Ogre Khans invasion on the Empire of Sonnstahl, 21 500

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    • Ogre Khans invasion on the Empire of Sonnstahl, 21 500


      - How I hate woods – thought Kurt, cursing under his breath as another branch hit his face. The young nobleman, leader of the reiters scouting party, would never admit it, but he was afraid of leading horsemen into a forest. Limited visibility, branches and roots everywhere. His horse stumbled. The rider spurred it onwards, spitting another curse.

      The unit was a part of the 3rd Stirland Army and it was tasked with a scout mission east, to verify the news of a burned hamlet in the area. No details. Kurt thought this was nothing, just someone’s imagination playing tricks, and that again he will have to go in vain, a full day in saddle. Judging by their faces, the members of his units had similar feelings. With the army general away, they did not try to compose themselves. The reiters were nearing a clearing or a road given more and more sun was able to penetrate the foliage. Kurt drew his pistol and ordered his men to form a line before piercing the trees, weapons at the ready. Despite the wind blowing from the back, he smelled an odour of burnt wood… and something else. Command barked, they moved onwards.

      The sun momentarily blinded them. There was a small hamlet ahead of them, what was left of it anyway. Destroyed houses, one of them still smouldering. Broken doors, collapsed roof, toppled fence. Something moved in the barn, the hinge gave up and the door fell to the ground with a groan. Out came an ogre, clutching a piece of meat. He intended to feast upon it but he saw the horsemen. He tossed the human arm to the ground and tried to draw his weapon but Kurt’s unit fired their arms. The offender, struck at close range with multiple bullets, fell dead on the ground. Smoke slowly dispersed when a roar was heard from behind another house. A pack of ogres was incoming!

      - Ready! Aim! Fire! – roared the commander, a barrage of lead flying to greet the approaching wall of living meat. Soldiers swapped arms, readying themselves for another salvo. “Why are they slowing down?” though Kurt. He saw a particularly big ogre, aimed and fire. He must have hit it on the head, but to no visible effect. Terrified, the man realized the ogres drew their weapons, and despite the distance he could swear these were imperial muskets. His retreat order was drowned in the noise of the firing weapons. Five men were lifted clean off their saddles and tossed against the trees behind them.

      They were running, trying to find a way between young trees and bushes. Kurt thought that they were sage, but the last bullet struck the horse of Hubert. The animal whined, the rider was thrown off it, his body slammed against a tree. He did not move.

      - Curse these branches, curse this forest, curses! – swore the reiter.

      In the clearing, the biggest of the ogres, the one hit on the head, was looking at the forest. He was bleeding from his chick and ear. One of the men was still alive, though the bullet nearly ripped his arm off. He struggled to move away, but to no avail. A heavy foot pressed into his breastplate, smashing his ribcage and pressing air from his lings. The ogre easily ripped his arm off and bit into it, staring into the human’s dying eyes. He was contemplating something as his wound started to mend disturbingly quickly.

      - Move out! – guttural command forced the band to march. One of the brutes lifted half-burned human body from ashes, teeth easily crushed weak bones.

      Kurt reach General Olivier von Treskow before the sunset. Within ten minutes, the camp was bustling with activity, with officers barking orders, trumpets blaring and drums droning. Runners were dispatched to other army groups “assemble at Siegfriedhof Castle!”

      Myth: Finally! We have been trying to stage this battle with DeBelial since December 2019, that’s when the first ideas for the scenario, battlefield and rules came to light. Our previous battle, between the Empire and the Daemons of Chaos, 25k points per side, ended up in an utter disaster for the men. Back then, we combined two standard tables with their longer sides, resulting in congested battlefield and no room for manoeuvres. With this in mind, and vying to take revenge for this humiliating 0:20 defeat, I was determined to come out on top this time.

      Of course, covid happened, we had to postpone our plans but that actually gave us time to finish painting the armies. As a result, there were only painted miniatures on the table. The battles against DeBelial are always demanding, but also fun, so we had a good day ahead of us.

      The rules: docs.google.com/document/d/1PN…1sdNSyUo7yhnar-8NJng/edit
      The photos: photos.app.goo.gl/NvGRdRodNT4hMqro8

      We decided to go for 21 500 points per army. The tables were combined with their shorter sides. We have used the Grand Armies rules and Magic Cards supplement, although we did omit the new spells. Starting from turn one, every second game turn both players got a special token, allowing for a reroll (e.g. a charge, a leadership test, etc.).

