UK and Ireland Rankings Update

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    • UK and Ireland Rankings Update

      The UK and Ireland Masters Rankings Committee are pleased to release the updated rankings for the beginning of the 2021 season!…492Q8/edit#gid=1710332193

      In the spreadsheet you will find both a 2021 season rankings as well as a rolling 12 month rankings.

      We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate @ukrocky on his win of the Masters event for the second year running.

      Congratulations also to @bognog for winning the Masters Open event, the first ranked event of the 2021 season.

      The 2020 Masters Committee
      ETC 2022: Ireland (C)
      ETC 2021: Ireland (C) :ID:
      ETC 2020: Ireland (C) :ID:
      ETC 2019: Ireland :ID:
      ETC 2018: Ireland :O&G:
    • Looking forward to the 2022 Masters:

      With events now successfully starting up, and the 2021 season in full swing, we are now inviting offers to host the 2022 UK and Ireland Masters event in January.

      The Masters is an invitational event for the top 16 players in the UK, made up of the current Master, winners of the 4 national championships and the remainder being the top ranked players in the UK and Ireland Rankings.

      The requirements for the host are as follows:

      [*] A venue suitable for the 16 player event
      [*] To be held over one weekend in January, either 15/16 or 22/23 January
      [*] Suitable terrain and tables to be provided
      [*] Any changes from standard T9A rules, 4500 points and 5 games will be voted on by players, but the host can propose options

      Hosts will also have the option to run an Open Event alongside the Masters. This can be in the host's preferred form, and we encourage considering the inclusion of hobby elements (e.g. a painting score element, painting comp, conversion prizes etc).

      The host application should set out the essential details to be voted on:

      [*] Location and Venue details
      [*] Dates
      [*] Details of an Open event (if any), including rules
      [*] Prices for Masters and Open
      [*] Rules suggestions for the Masters event

      This will then be voted on by the top 30 players in the current ranking for a week on 11 October, please submit any applications to host by then to Any questions, please let us know.

      All the best,

      The UK and Ireland Rankings Committee

      Executive Board

      Head of Background Team

      Team Scotland ETC 2019 Captain

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