Quick 'n' Dirty Gambeson

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    • Quick 'n' Dirty Gambeson

      Eisenhans wrote:

      Here's a quick n'dirty tutorial for gambeson:
      The tools I use:

      1.Apply a blob of GS and shape it somewhat into the shape you want.

      2.Smooth it.

      3.Define the edges by pushing them flat repeatedly.

      4.Flatten the top surface.

      5.Define the edges again. For a more crisp finish repeat steps 4 and 5 until satisfied.

      6. Cut a diagonal line with a blade across the whole surface.

      7. Cut a line at the opposite angle.

      8. Continue cutting lines diagonally to make a pattern, be careful to keep somewhat the same distance between cut. Redefine edges with your flat sculpting tool.

      9. Press your flat sculpting tool into all of the lines.

      10. Using a needle or a a dentist tool stab the entire surface at random very lightly. Do not forget the sides.

      11. Voluntary step. Stab the surface more and slightly harder than before to simulate wear and tear.

      12. Feed the animals so they don't starve in the snow.

      Good luck to anyone trying!