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      #BLAG_002 #CHOSEN LADY
      #BLAG_003 #CHOSEN LADY finished
      #BLAG_004 #Dancing with Goats (BatRep... sort of)
      #BLAG_005 #How I failed at the main event

      #BLAG_006 #One more thought on the beast game
      #BLAG_007 #Sorceress Build #ANAXIMANDRA
      #BLAG_008 #Sorceress finished #ANAXIMANDRA

      What this is, you ask?

      This isn't my first blog, not even the first about my Warriors. These things tend to run out of steam from time to time, and then need to be kickstarted again. I have decided over the last couple months that I really wanted to re-kindle my old WDG blog, but I have debated with myself how and where, exactly. In the end, I decided to go for tabula rasa and do a real reboot, and restart in English this time.

      First up, this blog will be about all parts of the hobby, becuase that is what I enjoy.

      It's about building models, or rather converting models, as I do that a lot; it's actually my favourite part of the hobby, and I would never use miniatures built straight out of the box. Converting models is importat to me, and I enjoy it. Hence, be prepared to see that a lot.

      All models then need to be painted. I think I'm fairly decent at it, but far from being a pro or a showcase painter. The simple truth is, I don't enjoy painting miniatures much. I like getting a good result, and I want a nice army in the end, I just don't enjoy the process of painting much. Still, painting is a vital part of collecting an army, so it will also feature here:

      And what do you do once you have a painted army? Right, you play games with it. I'm quite an avid player, I visited a good number of tournaments in Germany and Austria, and I try to get in a game a week if possible... at least that was the situation pre-Covid, and also before I became a dad a year ago. Now, I think I need to pace myself and manage my expectations, but I still like gaming, and also writing battle reports, so that should also come up here as soon and as much as it is feasible.

      Also, from time to time I will want to write about miscellaneous topics about the game, the community or tabletop in general.

      Finally, this will not be a blog about Chaos or WoC, but Warriors of the Dark Gods.
      I don't play T9A because I want to port over an old army I built in the late nineties, and I don't secretly think "Tzeentch Daemon Prince!" all the time while playing my army. I get why people do this, and that's fine. But I have left the old world behind for good. I'm much more interested in the new background, and new units, and new ideas. Hence my army is built specifically with the WDG army list and background in mind, it is a true WDG army.

      So, in short:

      See ya around

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    • #BLAG_001

      So you were crunching lists with your pals the other dayyy...

      Army lists are the favourite part of the hobby for quite a lot of guys.
      My personal history with writing army lists is... ambivalent.
      I've always believed, and believe to this day, that the influence your list has on your results is way overblown. To improve as a player, especially in the beginning, finetuning your list is one of the least effective and important things to do (except when there are glaring errors, which happens rarely enough).

      Display Spoiler
      Therefore, a couple years ago, I wasn't particularly interested in list building, and even less interested in discussing lists. Actually, in our old community forum, we had a dedicated emoji for when somebody posted a list and you wanted to express your disinterest:

      (transl. "Oh, a list.")

      I used that a lot.

      Display Spoiler
      As it was, we had one particular guy in the forum who would post more lists than everybody else combined. His name was Stormi.
      Needless to say, after a short while there was an emoji for that as well:

      "Oh, a list by Stormi."

      Good old days.

      Holy Grail vs. Toolbox

      Generally, I'd say there are two basic approaches to list building. Some people have exactly one list idea they want to play with a faction. They may iterate it a bit and change out some units for others over time, but it stays the same basic list. It is their attempt to find the perfect list with this faction, at least in their meta and for their playstyle. Their holy grail. The idea is that there is one best list, and the rest isn't worth playing. Also, this is a good way to limit the amount of models you have to build and paint.
      After a while, those peple lose interest and move on to the next army.

      Some people write different lists for their army, to try out different units and combos, to dig deep into the different facets/aspects the army has. Mostly, those people write A LOT of different lists. They often write more lists than they can actually play games with, a whole toolbox full. The idea is there is no single best list, there are just many different lists with different strengths/weaknesses. Truth be told, those people are often more interested in the gaming aspect than the model aspect and their armies often look somewhat cobbled together, borrowed, or worse.

