Special Item Restrictions

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  • Special Item Restrictions


    One thing that makes character building and the end result a lot less fun is that there are very many restrictions for the VS Special items.
    For each type of character there are very few VS items it can take since there are so many restrictions.
    Often an item can only be taken by one or two character types. Some items are even locked to a character with a certain option taken.
    It is like the character upgrades were moved into special items instead of being a straight up upgrade in the unit entry.
    Perhaps some items can be a character upgrade instead of a special item and some other items unlocked to more characters.

    Just my opinion of users of items and the most common cases they are used.
    Some items can be used by more characters but they usually do not fit well or are just not worth it. Most of the restrictions are enforced by rules.
    Item (Users)
    Secrets of the Doom Blade (1) Bloodfur Legate.
    Swarm Master (2) Bloodfur Legate and Swarm Priest on Sacred Platform.
    Rodentium Bullets (5) Bloodfur Legate and House Prefects with pistol. This one is still very restricting when only working for a specific range weapon option.
    Plague-Hermit’s Blessing (1) Swarm Priest with Cult of Errahman option.
    Orb of Ateus (2) Vermin Senator and Rakachit Technocrat.
    Storm Rocket (2) Vermin Senator and Rakachit Technocrat.
    Tome of the Ratking (8) Any character.
    Crown of Hubris (1) Swarm Priest.
    Orator’s Toga (8) Any character.
    Map of the Deeps (2) Vermin Senator and Stygian Overseer.
    Tarina’s Lyre (2) Vermin Senator and Fetthis Fleshmaster.
    Cowl of the Apostate (1) Swarm Priest.

    Characters (Number of choices in my opinion of 12 in total)
    Vermin Senator (6)
    Swarm Priest - Errahman (5)
    Swarm Priest - Caelysian (4)
    Bloodfur Legate (4)(5*)
    Rakachit Technocrat (4)(5*)
    Fetthis Fleshmaster (3)(4*)
    Stygian Overseer (3)(4*)
    Skorchit Alchemist (2)(3*)
    * with Pistol option.

    Making Assassins not able to take special items is also unfortunate.
    A little off topic unnecessary restriction is that the only character who can join Plague Disciples are a Swarm Priest with Cult of Errahman option, which makes the unit less attractive and is only able to get better Discipline from Commanding Presence(Dis crown on Priest technically works).

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