      Here is my roster:

      21500 Pts-Empire of Sonnstahl Army

      1 Marshal - Great Tactician @ 360 Pts
      General; Great Tactician; Hand Weapon; Plate Armour; Shield
      Imperial Seal [100]
      Mantle of Ullor [25]

      1 Marshal - Battle Standard Bearer - Great Tactician @ 280 Pts
      Great Tactician; Hand Weapon; Plate Armour; Shield; Battle Standard
      The Black Steel [45]

      1 Prelate @ 295 Pts
      Hand Weapon; Plate Armour; Shield
      Death Warrant [60]
      Ghostly Guard [35]

      1 Wizard Master @ 405 Pts
      Wizard Master; The Alchemy; Magical Equipment allowance; Hand Weapon
      Binding Scroll [55]

      1 Wizard Master @ 455 Pts
      Wizard Master; The Pyromancy; Magical Equipment allowance; Hand Weapon
      Binding Scroll [55]
      Magical Heirloom [50]

      1 Wizard Adept @ 275 Pts
      Wizard Adept; The Cosmology; Hand Weapon
      Book of Arcane Mastery [75]

      1 Inquisitor @ 350 Pts
      Hand Weapon; Plate Armour; Shield; Horse; Blessed Steel
      Hammer of Witches [40]
      Dusk Forged [55]
      1 Horse @ [0] Pts

      3 x 1 Inquisitor @ 260 Pts
      Paired Weapons; Plate Armour; Shield; Horse; Blessed Steel
      1 Horse @ [0] Pts

      2 x 1 Prelate @ 235 Pts
      Hand Weapon; Plate Armour; Shield; Horse
      1 Horse @ [0] Pts

      1 Prelate @ 395 Pts
      Hand Weapon; Plate Armour; Horse
      Hero's Heart [60]
      Basalt Infusion [35]
      Locket of Sunna [80]
      1 Horse @ [0] Pts

      1 Knight Commander @ 265 Pts
      Cavalry Pick; Plate Armour; Shield; Horse; First Knight
      Titanic Might [50]
      1 Horse @ [0] Pts

      1 Knight Commander @ 370 Pts
      Hand Weapon; Plate Armour; Shield; Horse; First Knight
      The Light of Sonnstahl [150]
      Witchfire Guard [35]
      1 Horse @ [0] Pts

      1 Knight Commander @ 195 Pts
      Lance; Plate Armour; Shield; Horse; First Knight
      1 Horse @ [0] Pts
      1 Marshal @ 280 Pts

      Lance; Pistol (2+); Plate Armour; Shield; Great Griffon
      Death Cheater [100]
      1Mount: Great Griffon (Marshal) @ 140 Pts

      1 Marshal @ 255 Pts
      Hand Weapon; Plate Armour; Great Griffon
      Talisman of Shielding [50]
      Dragon Staff [30]
      Alchemist's Alloy [15]
      1Mount: Great Griffon (Marshal) @ 140 Pts

      9 Knightly Orders @ 509 Pts FCG, lances, shield, Banner of Speed
      2 x 9 Electoral Cavalry @ 417 Pts FCG lances, shields, Banner of Speed
      2 x 48 Heavy Infantry - Spearmen @ 540 Pts FCG, Flaming Standard
      2 x 40 Heavy Infantry - Halberdiers @ 425 Pts FCG
      3 x 20 Heavy Infantry - Swordsmen @ 205 Pts FCG
      20 Light Infantry - Crossbowmen @ 335 Pts FCG, Marksman's Pennant [10]
      2 x 20 Light Infantry - Crossbowmen @ 325 Pts FCG
      20 Light Infantry - Handgunners @ 285 Pts Musician
      4 x 10 State Militia @ 135 Pts
      40 Imperial Guard @ 865 Pts FCG, Great Weapon
      40 Imperial Guard @ 745 Pts FCG, Household Standard [40]
      2 x 4 Knights of the Sun Griffon @ 503 Pts, Lances, FCG, Banner of Discipline
      3 Knights of the Sun Griffon @ 410 Pts FCG, Banner of Discipline [30]
      2 x 1 Arcane Engine of Foresight @ 280 Pt
      1 Arcane Engine of Arcane Shield @ 295 Pts
      2 x 20 Flagellants @ 295 Pts Champion
      18 Flagellants @ 261 Pts, Champion
      1 Steam Tank @ 475 Pts
      2 x 1 Imperial Artillery - Cannon (4+) @ 245 Pts
      2 x 1 Imperial Artillery - Volley Gun (4+) @ 190 Pts
      4 x 1 Imperial Artillery - Imperial Rocketeer (4+) @ 160 Pts
      4 x 5 Imperial Rangers @ 90 Pts
      3 x 5 Reiters @ 210 Pts, Brace of Pistols (4+); Heavy Armour; Musician
      2 x 10 Reiters @ 385 Pts, Repeater Gun (4+); Heavy Armour; Musician
      7 x 1 Prelate @ 160 Pts
      3 x 1 Marshal @ 165 Pts Halberd; Plate Armour

