDG. His list below :

      Pre-game analysis

      His list list is a combination of various WDG's classics and does feature diverse threats. I must say that it goes a bit in too many direction to my taste, but it does feel powerful. Two lords with flaming ward save, enough power to run by themselves and create havoc in my battleline. Next to that we have a couple of strong core units, probably re-enforced by the presence of a battleshrine and some chaffs. I was lucky enough to face only 1 Elder and 3 feldrakes. Their spams is really complicated for ID. The latter rely, per definition, on flaming tricks and rerolling inflicted wounds is quite nasty.

      Yet, he had limited tools to deal with my engine and two units of lugars. Back then, I also realised that I had a greater bord control and somehow was a bit more mobile. In this game the gunnery teams would be an advantage and would probably aimed at forsworn and feldrake kins of all sorts. Finally, we do both run alchemy, but ID resistance to flaming would help me to take advantage of the magic duel, not even mentioning the flexibility allowed by my adept of witchcraft.

      My opponent won the side roll and I elected to drop everything for the start.

      The game promised to be uncertain, tricky and exciting. And spoiler, it did deliver exactly that :)


      We were playing flags and dawn assault. This time, the map was fairly balanced, without having a big impassable in the middle but a ruin. Left side of the map presented a building, while the right side was also partly blocked by an impassable.

      My opponent won the side roll, elected to deploy on the right side as well as forbidding us deploy on top left corner (for me) and on bottom right side (for him). I logically elected to drop everything for the start.

      I then opted for a strong central anchor and a pushy right flank. My plan was to ensure that the infantry could benefit from the building to cover my left flank, while come from the right with my biggies. The other impassable (on the bottom right) was also a good protection for the titan and engine. My weaker scoring (the 2 darts - including the mage bunker) were deployed behind the battleline. In this battle, blunderbusses would be kinda anecdotal.

      My opponent reacted by "mirroring" my deployment, with a piece of chaff on the right flank accompanied by the Elder and the 3 feldrakes. Both were hidden or at least taking advantage of the cover offered by the hill. By doing so, he limited my shooting opportunities with the gunnery teams. His center was anchored around the doom-star, shadowed by the barbarians hosting the alchemy master. On the left, core WDG with the shrine guarded his flank.


      My memory starts to trick me, and I do not have all the pictures I would love to share but I'll try to depict what happen :

      I surged forward with my battle line. Not at full speed, but enough to counter a possible push from the warriors. On the right side, pushed my two beasties to the max, using the impassable as shield for their flank. During my magic phase I killed a forswon or two with a silver spike and casted corruption of tin on the same unit, my opponent failed to dispel it. He dispelled the rest, but my first phase wasn't bad at all. Nothing happened during shooting phase, as all the targets were out of my reach.

      During is turn, he played quite defensively and move carefully is blocks, bringing the elder and feldrakes on the top of the hill, not sure anymore of what he did with the dogs to be honest. My memory is bit fuzzy but I would assume that he tried to redirect my engine and Titan. Magic was quite uneventful.

      It was time to push on the right - I charged the redirecting dogs with the titan, making them panic and run in front of the Elder. I wasn't able to catch them and was relatively happy with the way they blocked the elder. The engine had a long a charge on the feldrakes and made it. I continued push forward with my "right" lugars, while positioning the IW at a respectable distance of the WDG block hosting the flying lord. I supported the engine with a +2 armour save. My two gunnery teams shot at the doom-bus, one misfired and would not be able to shoot anymore. The other did 3 wounds. In combat, the engine started to grind the feldrakes and won the combat. My opponent passed his LD test.

      During his turn, my opponent started to push a bit more on the top side of the map, moving forward the shrine and his retinue, as well as the doom-bus in range for a long charge of some of my infantry blocks. During magic phase he pulled of the WDG hereditary on my IW block and killed some of them. He attempted a spike on the titan but failed.

      I charged with the titan and the lugar on the elder. First went in, second failed. I re-positioned my infantry block to allow a fleeing corridor for the IW (threaten by the doombus and flying lord unit) - jumping behind the lugar would allow them to be in a safe spot and come back later on - if manageable ... but things sometimes go west. We'll see later. In magic I boosted a couple of things here and there, but my opponent dispelled quite well during the entire game. I. Titan just surged forward. The engine, alone, was not able to table - yet - the feldrakes.