      I used to be in the former camp, but after starting WDG I decided to give the new book a good spin and try many different concepts, MSU, big bricks, Hellmaw, Monster Mash, etc.
      My WDG list archive is deep.
      I can't say why or where exactly it happened, but I got into list building and varying quite a bit. One part of the reason has to be online tools which make changing things and writing up completely new stuff very easy and convenient. I use these two:
      They are free and quite awesome, especially for mobile use (somehow, I always get the BEST list ideas on the toilet).

      So, lots of lists now. Cool.


      Constantly changing your army list really really upsets your plans to get a fully painted army finished.
      Thusly, I have decided to pick one of the lists I have recently used, freeze it and build and paint all the models for this list. Don't touch the list until all the models are completely done and finished.

      Easy, right?

      Now, there may be a handful of finished models lying around that have been kicked out of the list since having been finished, but hey.
      An attempt was made.

      The list itself is based on a death-star build, supported by strong single models and some min-scorers. Round here, we call that a "Wolf list", named after a local player ( @Red88 ) who plays this kind of list exclusively :D
      I don't think this is the only or best way to play Warriors, but it is a way. I've been quite successful with it in tournaments, so it kinda works. It is different to the type of list I usually play, and I haven't really played a death-star in a long while (if ever), so it seemed like a cool idea.

      All that being said, now for that list...

      Display Spoiler
      Plot twist, I'm not posting my full list here, for dramatic purposes.
      I will rather go through all units one by one as they are presented in the following blag posts.
      Display Spoiler
      Consider your expectations subverted.

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    • #BLAG_002

      Okay, enough memes for now, let's move on to actual models.

      Display Spoiler

      I decided to go through the army list from top to bottom, so we'll start with the general. As I said, the list is based around a deathstar, and you cannot have a deathstar without one or more characters inside. In my case, I opted for a Nukuja Chosen Lady (female Chosen Lord) as a general. Res 6 is very nice ofc, and I used to give her Entropic Aura in the past... which isn't wrong per se, but it ended up being too much RPS for my taste, at least in this list.

      You either had hard characters in the enemy list, in which case it could be game-deciding... or you had very little in the way of fighty characters up against you, in which case it did exactly nothing. So, I recently decided to ditch the Aura for Dark Prelate. Sure, bound spells have their weaknesses, but both spells are crazy good for her unit so that they certainly present your opponent with some hard choices what to dispel. Also, I gave her Touch of Greatness because her regular S6 halberd can be a bit meh sometimes, but I generally don't like giving a model with Agi7 a GW, so that's that. For protection, I added the trusty 5++ Aegis Talisman and the Obsi Rock for MR2, mainly against those pesky snipes. The final detail is the Wasteland Torch. When you spend 1000-2000 points on a unit, you'll feel really silly when you realize you don't want to risk charging into that water or ruin terrain because every HP is so expensive. The Torch mitigates this factor a lot, plus it gives you very useful flaming attacks in the first turn of each combat, always a nice combo with Alchemy.

      The model is based on a female Sigmarine, with enough GW Chaos bitz to turn her into a Chosen Lady of the Dark Gods (TM). The helmet is from a bitz company, still had that lying around in my box so can't say which.

      685 - Chosen Lady, General, War Dais, Trophy Rack (Wasteland Torch), Shield, Hell Forged Armour, Halberd (Touch of Greatness), Talisman of Shielding, Obsidian Rock, Sloth, Dark Prelate

      Of course, the War Dais (or Dias if you're @DanT :D )... there is no good model on the market for this mount choice IMHO, but I would have converted that anyway, so whatever. I understand this can be frustrating for some players, but man do I love this aspect of T9A. So much freedom, so much opportunity.

      So I knocked together a wild conversion of lots of different kits, I guess you could say mainly from the GW Chaos Shrine. I wanted to go for a model that was suitably impressive and regal - it's the General's mount! - so not just two dudes hoisting a shield. Granted, the model may have ended up a bit too large for standard/tall but hey, rule of cool always trumps everything else.