      Models in Army: 576

      Total Army Cost: 21500

      My battleplan was not elaborate. Despite increased range of the general’s and BSB’s bubbles and despite me having the Household Standard (+6 inches of the generals influence range), 2/3 of the battlefield was not supported by my leaders. Therefore I went for strong, stable centre, built around two units of Imperial Guard, one with great weapons, and the other with hand weapons and shields. There were the rock, upon which the ogre waves would collapse. The artillery and light shooting was supposed to weaken the enemy centre, while my cavalry would smash the flanks and converge to deliver the punishing blow. To this end, I placed my hopes in inquisitors. I took only 3 mages, two masters and an adept, not willing to overinvest in the magic phase. Still, I needed hatred on all my combat units, which called for a number of prelates and wagons. I ended up with 14 veil tokens per turn. I did not hope the bound spell would play any role, in my opinion they are too easy to counter.

      The infantry regiments have been placed far back, near the table edge, not to give enemy gorgers and awakened beasts any place to deploy. The cavalry pushed forward. We deployed the entire army at once behind a screen, this phase took us about an hour. Once the cardboard fog of war was lifted, it turned out we both had the same idea for a battleplan The Empire won the roll for deploying scouts and starting the game, the Ogres moved their vanguarding units first.

      Debelial: the roster
      Ogre Khans

      Great Khan, General, Heavy Armour, Great Weapon (Khagadai's Legacy), Crown of Autocracy, Aurochs Charm, Trolleater, 610

      Great Khan, Heavy Armour (Mammoth-Hide Cloak), Iron Fist (Heart-Ripper), Talisman of Shielding, Rod of Battle, Spinesplitter, 525

      Great Khan, Heavy Armour (Basalt Infusion), Paired Weapons (King Slayer), Lygur's Tongue, Potion of Swiftness, Headhunter, 500

      Great Khan, Heavy Armour (Yeti Furs), Brace of Ogre Pistols (Viper's Curse ), Crown of the Wizard King, 430

      Great Khan, Heavy Armour (Karkadan's Resilience), Great Weapon, Ogre Crossbow, Rampager's Chain, Rottenjaw, 415

      Khan, Battle Standard Bearer, Plate Armour (Death Cheater), Halberd, Paired Weapons, Iron Fist, Great Weapon, Brace of Ogre Pistols, Hoardmaster, 405

      Shaman, Wizard Master, Shamanism, Light Armour, Iron Fist (Ritual Bloodletter), Magical Heirloom, Obsidian Rock, 530

      Shaman, Wizard Master, Pyromancy, Light Armour, Great Weapon, Binding Scroll, Talisman of the Void, Firebrand, 580

      Shaman, Wizard Master, Thaumaturgy, Light Armour, Iron Fist, Binding Scroll, Crystal Ball, Gut Roarer, 575

      Shaman, Wizard Adept, Shamanism, Light Armour, Iron Fist, Book of Arcane Mastery, 360

      Mammoth Hunter, Light Armour (Wrestler's Belt), Iron Fist, Hunting Spear, Dragonfire Gem, Scout, 350

      Mammoth Hunter, Light Armour, Great Weapon, Hunting Spear, Dragon Staff, Potion of Strength, Leader of the Pack, 285