      During his turn, he declared a double charge on the IW. First the doombus and then the flying lord. I fled the latter and he decided to redirect into my slaves. Doombus just failed to redirect. In combat, the feldrakes continue to resist, but not for long. The flying lord start a killy dance and shave off 3 or 4 slaves. They bravely held thanks to them being steadfast and GG's leadership and BSB reroll.


      The game start to get more swingy, I needed to prevent a couple of things 1) the doombus cannot charge my bunker 2) barbarians escape from the battle. So in order to do so, I redirected the doombus with my vassal cav and positioned my titan in order to seal the fate of the barbarians and the wizard in the bunker.

      I finally got the charge on the feldrake with my Lugars.

      In the meantime, and despite a 9 rerollable leadership test, my IW continued to flee and ended up out of the table ... Clever but risky move - I guess I got punished... I casted a glory of gold on my un-engaged lugars and placed the alchemical fire on the pack of warriors to prepare the combat to come. I decided not to engage his pack, in case of a turn of bad luck, I would only give him the opportunity to use a free pivot and then charge me. It was then better to get charged.
      in CC phase, the lugars and titan ran on the elder and only the lugars did an overrun in the feldfrakes. The lord continue to slowly kill the glorious slaves, that passed their LD check once again.

      During his turn he charged my chaff with the doombus and the boosted lugars with his cursed warriors.

      Things looked kinda like this (position of the titan indicates that my memory is more messed up than I thought - sorry for the messy narrative) :

      Then, in all honesty, memory is too patchy. So quick overview of what happened during T5 and 6 :

      - I managed to kill the feldrake, but lost the engine in the process
      - the lord continued to deplete the slaves but would only free up on last turn, not being able to do much
      - the wizard and barbarians were trapped and died, but he killed my titan with a glorious charge of the doomlord out of his block.
      - The warriors and shrine eventually rebounded completely on the boosted lugar, did close to nothing and died like flies in return. So basically, he charged, got killed, ran down and got caught, placing my lugar in a good situation to charge the back of the forsworn.

      At the end of the battle, only his two characters remained on the table. About 7000 points were killed :) and the victory went to the ID. I scored a convincing 17/3 thanks to the scenario and quite a lot of points (compared to my opponent) remaining on the table.

      This led me to table 2 and gave me a chance to play the podium.

      Stay tuned - hopefully I'll update this thread quicker than usual.

      ETC Belgium ID Player Novi Sad 2019

      My journey with ID ==> Tales of an infernal general :ID:
    • Hi guys,

      Time to wrap-up reports dedicated to the last event.

      As said, I had the chance to play on table 2 against Vincent, a seasoned veteran (while still being pretty young ahah). He played a nice mixed-arms DE army.

      Display Spoiler

      1015 - Oracle, General, Dragon, Wizard Master, Occultism, Hand Weapon (Moraec's Reaping), Wandering Familiar, Obsidian Rock, Cult of Yema
      655 - Dread Prince, Pegasus, Shield, Heavy Armour (Basalt Infusion), Repeater Crossbow, Lance (Transcendence), Midnight Cloak, Fleet Commander
      538 - 24 Blades of Nabh, Standard Bearer (Rending Banner), Musician, Champion
      210 - 10 Repeater Auxiliaries, Shield, Musician
      210 - 10 Repeater Auxiliaries, Shield, Musician
      210 - 10 Repeater Auxiliaries, Shield, Musician
      532 - 19 Tower Guard, Standard Bearer (Banner of Gar Daecos), Musician, Champion
      380 - Divine Altar, Paired Weapons
      210 - Raptor Chariot
      180 - Dread Reaper
      180 - Dread Reaper
      180 - Dread Reaper
      4.500 pts

      His list is kinda challenging, as he has a lot of flexibility and maneuverability, while having some good answers to my own threats. The two characters are really mobile and could break my battle line. In addition the blades accompanied by the altar could be a big problem if he had pushed with the dread prince and the Oracle.
      Yet, it was obvious that his army could be a bit stretched in case of an heavy push, with the reapers and the repeaters staying behind.

