ETC Team Scotland 2022

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    • ETC Team Scotland 2022

      Hi all,

      We are beginning the process of sorting out the team for next year's ETC. The first step is choosing a Captain and leadership team who will be involved in choosing and running the team. So this isn't a call yet for applications generally, but for those who may want to get involved in administering the team, helping get us in shape and ready for the next ETC, wherever it may be.

      So if you see yourself as a future Captain, Vice Captain, coach or other position, please drop a line below or send me/Fras a message directly. We'll run a vote for the Captain soon, and then the process of choosing a team will begin.

      Look forward to hearing from you!

      Edward (SK)

      Executive Board

      Head of Background Team

      Team Scotland ETC 2019 Captain

      "No Timmy, you can't just copy what Lancelot did." Shlagrabak: "Sometimes no post is the best post."
    • So, following on from my last post, I have been confirmed as Captain for Team Scotland for the next year, which continues to be my honour and pleasure! I am also happy to confirm @Cam as Vice Captain, and @Ironrock will be continuing as our tactical advisor (and proposer of wild strategies!).

      Team Scotland is now launching its applications for the European Team Championship (ETC) 2022 - location to be decided.

      We are aiming to build on a community feeling for Team Scotland, among players who qualify to play for Scotland, and who support the Team and the community in Scotland.

      As we are encouraging players without previous ETC experience to apply, we do not have any set ambitions for Team Scotland. We would like the team to compete for Best Sports, and make strong representations in the modelling stakes. We would like to work with each member to set their own goals for development and we will work to help them achieve these.

      We also want to encourage a sharing of knowledge and skills among team members.


      Team Scotland is looking for a group of players and experienced non-playing coaches who would be able to carry out time out chats with the team and generally support us at the ETC. We will also be looking for reserve players, who will take part in the team preparations, such as subbing in for practice events, developing lists and contributing to team calls. We don’t have a set number of each, we’ll evaluate the applications and put together a team that will serve us best.

      Minimum Requirements – Due to our emphasis on developing Scottish players and the Scottish community, we are flexible in regards to minimum requirements. With that being said, there are a few things all potential applicants must be able to willing to do:
      • Take 6/7 days off in early August 2022 for the ETC (potentially in Italy or Serbia).
      • Must originate, work/live in, or have a family connection to Scotland in order to qualify for a Scottish position on the team (i.e. a non-mercenary position). Or are you applying for a mercenary position, to join our team and help represent us for this event?
      • Must attend as many Scottish events as possible, particularly The Scottish Championships (March 2022).
      • Must have experience of tournament play, or be willing to attend tournaments as part of personal development.
      • Must be willing to financially support themselves as a member of the Scottish Team – e.g. pay for travel, team shirts, dice etc (subject to any sponsorship or fundraising).
      • Must be willing to be an active member of the team, from helping with list ideas to completing pairing matrixes, joining team calls and attending practice days.
      • Must be willing to look amazing in a kilt (no exceptions!).
      All applications should include the following information:
      • Name
      • Confirmation that you are over 18
      • Nationality and country of residence
      • Relationship to Scotland (specifically, were you born there, do you live there, or were your parents or grandparents born there?).
      • Are you primarily applying as a player or non-playing coach? Would you be willing to be considered for coach or reserve if not selected in a starting position?
      • Are you a member of any gaming clubs? Do you use Universal Battle?
      • Can you confirm that you are willing to meet the requirements set out in the previous section?
      • Roughly how many games of 9th Age did you play in 2020/2021?
      • What armies do you have access to; for practise and the event?
      • Do you have any preferred armies or builds?
      • Do you have a play style? (E.g. aggressive, conservative, gunline, magic heavy)
      • Would you be willing to play an army that you do not own or have not played before?
      • Why do you want to be part of Team Scotland? Why do you feel you would be a good addition to the team?
      • What would your personal goal be for yourself and the team?

      All applications should be sent to as an attached Word document.

      Team Timeline
      Applications open: 13 August 2021
      Applications close: 1 September 2021
      Team Announcement: Shortly after
      Scottish Championship: March 2021
      Lists finalised for ETC: July 2021
      ETC 2021: August 2021
      Team Practice Weekends: dates TBC over the course of the year

      We look forward to hearing from you!

      Edward Murdoch – Captain
      Fras Cam – Vice Captain
      Tim Bohknecht – Player-Coach

      Executive Board

      Head of Background Team

      Team Scotland ETC 2019 Captain

      "No Timmy, you can't just copy what Lancelot did." Shlagrabak: "Sometimes no post is the best post."