      1x 12 Bruisers, FCG, Pennant of the Great Grass Sky, 979
      1x 12 Bruisers, FCG, Banner of Speed, 979
      1x 13 Tribesmen, Iron Fist, FCG, Rending Banner, 875
      1x 13 Tribesmen, Iron Fist, FCG, Banner of Discipline, 855
      1x 13 Tribesmen, FCG, Rending Banner, 745
      1x 50 Scraplings, Spear, FCG (Foreman Halberd), 385
      1x 44 Scraplings, Shield, FCG (Foreman Halberd), 349
      1x 8 Sabretooth Tigers, 248
      1x 8 Mercenary Veterans, Iron Fist, Plate Armour, Lethal Strike, FCG, Banner of the Gyengget, 962
      1x 6 Mercenary Veterans, Brace of Ogre Pistols, Poison Attacks, Accurate, FCG, Banner of Speed, 785
      1x 4 Tusker Cavalry, Great Weapon, FCG, Banner of Discipline, 650
      1x 4 Tusker Cavalry, Paired Weapons, FCG, Stalker's Standard, 620
      1x 4 Tusker Cavalry, Paired Weapons, FCG, Banner of Discipline, 610
      1x 6 Yetis, Champion, 435
      4x 1 Kin-Eater, 175
      3x 1 Sabretooth Tigers, 80
      3x 5 Scrapling Trappers, 80
      1x 7 Bombardiers, FCG, 565
      2x 6 Bombardiers, Musician, Champion, 435
      2x 1 Thunder Cannon, 320
      2x 1 Scratapult, 245
      2x 1 Rock Aurochs, Ogre Crossbow, 490
      2x 1 Frost Mammoth, Ogre Crossbow, 385
      3x 1 Slave Giant, Great Weapon, 300


      Debelial: I think hidden deployment is the only viable method for such battles. You can think your plan through, which, given the number of units, is crucial. And it is much faster. Moreover, the uncertainty about enemy disposition was well-grounded and realistic. Naturally, I had the same doubts as Myth about the range of general and BSB. Therefore, I went for the central deployment with my toughest and most elite units. The flanking unites either had the Banners of Discipline, were immune to panic (Aurochs) or were accompanied by Great Khans with LD9. The flanking units were more mobile, the ones in the centre – more durable. Of course, the plan was to sweep the enemy flank and devastate the centre, but Myth had such a plan, too…

      Kurt did not like is senior colleagues from the reiters corps. Truth be told, there were not many people he liked at all, deeming himself to be better than the Emperor himself. His one shout cooled the heads of his subordinates, they moved to a position behind the demigryph knights, near a unit of knights. The man sighed at the sight of the emblems, confirming that this was the inner circle of the order, the elite he strove to join one day. He exchanged a glance with an inquisitor accompanying the knights and quickly looked away. A unit or reiters with long rifles galloped past him, on their way to a forward position. The nobleman focused on a steady prayer of the prelate in the knights unit.

      - You are the sons of Sigmar, you are unstoppable! – boomed another prelate behind Kurt’s back, in a unit of halberdiers. – Sigmar is your shield and today he will lend his strength to your arms! You fear no spawn of evil or chaos! They will all die by your hands, non can force the wall of steel of your halberds! Head me, I promise that before the sun sets, you will bask in glory, standing atop a mound of fallen enemies. For Sigmar, for the Emperor, for the Empire! – Halberds and spears thumped against the ground, swords clattered against the shields and the traditional “Victory or Death” rose up to sky.

      There was no inspiring speech from the general. Olivier von Treskow was known as a pragmatist, valuing discipline above all. The orders had been issued, the troops had taken their positions. They all knew that they must stop the horde. The men of the Empire realized how big was the threat of a migrating, hungry clan of ogres. The general lifted his sword, and then levelled it towards the enemy line. This was the signal colonel Otto, the head of Nuln contingent, was waiting for. A sizzle, a deafening roar and the air was cut by cannon balls and rockets. Crossbowmen of Stirland River Patrol loosed their bolts. Steinback River was stained with first drops of blood. A giant took a hit to his arm, cutting it clean by the elbow. His shouts and roars were almost as loud as the barrage moments ago. The battle has commenced.

      Turn 1 – Empire
      The horse units of the Empire took up positions for second-turn charges, while the centre held firm. The results of the cannonade were not as spectacular as expected, barely some scraplings dead and panicking, a few wounds on a giant. The reiters on the left flank shot up quite a few tigers accompanying a hunter there. Their companions on the right flank attempted to weaken the incoming tuskers with two-handed weapons before flagellants would move to intercept. I was hoping to counter them with a griffon or demigryphs afterwards.