      We were playing refused flank and an homebrew scenario. In two words, the scenario was pretty similar to hold the ground, but General and BSB counted as scoring too and TO added a statue in the middle of the map (see below picture). While the idea was seducing, the actual result was a huge double impassable in the middle, turning the map into a weird giant roundabout.

      Once again my opponent won the roll for the side and elected to deploy on the left side of the map. By doing so, he could take advantage of a wall and a hill, which combo well with long charge abilities of the DE and bonus from Altar. I dropped everything and claimed to be first to play ! I went for a balanced deployment, with my two biggies on each side, each one accompanied by a block of lugar, and my IW brick in the centre to anchor my line and score early in the game. It must be noted that I opted for the pyromancy on the vassal conjurer - that would prove to be a good idea. My opponent deployed pretty carefully, behind the front line, with his 3 boltthrowers ready to align my engine (on the bottom left, but not on the picture). On his left side, he deployed his two characters and altar retinue to benefit from the hill and zone my push on that flank.

      Not gonna do a full turn by turn analysis but quickly described what happened :

      • T1 I pushed aggressively and started to install my forces, preparing to potential T2 charges. My opponent reaction was again quite cautious. He didn't push much, but instead cleverly positioned his character to zone some of my block. He was a bit shy on the bottom side, shuffling his toward guard way to carefully to my taste. I got lucky enough to witness the 3 reapers failing to wound my engine.
      • T2, I placed my engine behind the wall, to get closer to the ballistas and repeaters. I started to shoot at the altar retinue in order to make it a easier target for next turns. My opponent started to push a bit more. He maneuvered with his toward guards to avoid the engine and coming closer to left (or bottom - on the picture) flank guarded by lugar and small mage. In the middle of the map he committed the altar block to threat most of my units. He wounded my engine and did a couple of wounds;
      • T3 I'll chaff the altar bock, and shooting + magic would deplete the units, with only about 5/6 ladies and the big cart. On the bottom side, the engine took a long charge on the auxiliaries, who panicked and redirected, successfully, in one of the reapers. My opponent decided that it was time for action. He moved his dragon toward my kadim Titan and nuked him during magic phase. He also charged the chaff with his chariot and altar block. In CC the engine cleaned the first reaper and pivot to get a charge on the next turn and get rid of the second reaper. His toward guards got grilled by some magic and rockets but still moved forward.
      • T4 to T6 battle really started, with multiple charges : 1) my lugars charged the altar with an overrun in the lord on pegasus. Engine charged the second reaper. I re-oriented my IW to face the dragon lurkin' in my back. Lugars got rid of the altar and caught the lord, engine killed the reaper and faced the rallied repeater. Magic continued to deplete his tower guards. He counter charged the lugar with his chariot and charged the dragon into the IW. He rebounded on the lugar and lost his lord and chariot. Lugar overran to get closer to the repeaters and last reaper. The dragon oracle got swamped in the IW and got wounded, finishing the battle with only one wound left. On the bottom, the engine properly cleaned his right flank and survived. Tower guards got their fate sealed by the unengaged lugars.

      That was a very cool battle during which I had the chance to dictate the tempo. I believe that the cautious attitude of my opponent was partly due to his inexperience of ID (the "new" factor) but also due to the fact that his list was not designed in a way that allowed him to play a packed game. This gave me the opportunity to "pick" my fight. My understanding is that he could have pushed more with his flying dudes and break into my lines as of T2. That being said, it was nonetheless a cool game.

      It was a 17/3 win (with the scenario) for ID.

      So in conclusion, I finished with a total score of 52 points (18+17+17), ex eaquo with a WDG player. Despite some painting and conversion efforts I did not scored all the soft point and thus got the second place (out of 50) behind the said WDG player.

