How do duels work with single model units?

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  • How do duels work with single model units?

    I had this pop up in a game I played recently and it got me wondering.

    Here's the situation: I was playing ID, my opponent was playing KoE. His Duke on a Hippogryph (single character unit) charges my unit of Immortals, which was serving as bodyguards to my Chaos Dwarf Overlord. This particular Duke had the usual compliment of KoE nasty wargear that made him an absolute monster on the charge, and I knew he'd take apart half the unit in one turn, if he got the chance. Fortunately, my Overlord was well kitted out to absorb said charge and I issued a challenge as soon as he was in combat.

    Now, my opponent underestimated how defensive my Overlord was and accepted the duel, which ultimately did not work out very well for him (I took the initial charge with no damage and was able to grind him down over subsequent turns), but if I was in his shoes, I would not have wanted to accept that challenge, as the larger unit was far more susceptible to the duke's wargear kit than the tough-as-nails Overlord.

    So here's the question - are single character units bound by the same rules for duels as characters in larger units? Something about that doesn't seem right to me. Fluff-wise, I can understand a general being called out when his unit enters combat and having to either put up or else hide in the back from the enemy champion seeking his head... but it seems silly to me that a tactically-minded general wouldn't just ignore the dwarf shouting curses at him if it meant breaking an important unit. Hell, if I'd really wanted to be mean, I could've challenged him with the unit Champion instead of the Overlord. Said Champion would've been torn to ribbons instantly, but all those fancy charge abilities would be wasted killing a single model and, thanks to Stubborn, the rest of the unit most likely would have just stayed put and ground down the Duke the next turn (which, again, seems ridiculous).

    I don't see anything in the rules that says that single-model units are treated any differently in duels, so I'm assuming that the rules work as normal (silly as that seems to me), just wanted to confirm I'm not missing anything.
  • Unit or not, challenge works the same. Yes, fluff-wise it does seem silly that a single model just stands there and does nothing but you can see it as a brief attempt at retreating or cowering a bit and then the enemies all jump on him and beat him up before he recovers his ground to fight back (next turn).
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