Bases sizes and game impact

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  • Bases sizes and game impact

    Hello everyone,

    I'm totally new to T9A, and I'm considering making a try on this game system since I pledge for the Kingdom of Mercia Kickstarter (for those who don't know about it, it is an entire Bretonnian army ready to 3d print).

    The problem I'm facing is that the scale doesn't match with T9A. I mean like for example, horses do not fit on 25x50mm bases and same for infantry.

    Thus, I'm wondering about scaling my bases up but I would like your opinion on this subject : what would be the game impact ? Would it be huge impact?
    If my partner has standard size bases, is it impossible for us to play together (in a fun game I mean, not for tournament).

    Thank you all in advance, looking forward to reading your answers !

  • It will impact the game a resonable ammount, mostly how much line of sight units blocks, and how many model can attack smd such. If its just a bit larger(eg 30x60m fx) its probably not huge for friendly games. A lot larger and... things might get weird and unbalanced. The rules would still work just fine though.

    That said... if its 3d print, cant you just... scale the models down before printing? Should be pretty easy?
  • Firstly, welcome to T9A!!

    Secondly, are you sure that it won't fit? They advertise them with a GW model on 25x50 for scale comparison. And I think that lost kingdoms has T9A in mind when designing their minis but I can be wrong!

    Anyway the answer is: base size is too important to get wrong. Sometimes small differences can be overcome (like using a 50x75 for a 50x100 base), but simply scaling up will break the game. (Unless your opponent also scales up the exact same relatively)

    The spirit of T9A is rather that the game is fully model agnostic, the only thing you truly have to adhere to are base sizes :')

    That said, especially if you have STL's, it shouldn't be too much of a hassle to scale the models down. Or sometimes using a unit filler every now and then gives you the space to make it all fit!

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  • Thank you for your answers !

    In fact, the scale comparison shown is good, but for exemple Grail Knights are to big the fit in ranks. Of course, I could scale them down, but I already started printed some and I heard that scaling supports down was not a great idea (they are pre supported). But yes it could be a solution.

    Well, I'll see if I want to print all over again in smaller scale, I guess 80% would be enough.

    Thank you for your time !
  • those will be some gorgous model.

    there are always options to fit models that are bigger than their base.
    either by glueing some across the base rather than in a straight line. of have some more to the left and some others to the right. one could put some models on a higher base so that the head does not hit the tail of the model in front.

    Its also quite common to leave empty gaps in your unit or put a model on a double sized base representing two models. This is commonly seen at turnaments. Especially for large units like goblins or zombies where it is just easier to take away casulties.

    I got myself some nice models that are too big for my Ogre Khans. So instead of a 40*40 base, i put them on a 40*80 base. Each model represents now two Ogres. One of them has some magnets so I can put him on a smaller base after loosing one model. This works fine and noone so far had a problem with it (in a casuale game, even less).

    For some bigger monsters that are bigger than my their base, I tend to take an spare empty base if I play in a turnament in case someone wants to be 100% correct about the location of his models...
  • Thats exactly what I did for my Cage Rager model from PP - he is on an 80x40 and sits very nicely in my mob of OK tribesmen. He just counts as a mini “regiment” base of two ogres

    also I am paricularly guilty of putting monsters on smaller bases (i try to keep the width the same but the depth is often narrower - this is so they tessilate better and i can store them better in my really useful boxes. eg my Kadim titan is on 100x100 not 100x150 - nobody objects in friendly games as templates arent a thing in T9A (at least actual templates arent a thing - you still have area weapons but they hit on Aim Score and use model count)

    if I played a tourney (where that might either give me a deployment advantage or shorten a models flank) I have spare bits of mdf/movement trays of the right size to place them on
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