      Turn 1 – Ogres
      The Ogres centre and left flank pushed forward. The right flank (facing Empire left) was cautious, facing the human elite horsemen. The hunter there found his mark, the reiters have moved too far forward. He pushed through with remaining tigers, luckily not triggering any panic checks. I have stopped the comet with a binding scroll and used my dice for stop the beast and break the spirit on my cavalry unit. In the shooting phase, the bombardiers in the centre shot up my precious cavalry. Four men have fallen and I had to use my token to stop their panic.

      Debelial: and they would be the thorn in my side...

      Turn 2 – Empire
      During turn two, on my left flank the demigryphs and the griffin charged forward, but the giant there decided to flee. The enemy hoped to lure me within the charge range of tuskers. I have passed my redirect checks and far (10+) charge checks on both units and hammered into the tuskers instead. I had to sacrifice a small unit of demigryphs to block an enemy ogres unit and an auroch near a tower, in an unfavourable position. The tuskers have broken and were run down by the griffin, who reached the fleeing giant and dispatched it as well. The demigryphs turned to face the ogres block.

      On the right flank, my reiters switched targets. I went for bombardiers on the hill, hoping to panic them, but I barely killed one ogre out of six. The flagellants approached the tuskers there.

      In the centre my cavalry with Sonnstahl-wielding commander, a priest and an inquisitor reached a unit of tuskers and killed them, overrunning into bombardiers. A mammoth nearby panicked, Debelial used his token to rally it in his turn. This guy was to come back big style.

      My third cavalry unit, between my left and centre, slammed into ogres with ironfists. They were joined by insubordinate flagellants. I needed to kill one ogre more, the unit remained steadfast. I had to reform the cavalry to receive a counter from veterans and a khan in their front, not the side.

      Turn 2 – Ogres
      Ogres approached again, although the ruins in the middle did not make it easy. On my left flank, the auroch and the block took the chance at demigryphs and smashed them to pieces. The unit reformed to face my cavalry. On the right side, the tuskers killed twenty flagellants in one go. My cavalry in the centre killed the bombardiers and pursued.

      My other cavalry lost the fight against veterans. The remaining knights were run down ogres pursuing twelve inches, stopping about eight inches from my imperial guard. In magic, Debelial draws card VIII, meaning 12 PD, but -1 to cast. Two spells fail because of the modifier, the phase is stopped. I burn my second binding scroll for the comet.

      All four gorgers arrived on the battlefield but only one found a place near my artillery. The rest had to settle for far flanks.

      Turn 3 – Empire
      The guard with two-handed weapons saw their chance to annihilate veterans and charged, but I was too eager and measured the distance from my buff wagon with lightning reflexes. Debelial realized what was about to happen and run away. My auxiliaries moved to shoot the gorger. On my left flank, the demgryphs and the knights charged the ogre block, while the griffin charged the scraplings. Both units were defeated and cavalry overran into the auroch. On my right flank, I tried anything to slow down the ogres. My cavalry with Sonnstahl in the centre turned. They were fed a cannon and a tiger as distraction afterwards.

      Two wounded giants in the middle of the battlefield have been killed with magic and shooting. The tank rammed into the hunter on the flank, scored four impact hits, wounded… one. The ogre took out the Potion of Strength and proceeded to pulverize the machine in one move (the tank received four wounds from a cannon on turn one). This panicked Kurt’s unit, they rallied by the edge.

      - What kind of monster can single-handedly defeat our tank!? – yelled one of Kurt’s subordinates. He did not know and neither did he want to check.

      Turn 3 – Ogres
      Debelial rallied the fleeing veterans on his right flank and put a second khan into the unit. The auroch nearby fell under the pressure of my cavalry. If the Empire could achieve a breakthrough here, great victory was possible.

      The ogres centre decided to hold. My guard with two-handed weapons moved out of cover on my turn, so the bombardiers took their chance there. Supported by flaming swords of ruin, they reduced the proud unit to ten models over two turns of shooting. On their left flanks, the ogres were pushing through my remaining auxiliaries and sacrificial units, with a mammoth finally reaching my handgunners. It was wounded, with two health points remaining. Apparently, the handgunners fixed their bayonets and killed the beast, ending its rampage for good.

      The gorger and hunter on my left flank charged into my halberdiers, hoping to kill the leaders and break them despite steadfast, but were killed over two phases.

      Turn 4 – Empire
      This was the turn! One effort more and victory could be mine! Only on obstacle on the road though – a frost mammoth with its aura lowering my initiative by the veterans on my left flank. I calculated that two cannons, two rocket batteries, twenty archers, twenty crossbowmen and my full magic phase would be enough so I charged the veterans. The griffin flew over for flanks next turn. My centre remained static, with only flagellants shuffling forward to block another unit of veterans. My right flank well, was just to hold on long enough.