      In a few words, I was pretty happy with the list, loved the combination of titan, Engine and lugars. Speaking of them, they are (were?) pure wrecking balls during this event. Gunnery teams had a psychological effect, but never really paid back the investment. The small vassal conjurer proved to be super helpful.
      ETC Belgium ID Player Novi Sad 2019

      My journey with ID ==> Tales of an infernal general :ID:

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    • So after this tournament, I had a couple of test battles - yet not really had a chance to take pictures. I decided to change a bit my list, to opt for something probably even more aggressive.

      As you can see, I opted for a very risky master alchemy on chariot and more versatile bsb. I am not keen to invest a lot in the char' section, but I felt that this bsb wasn't a bad trade. He's a real swiss-knife as he's pretty defensive while providing some nice magic (but random) support and decent combat buff with the breath of the brass bull. He would not disappoint. The core section did not change too much. I only dropped the slaves for more bodies and a flaming banner in the IW. With the BSB, they would become a tough nut to crack. I kept the double lugar and packing the instrument of destruction section with the double engine + titan. The icing on the cake was the addition of a lamassu.

      I was pretty excited to play this list but after a few tests, I came to the conclusion that I would have a hard time in real tournament. Lamassu didn't synergised well in this list and the prophet on chariot is too much of a liability - easily exposed and soft point to grab. Yet to my surprise, is that the list could even work without the master (actually it did so in 2 out of 3 games). I also came to the conclusion that the triple troubles is a bit an abusive force for some opponents.

      As some of you may know, I was supposed to attend a big team tournament (300+ players) in France. But sanitary outbreak is what it is and the event got - logically - cancelled. While fully understanding the decision, my teammates and I were quite disapointed and decided to organise a covid-friendly gaming day (big garage with all gates open and masks on :)).

      I had the chance to face our host and friend John / @Yilmi, playing a skillfully painted VC army. He fielded the following list :

      So this is the perfect list to hunt down my general and lamassu. The triple banshee spam is so good at hunting these solo models. Coupled to the relentless banners, he could pull some very nice tricks. Yet I felt that he had few response to the lugars and the double Engines + Titan. He could deal with one, maybe two, but not the three of them.

      For a change, I won the side roll and elected to deploy on the left side to use to hill and avoid the water/ruin combination.It must be noted that the impassable right in the middle of the table created some interesting choices. John decided to drop everything and go for first turn. He deployed in a rather compact way mostly facing the left and center of the table. On the weak flank he deployed his varkolak, probably plotting to sneak behind my back to jump at me.

      In reaction I decided to drop my two engine on my left flank, followed by a blunder-dart and accompanied by the HW lugars. In the center I place my mage and lamassu. They could move laterally where they would be needed or benefit from the impassable to hide. On the center, I dropped my IW block, PW lugars and the titan. The latter would zone the varko and still threaten his scoring blocks.

      ETC Belgium ID Player Novi Sad 2019

      My journey with ID ==> Tales of an infernal general :ID:

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    • Wow, times to revive this thread. Lot happened since late November !

      In the meantime, with my friends, we entered into the madness of UB team tournaments on the french discord. That revealed to be an awesome experience. We liked our first attendance so much that we signed up for two more ! So our third tournament is ending this Sunday. I fielded my beloved ID for the first two events and shelved them for the latest iteration as I wanted to play something a bit different. On a personal level, I also attended another team event with our Belgian ETC team - the New Year Revolution. I had the chance to face some great players (including @The Kremlin and @Villon) and managed to brought back a decent results, despite being thrown on 2 mirrors matchs (seems a technique to avoid ID's - let them clash with each others :D) and a chaplet of orange matches. Finally, I took part to a couple of smaller solo events. Well, I gamed a lot :D

      But I'm not here to bother you with my life :p

      It's mainly a way for me to tease my next IRL battle (and first one since, what? September or so?) and force me to post some pics and a small bat rep ! Game will take place this Sunday, so I'll try to post something next week :)

      Enough blabla, here is the list I'll be rockin' :

      I'll face O&G, but dunno yet the details of the list and didn't wanted to cater something specific (this is just unfair and boring), so I brought a rather infantry heavy list, with a sprinkle of other tools. I'll post the list, and few pictures as soon as possible :)
      ETC Belgium ID Player Novi Sad 2019

      My journey with ID ==> Tales of an infernal general :ID:

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    • It's been a while since I posted something here.