      The short background in my mind is that the carrier was once a champion of a different Dark God (TM), and he would not submit to Kallistra, quote "would never fight under her". So a duel it was, and he came up only second best. The Seven don't tolerate failure, so the gods made him eat his words as a punishment for losing... meaning he's now spending a lot of his time fighting under her 8o

      The aethetics I wanted to achieve here was something that was clearly mutated but not as badly as a Wretched One. It should also look like it could dish out 4 S4 attacks, but not too much more... it clearly has to put its effort more into carrying than fighting. The platform should look quite massive, and contains a good collection of skulls to represent the Lady's Trophy Rack.

      Note that this is not the complete model yet (more like a 95% version), it has had some more details added and some parts replaced (like the tongue of the metal head), and the pictures are also pre-greenstuff.

      All together:

      Next up: the finished model...

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    • jimmygrill wrote:

      Of course, the War Dais (or Dias if you're @DanT :D )...
      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
      So true!
      It really annoys me, it is just one of those words... I second guess myself every time, then just leave it cos I have more important things to worry about.
      One day, I will type it correctly in a list...

      Loving the blog by the way, there is some very nice hobby here :)
      List repository and links HERE
      Basic beginners tactics HERE
      Empire of Dannstahl HERE
    • Vespacian wrote:

      Like it so far! Following.

      DanT wrote:

      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: So true!
      It really annoys me, it is just one of those words... I second guess myself every time, then just leave it cos I have more important things to worry about.
      One day, I will type it correctly in a list...
      Haha, it always immediately catches my eye, bc "Dias" is an actual word in German (photographic slides) :P

      saint_barbara wrote:

      Seems like nightmare for transportation. But the whole model is stunning.
      Not wrong, but not so bad, actually... I have a lot of big models to transport, so it's something I'm expecting.
    • #BLAG_003
      #CHOSEN LADY finished

      Sooo... let's move on to the first finished pictures, then.
      First up, note to self: make sure your models are dusted before taking pictures :D
      To my defence, I have all my painted WDG models on display at the top of my living room shelf at the moment, as a form of self-motivation. So they have been in the open for a couple of weeks now.

      As for my painting scheme, I am using a metallic blue/green colour (teal) for all Hell-Forged Armours in my army, so obviously this also applies to the Chosen Lady. Generally, the army uses a lot of metallic colours as a bit of a painting experiment (I haven't used these kind of paints a lot in the past), and also because it seemed fitting for Warriors. I mean... name an army that is both more metallic or metal than WDG. Yeah.
      Also check out the trophy racks in this shot, all those sweet sweet skulls :love:

      Display Spoiler
      The cape is painted a dark blue that I am using as a contrast colour throughout the army. Also, you can check out the Ork head under the Lady's foot from this angle.

      The personal banner with chaos star freehand. Together with the two horns full of skull trophies this forms the Lady's Trophy Rack. I wanted to keep the banner motif simple and brutal, as befits the tribal Warriors of the Dark Gods. I don't see them having much patience for intricate artwork... and I didn't want to paint anything complicated, either.

      The carrying beast. You can compare this shot to the raw version before painting, you'll notice quite a few additions to the back area. The original was a bit bare and this made the platform feel tacked on, so I added more arms and structure:

      And leopard print, yo.

      Also, the metal tongue of the fiend head was replaced with a different tongue. The original was facing down and would get into the way with enemy models too much, plus being metal and rather thin meant it would almost invariably break off at some point. So I replaced it with a plastic tongue that looked cooler and wouldn't get in the way as much.

      To show the beast's origin as a champion of the Dark Gods, the skin colour was painted similar to how Warriors look in my army, pale grey with purple undertones. The more mutated parts were kept in greens and blues to fit in with the overall army colour scheme.

      The three heads of the beast:

      Finally, the entire model in all its glory:

      This is one of the models where I made a good number of corrections or additions after it was "finished", both for building and painting it. Normally this is something I don't do, but here I think it improved the model quite a lot, and made me like it much more.

      In other news, I'm playing my first post-pandemic game tomorrow against BH, so yay me.
      I'll take pictures and do some sort of small batrep, not yet sure how exactly... so stay tuned.

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