Minidreadread Elves (Homebrew version of DE)

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    • Minidreadread Elves (Homebrew version of DE)

      Hi everyone !

      I spend time writing an other version of the DE book currently in alpha which satisfy more my vision while still not too far from guideline (LAB and game-wide). (link at the end)
      If I had changed a lot of things, the first part I focused now were the magic in general (including a trade losing Divination for master Alchemy) to make the army more hex and damage focused (there is still room for augment don't worry), a rework of the Special item (and more availability), reinforcing corsair's theme and a small shift in ability to get more option to manoeuvre.
      As you'll can see, I also don't hesitate to tone down power here and there.
      I pick some idea and direction that had come in feedback thread from the DE board, and there will surely be more to come in the next iteration with yours for this one.
      Any one can see this attempt as feedback and brainstorming about current alpha DE book.

      If anyone play with this book, feel free to report here. ;)
      I don't play that often, so I won't be able to playtest a lot, all contribution is welcome.

      Disclaimer :
      1) Changes were written to satisfy me mainly. It's also a first draft, open for critic.
      2) I care about game complexity, so there would not have too much more new rules (still think there is space left, but not too much), that's why I removed some rules in exchange of some new, or just reworked the other. I think there is space for one or two "funny" (but balanced) rules more than now.
      3) In an other hand, I found list building complexity very low in the alpha 4, so I expended, and I'm open to expend a little more (but once again, not too much, some trade are still possible).
      4) As I'm a pure powergamer (irony, irony), I care about general balance, so, if you see any rule, combination or limitation removing that can be too strong, feel free to point this out. I'll gladly remove, rework, find a limitation to fix the issue (and study the suggestions). Some rules are also here for a first try, as I don't expect all to be perfect. (on my mind now : the hatred on exarch is probably too much and the change for crippling frost may need more adjustment)
      5) Even if I'm not too bad at pricing, there are many thing to take in account, so points value are all off. You can post your list of change (in spoiler or else, with explanation or not) to help me balance the book more correctly (anything more than 10% of your own guess is worth reporting).
      6) I may have been heavy handed on some themes. This may be changed if analyzed correctly. But, also take this in account: having multiple ways to get the same rule/bonus is also part of the design, as it let the player chose the way to get the bonus, and it avoid stacking bonus (as it's the same bonus).
      7) Errors are here and there, as I fighted with creativity, wording, balance and Latex all together.
      8) I'll try to answer all polite questions about the (re)design.

      Link :…xmWvyKZW/view?usp=sharing
      :UD_bw: :SE_bw:

      Strider (Open Terrain)

      I hold no truth except mine. And I'm not sure about this last one.

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