      Magic took three health points off the mammoth. Then both cannons misfired and could not shoot anymore. Rockets missed their target or failed to wound. The archers did wound the behemoth, but its scales held firm. The crossbowmen put two more wounds on it. The monster was bloodied, disoriented, but it stood defiant! Debelial perfectly used this opportunity. His khan gulped down potion of swiftness and swung the king’s slayer with 9 S9 attacks to kill my best inquisitor. The second khan ravaged the demigryphs. My heroes fared rather poorly. Then mercenaries attacked and killed off the knights before they could deliver. What remained was a wounded demigryph that fled the fight, never to rally. My remaining heroes held for a turn.

      I had no means of safely killing tigers running up to my units, which could spell troubles in future.

      Turn 4 – Ogres
      The veterans on my left flank chased away the remaining characters from the cavalry unit. The entire centre approached once again, whereas the right flank was looking for signs of weakness in Empire lines. The veterans in the middle lost three of their number but punched through the flagellants in one phase, threatening my crossbowmen and artillery. The ogres also awakened a beast that was able to breath my another rocket battery to death. The scratapults started to hit my infantry hard.

      Turn 5 – Empire
      I still had the chance to win. My helblaster could kill the veterans on left flank, I had magic, I had another guard unit and multiple others. On my left flank my unit of spearmen charged what remained of ogres that met my cavalry turn two. Other units repositioned. And here another disaster struck. The frost mammoth again survived, my artillery and magic went against veterans threatening my rear. Spearmen lost the fight since they struck last, then they failed their steadfast on 11 and 12, and were run down. The ogres overrun into my crossbowmen and a nearby unit of auxiliaries with my alchemy master and cosmology adept panicked off the board after two failed LD10 tests. My buff wagons ran down these ogres, but the damage was done!

      My griffon in the centre charged and killed a scratapult, overrunning into a mammoth. The mammoth. Too little, too late.

      Turn 5 – Ogres
      This was a fruitful turn for the ogres. The veterans in the centre dispatched crossbowmen and wreaked havoc among my artillery. Then they turned, finding themselves in a perfect spot to threaten my guard unit. The veterans on the far left used their pistols to kill my helblaster and a khan charged out of the unit to face my reiters, led by Kurt

      “We got a signal to draw away the enemy and give our halberdiers corp time to join the fray in the centre. A dangerous game, but we were born for it!” Kurt played with such thoughts when approaching the enemy and becoming a living bait. To his terror he realized that the enemy was the same ogre he had shot before. The creature charged, swinging wildly his weapons. First blow ripped a horseman from his saddle, another cut off a horse’s head, its rider falling to the ground. Kurt was alone, splattered in blood of his companions. He drew a pistol and pulled the trigger. The lead ball embedded deep into the ogre’s arm and shook him, which probably saved the nobleman’s life. He ran, forgetting about fight and the mayhem around him, as far away from the living mount of muscle as possible.

      My griffon killed the mammoth. Hurray…

      Turn 6 – Empire
      My left flank hang by a thread. The demigryph ran off the battlefield. The halberdiers failed to reach the centre, now they had to face the victorious veterans.

      My right flank was pushed into an undefendable position by a block of ogres, yetties and tuskers. I managed to kill a tiger in the centre and approach my guard with a spearmen unit, ready to countercharge, but alas. My alchemy master was gone, and with him my entire defensive magic. Debelial easily dispelled all bound spells. My remaining cavalry unit with Sonnstahl was stranded when it charged a frost mammoth, who decided to flee. Then it rallied in my deployment zone, ready for some more… I had to redirect a unit of bulls with enemy BSB in the middle with a prelate 1+ AS, hoping that the presence of my leader and BSB will be enough.

      My griffon in the centre charged the rear of bombardiers with pyromancy mage, that fight would last long.

      Turn 6 – Ogres
      The Ironguts unit with enemy general finally charged my guard, joined by the veterans from a flank. Enemy left wing finished off my smaller units and converged on my second unit of halberdiers. On my left flank, the veterans approached. Ogre magic delivered – Debelial fielded +1 resilience, -1 to wound and -1 enemy strength spells. Two out of three went through magic defences and the ironguts felt nothing as they ploughed through my elite. The guard remained stubborn since Khadagai’s Maul failed to kill my general. The mammoth rallied.

