A monolith for each of the 7 gods

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  • A monolith for each of the 7 gods

    Ok, back in the old world I started a project to build 5 legions - the 4 powers plus undivided - each with mortal, demonic, and beast contingents.

    Since the fall of the Old World and the rise of T9A with 7 sins, i shirked at doing 2 more massive armies so cheated a bit. My Wrath and Lust armies were easy read acrosses. Pride was my old undivided, and I cheated with the other two - Greed (Avarice more accurately) AND Envy were combined to house my Tzeentch Army, and Sloth AND Gluttony (which is why I privately refer to the other “greed” as “avarice” to make the distinction) combine as a home for my old Nurgle Army. But I have been thinking I will start to split those last two combined armies out from each other and make them distinct.

    An excellent idea in another thread is to make the green eye a common motif for envy. “greed” of the avaricious flavour seems redolent of gold.

    Perhaps stealing the eye designs from old tzeentch forces and a green theme, whilst the remainder stay gold (and bird like - thieving magpies” might work for greed.

    Any thoughts on splitting sloth and gluttony though?

    I have thought I would craft a monolith for each of the seven sins to try and generate some invidual focus.
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  • Nice idea. Any pics available? :)
    I think the split you got for envy and greed works.
    As for former nurgle:

    Sloth I see a lot of rust/oxyde, as in not maintaining the equipment properly (too lazy)

    Gluttony fat, exposed bellies, perhaps not as many sores/pustules. If you like using blood effects you should use them around the mouths and hands as if they're gorging on their fallen foes?