      When IRL stuffs go crazy (but in a very positive way), that's prolly understandable - Yet I feel the need to start back documenting my ID experimentation. To be fair, I was also awaiting the latest beta to get back on track (I had a OK hiatus and I enjoyed it so much that I started a real army (not just a UB tuned one :D )).

      So in the next two weeks, I'll play 2 games for a small single tournament. It follows a "champion league system" where you first starts in a pool and if you qualify, you go to the next turn, which is then a direct knock-out system. I'll be facing one EoS army (with cheeky giants) and a VS list.

      Here is my list for the event :

      565 - Prophet, Prophet of Nezibkesh, Infernal Bastion, Wizard Adept, Occultism, Flintlock Axe (Eye of the Bull), Obsidian Rock
      485 - Prophet, General, Prophet of Lugar, Wizard Master, Alchemy, Shield, Binding Scroll
      485 - Taurukh Commissioner, Battle Standard Bearer (Aether Icon, Aether Icon), Shield (Willow's Ward), Infernal Weapon (Onyx Core), Talisman of Shielding
      495 - 20 Citadel Guard, Flintlock Axe, Standard Bearer, Musician, Champion
      440 - 20 Infernal Warriors, Blunderbuss, Standard Bearer (Banner of Speed), Musician, Champion
      195 - 20 Vassal Levies, Paired Weapons, Bow, Musician
      515 - 5 Taurukh Anointed, Paired Weapons, Standard Bearer (Flaming Standard), Musician, Champion
      290 - 10 Vassal Cavalry, Standard Bearer, Vassal Chieftain on Vassal Steed
      190 - 5 Vassal Cavalry
      430 - Kadim Titan, Walking Volcano (Rocket Battery)
      410 - Infernal Engine, Titan Mortar

      I'm trying out some new toys, recycling some stuffs from previous lists and paying tribute to @'marcema''s list, with my own twist ! We'll see how it goes - first match is tomorrow!
      ETC Belgium ID Player Novi Sad 2019

      My journey with ID ==> Tales of an infernal general :ID:
    • strauss wrote:

      So in the next two weeks, I'll play 2 games for a small single tournament. It follows a "champion league system" where you first starts in a pool and if you qualify, you go to the next turn, which is then a direct knock-out system.
      At least it's not a Super League xD

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    • Tyranno wrote:

      strauss wrote:

      So in the next two weeks, I'll play 2 games for a small single tournament. It follows a "champion league system" where you first starts in a pool and if you qualify, you go to the next turn, which is then a direct knock-out system.
      At least it's not a Super League xD
      Yup ! But if it was the case, and considering that they only accept the richest and most talented ones, I doubt I'd had made it :D

      Well, 1st game should start tomorrow and I'll be facing a unusual EoS list :

      515 - Prelate, Altar of Battle, Plate Armour
      330 - Prelate, Horse, Shield, Plate Armour, Winter Cloak, Obsidian Rock
      475 - Wizard, Arcane Engine (Foresight), Wizard Adept, Divination, Light Armour, Book of Arcane Mastery, Dragonfire Gem
      300 - Knight Commander, General, Horse, Shield (Witchfire Guard), Cavalry Pick (Titanic Might)
      160 - Marshal, Battle Standard Bearer, Shield
      440 - 10 Electoral Cavalry, Shield, Knightly Orders (Cavalry Pick), Standard Bearer (Household Standard), Champion
      204 - 21 Heavy Infantry, Halberd, Parent Unit, Standard Bearer, Musician, Champion
      195 - 20 Heavy Infantry, Halberd, Support Unit, Standard Bearer, Musician, Champion
      149 - 12 State Militia
      142 - 11 State Militia
      250 - 15 Imperial Guard, Great Weapon, Standard Bearer, Musician, Champion
      180 - 5 Reiters, Brace of Pistols
      345 - Imperial Giant, Giant Repeater
      475 - Steam Tank
      340 - Imperial Giant, Big Fan of Sunna, Big Brother
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    • How did the game go? :)

      Im very excited to hear what you think of the list. It's pretty close to what i've been playing myself. Yet you seem to invest more in incendiaries than most other armies i've seen and played. Can you share your thoughts behind it?