      Turn 7 – Empire
      Spearmen charged ironguts flank and received flaming swords. My right flank was lost, nowhere to run. My cavalry moved to support, but I failed to kill the remaining tiger, who would redirect the later. On my left flank, the halberdiers prepared to receive the veterans. In my centre, I had to use my BSB to redirect the ogres block with enemy BSB. A desperate attempt, but my prelate was dead (he survived two rounds).

      Turn 7 – Ogres
      As expected, the mammoth approached and the ironguts slaughtered my guard, killing the general and the prelate there. My BSB died to S4 impact hits, hurray to 1+ AS. My rightmost halberdiers evaporated. My pyromancy mage, seeing the demise of my guard, turned tail and ran, not to be seen again.

      Turn 8 – Empire
      I have lost the battle in the centre, although the spearmen there still held. I have lost my right flank and my magic. The tiger moved to redirect my cavalry, which I recalled as far away from danger as possible.

      As a last-ditch attempt, my two buff wagons charged the flank of remaining veterans. “Only four health points to kill them”, I thought. Well, I rolled three in total for impact hits, caused one wound and the very angry ogre champion killed both wagons over two phases of combat.

      This turn, my griffon in the middle died, taking with him the enemy pyromancy master. This freed the bombardiers to finally turn to my remaining guard.

      Turn 8 – Ogres
      Enemy ironguts with general smashed my spearmen. The veterans on my left flank massacred the halberdiers with the assistance of some magic. Bombardiers finished off my remaining guard behind the wall. All I had left was running halberdiers, a unit of auxiliaries, a rocket battery, running crossbowmen and some cavalry. And Kurt.

      Kurt was fleeing alone. He passed by the place where the commander of griffin order fell earlier today. He saw the emblems and decided to get them. “At least I will give my version of the story in the capital”.

      Myth: What a battle it was! What emotions! Nobody expected such a dramatic change of course. About turn two or three, our colleague visited us to see the battle. He saw the situation, tapped Debelial compassionately on shoulder and went home, convinced there would be nothing more to see there. He could not have been more wrong. One poor magic and shooting phase shifted the scales and two failed rerollable LD 10 tests were my doom. Not even my tokens could change that.

      My MVP are definitely two units of Imperial cavalry, who carved a bloody path through the enemy army. The combination of commanders, inquisitors and prelates gave me tough and mobile killing machines.

      Before the battle, I pick in secret two goals – to kill the enemy general and BSB. We also were supposed to score three points on the battlefields. I failed miserably to achieve any of these, while Debelial scored all three, he preserved enough of his scoring units and his actions meant the demise of over 60% troops overall on the battlefield.

      As far as the game mechanics go, we had plenty of space to manoeuvre and deploy troops. The Grand Armies rules allowed us to deploy varied forces, though many heroes were like “hey, I have 200 points magic items allowance, why do you only give me a shield?!” The hidden deployment work brilliantly.

      If I were to change anything, that would the veil tokens on cards. My army generated 14, Debelial’s 6. We could transfer 6 tokens between phases. Both of us had maximum additional PD till the end of the game, I transferred maximum veil tokens allowed every turn.

      The Result
      The killing netted 16:4 result, with 13 000 points in favour of the Ogres. The objectives scored and goals accomplished pushed it into 19:1.

      Out of 575 models in EoS 50 survived the battle. Out of 240 models in Ogres army, 80 lived to tell the tale, including 46 scraplings. By models count, 83% troops have fallen over the course of the battle.

      We started deployment at 10:00, turn 1 started at 11:00. The battle was finished by 0:30, and we had the score by 1:00. There was enough time for a lunch in between. 15 hours of battling, like a masters tournament

      Thank you, Debelial! The game was awesome and it is always a pleasure to face you. I am hoping for a rematch!

      Debelial: This was a great game! My morale by the end of turn 3 was super low, as my flank basically evaporated. And then the tables turned – the key was the frost mammoth surviving the barrage, enabling me to stop the rampage of the cursed Imperial cavalary! Well, one mammoth, nothing spectacular, and yet it proved to be my deliverance.

      Spectacular changes in course of action, emotions and enormous troops formations – this is what this game is all about for me! Together with Myth we have played a number of these, but there is always an appetite for more As usual, pure pleasure playing!

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