      Im still very much in doubt about the Bastion. Doesnt it need an Overlord to actually dare to go within 12" of most armies? And with an Overlord in it the army becomes so small... Im afraid this very iconic unit just still isnt good enough.

      Commissioner+Anointed seems super solid. I havent left home without them yet.

      Kadim Titan im not sure about. But i think i perfer the shooting option as well. Would like to hear how you found it working!
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    • @TobiasP, the game took place yesterday evening and lasted about 4 turns (we simulated the last one, as the result of the game was clear). As a disclaimer, I wouldn't really consider this game as a real practice. My opponent just got back in the game and was pretty inexperienced, so we partly “played together”, i.e. I was suggesting possible moves, explaining how X/Y/Z work etc.

      The EoS list is somehow unusual and may need fine-tuning (some parts are interesting but don't fit together). So quick recap:
      • We were playing flag and dawn assault. My opponent won the roll and picked the bottom side, forcing me to deploy on the right hand side with the silly building in the deployment zone.
      • I dropped first and adopted a rather packed approach, with the 10men vassal cavs as flanker. While sacrifying my first shooting salvo, going 1st allowed me to anchor my line on the hill and create a no-go zone in the center. This was mainly possible due to the fact that his big cav was on the left and right in the middle of his lines (would have been manageable but much more of problem). Alchemy did a great job and I nearly killed his Stank T1 (2wounds left) - Below is my T1 (after movement and 1 charge of the non-vanguarding vassal cav on reiters

      • My opponent decided to push, but without full steam and didn't really do much during magic and shooting phase. His positioning made the redirection of his cav block quite easy and allowed me to apply pressure in the centre of his line (BSB is hidden behind the blue-ish block)

      • On my T2 I tried a semi long charge with the vassals on the reiters and forced the central unit to flee (it wasn't a parent unit, so no counter charged allowed) and redirected in the Stank, but failed to reach it, leaving me in a central position, but not really threatened anymore. I covered my left flank with the citadel guard and the engine in order to avoid a push from the cav and giant, and used my cav to chaff the cav block. In magic and shooting phase, I finished the Stank and shipped a wound or two on the altar. I decimated most of the imperial guards.

      • the EoS player decides that it was time to charge with most of his units. This was somehow surprising as it seemed a bit suicidal, despite the bonuses granted by the two imperial karts. So the 3 surviving guards charged the BB, then the giant (considered as a support unit) charged, denying me the S&S I was keeping for him. To be honest, I didn't know that EOS giant were capable of these tricks. So my mighty bastion and BSB weren't able to shoot. On the right side, his heavy inf charged the annointed, and the other giant pulled the same trick and charge too.
      • Overall, my chaff cav got nuked (this was the expected result ofc). The bastion unit lost the combat but didn't fail their steadfast LD check. They rolled quite poorly. The annointed lost one body but killed 15 Heavy inf in return, wich fled with the giant. Both units were destroyed after a successful pursuit.

      I don't have picture of the following turns, but in a nutshell, I cleaned most of his units, while delaying his cav block. The latter panicked end of T3 after I destroyed the chariot mage and got pushed out of the map by a charge T4. Only the altar was remaining on the table with a couple of wound left. I lost only the small Cav unit.

      As said, this was mostly an initiation game and the match was mostly in my favour, so difficult to extract some real learning here.

      However, fun fact, the eye of the bull shot 4 times during the game, and managed to fail 3 2+ rolls and 1 3+ to wound :D On a more serious note, the bastion unit feels quite strong if well supported. In this sense, the annointed could be used as counter-charge and zoning threat. Despite a "easy" opposition, I didn't yet used the bigger vassal cav at its fullest. Deployment was hampered by this impassable.

      I'll try to document more my next game(s) - next one should on Friday 7/05 against a solid VS list.
      ETC Belgium ID Player Novi Sad 2019

      My journey with ID ==> Tales of an infernal general :ID: