[Masters tournament] Polish Team Championships, 1-3 July, 2022, Warsaw, Poland

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    • [Masters tournament] Polish Team Championships, 1-3 July, 2022, Warsaw, Poland

      I would like to invite you all to:

      Polish Team Championships 2022 – masters class team tournament + 4500 single tournament

      Date: 1-3 July, 2022
      Place: Hotel Kuźnia Napoleońska in Paprotnia by Warsaw, Poland
      Sochaczewska 5
      96-515 Paprotnia

      Points: Master: 5-member teams, 4500 points per army, no army may be repeated in the team. Single 4500 points.
      Master: three battles on Saturday, two on Sunday. Single: Three battles on Friday
      Tournament registered in Polish T9A league








      This is where we're going to play:

      My previous tournaments:


      The hotel is the place where Napoleon Bonaparte was supposed to change the shoes of his horse on the way to Moscow. Big hall, air-conditioned, it's gonna be fun

      General rules:
      Open rosters
      We play by the newest The Ninth Age version of rules
      Scenarios indicated by the organiser
      Victory points as per rulebook
      Tourney Keeper master: tourneykeeper.net/Team/TKTeamAbout.aspx?Id=3738
      Tourney Keeper single: tourneykeeper.net/Singles/TKAbout.aspx?Id=3739

      Main: Slivek
      Assistant referees: Dancar
      Painting referee:

      Master: forms.gle/s7LubneyhQRScNRv5
      Deadline for bonused registration: 26 June 2022, granting +20BP.
      Singles: forms.gle/m6X5ngQxHtmLfbyv9
      Deadline for bonused registration: 26 June 2022, granting +5 BP.
      Any communication on the forum is informative for me and does not guarantee a spot. A payment guarantees it provided there are still places left.
      EDIT: rosters will not be published on the forum to protect the secrets of ETC players.

      Changes to rosters are not possible, unless the list is invalid. Then it has to be corrected and incurs a penalty:
      - each minor change, e.g. misclick, no general marked, mount errased, etc. is necessary: -1BP
      - incorrect rosters (e.g. exceeding section limits) must be amended in the least invasive way possible -2BP
      - a major mistake like path of magic change, magic standard change, units change and similar – not allowed.

      Prepayment and hotel services:
      Entry fees:
      Master: €23 per person, €115 per team.
      Single €7 per person.

      Payment by 12 June 2022 nets +20 BP for teams
      Payment by 12 June 2022 nets +5 BP for singles players.

      Limit of teams: 48 teams, 240 people
      Limit of players for the single tournament: :)

      Accommodation and catering
      1 person for 1 night in a room, lunch and dinner, breakfast on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday included – 45 EUR
      1 person for 2 nights in a room, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday – 68 EUR
      1 person for 3 nights (Thursday-Sunday), lunch and dinner on Friday and Sunday, 3 breakfasts - 112 EUR
      Single rooms are paid extra 8,5 EUR per person per night.
      Additional żurek (hot soup with) on Saturday: 2,5 EUR.
      Additional meal on Sunday (strogonov, hot stew): 3,5 EUR.
      Please book this while making the hotel reservation as ordering things a’la carte may take time and forces you to leave the tables. Please include these in the application and prepayment.

      No sleeping in the hall. We are not allowed to bring our own alcohol or food into the games hall, keep it in your rooms, please. Hotel limit: 120 single, twin and triple rooms. The organiser reserves the right to assign rooms to players to utilise all available beds.

      How to pay? Visit unitekst.pl and place your order. Don't forget to see the accessories section!

      Menu: WIP (including vege option, please mark it in the order form)

      A 0.5l bottled beer: 8 PLN - roughly 2 EUR
      A 0.5l żubrówka vodka: 35 PLN - roughly 9 EUR

      1-3 place gets medals
      A special, transferrable cup goes to the best Polish team (comprising of 4/5 people from the same Polish club, registered in Polish league)
      Best general
      Youngest general


      Build-up and socialising

      Friday - single tournament
      9:30-10:00 - registration
      10:00 - 13:00 round one
      13:00 - 14:00 lunch
      14:00 - 17:00 round two
      17:15 - 20:15 round three

      Saturday - master tournament
      8:30 captains register their teams
      9:00 opening ceremony
      09:15 – 12:45 round one
      12:45 – 13:45 lunch
      13:45 – 17:15 round two
      ~17:00 - żurek served for those who preorder it
      17:30 – 21:00 round three, possible to extend if both opponents agree to that.
      Dinner after the last round

      Sunday - master tournament
      8:15 captains register their teams
      8:30 – 12:00 round four
      12:00 - 12:45 short lunch break
      12:45 – 16:15 round five
      16:25 results and awards

      NOTICE: hotel rooms at Kuźnia Napoleońska hotel available till 12:00 on Sunday. The hotel has baggage room. There is also a cloakroom by the games room.

      Painting and gaming accessories

      You can play with unpainted armies , however, during the tournament we will check your gaming accessories and the painting of your armies. No proxies, wooden birds instead of phoenixes or cigarette packs instead of steam tanks, please. If in doubt, drop me an email with photos to kozacki.zajazd@gmail.com.
      Painting during master:
      +5 BP - basic colours on all miniatures (no shading required), bases done (e.g. sand+paint), movement trays for all +3 model units, WYSIWYG

      WYSIWYG means:
      Characters: all characters are on bases corresponding to their troop types, they cannot mislead the opponent (e.g. 2 foot warriors and a mage in roster, but 3 same warrior miniatures on table = 0 BP).
      Units: models on suitable bases (no round bases on square movement trays), all command group elements featured as per roster, weapons as per roster (weapon master is free to mix and match as they please). I'm OK if you want to field an army of samurai warriors as the EoS, as long as the enemy does not have any problems recognising them on the battlefield.

      +3 BP - gaming accessories: at the minimum per person 10 K6 dice, tape measure, 4 wound markers, front arc marker, veil of magic cards / app, printed armybook. One rulebook required per team.

      I reserve the right to remove unsuitable models from table.

      Painting during the singles tournament: not evaluated, players can only get the gaming accessories points.

      Painting Contest

      1.The modelling competition for "Best Painted Army DMP 2022" and "Best Self-Painted Army DMP 2022" aims to select the best painted and best self-painted army among the participants of the T9A Polish Team Championships.
      (2) Every participant can submit his candidature till Saturday 2.07 till 21.30 by filling the simple form at the Perfectly Painted Studio stand.
      (3) Submitted armies must be brought to the stand indicated by the organizer after the 3rd battle on Saturday until 21.30.
      (4) Each entry will be judged in the category "Best painted army". In addition, a winner in the category "Best self-painted army" will be selected from among the self-painted works. It is possible that one army will win in both categories.
      When submitting the entry it must be stated if the army is self-made. 100% of the models must be painted. An army roster must be attached to the entry. All models used by a player during battles must be judged.
      6.The winner will be determined by the judges according to their subjective evaluation, using the following criteria:
      -Consistency of the army (painting, bases),
      -technique of execution,
      -overall impression,
      -aesthetics of the workmanship.
      7.The decision of the judges is final and irrevocable.
      8.In the case of situations not covered by the regulations, the judges, in consultation with the organiser, reserve the right to decide.
      9.Statues and eternal splendour are provided for the winners.
      10.The judging of the paintings and the selection of the winners will be done by Windsower and Ylgyrien from Perfectly Painted Studio and (I'M LOOKING FOR ONE MORE PERSON TO COOPERATE WITH).

      Victory points per round

      A team may score 35-65 BP.
      Each player may score 0-20 BP, the team results are added.
      A team that scores more than 64 BP in a round, scores 52 BP. A team with a result of 36 or less, gets 35 BP. Other teams score BP equal to the sum of their individual results in a given round. The ranking is set based on BP.
      To sum up: 65-35 scoring range

      Bye per round:
      64 BP in round one
      63 BP in round two
      62 BP in round three
      61 BP in round four
      60 BP in round five

      Tie-breakers: capped BP from battles > uncapped BP from battles > the team with less penalty points so far > battle victory points

      The team captain is responsible for reporting the results in the TK. Penalties for delays:
      0-2 min: 5 BP
      2-5 min: 10 BP
      5-10 min: 20 BP
      10+ min: result is 0:0, 28 BP.

      The referees can and will apply penalty points for unsportsmanlike behaviours, including poor manners. I reserve the right to expel people overusing alcohol or improperly behaving from the tournament (their score for the rest of the tournament will be 0).

      Pairing system:

      - Organiser will indicate a team to get a bye for round one
      - No team from the same club will play against one another in round one
      - Pairings will take place once the rosters are collected
      - A challenge is possible in round one (the challenged team must accept it)
      - Starting from round two, we revert to “Swiss” pairing system

      1. (1&2th match up of Team A v. Team B)
      Both Teams put up 1 army.
      Both Teams put up 2 opponents
      Both Teams choose their match

      2. (3&4)
      Both Teams put up 1 army.
      Both Teams put up 2 opponents
      Both Teams choose their match

      5. (5)
      Team A last army («in hand»)
      Team B last army («in hand»)
      Parowanie powinno zająć drużynom łącznie maksymalnie 15 minut.

      Tables and maps:
      Once the pairing is done, randomise tables for each pair to play on. Please roll for the deployment type once the tables are assigned to players.


      Round I
      1&2 paring Hold the Ground
      3-5 paring Breakthrough

      Round II
      1&2 paring Breakthrough
      3-5 paring Spoils of War

      Round III
      1&2 paring Spoils of War
      3-5 paring King of the Hill

      Round IV
      1&2 paring King of the Hill
      3-5 paring Capture the Flags

      Round V
      1&2 paring Capture the Flags
      3-5 paring Secure Target

      Any minors willing to attend the event without supervision must present a permission a form their legal supervisors, reading:

      “I hereby give my consent for my child to participate in The 9th Age Polish Team Championships 2022 tournament between 18-20 March, 2022 in Paprotnia by Warsaw and I bear full responsibility for any damage caused by the child.

      Signature, date.”

      All participants are responsible for their behaviour and possible damage caused.

      Transfer to the hotel from Warsaw:
      125 PLN by Uber from Warsaw Airport (as of September 20, 2021)
      Train: Take the train towards Sochaczew from Warszawa Zachodnia (Warsaw West Station). Disembark at Niepokalanów Station. The hotel is about 1,5km away, easy walking distance.

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    • Confirmed registration and hotel services:
      https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing

      TK master: tourneykeeper.net/Team/TKTeamAbout.aspx?Id=3738
      TK single: tourneykeeper.net/Singles/TKAbout.aspx?Id=3739

      Google form - singles: forms.gle/m6X5ngQxHtmLfbyv9
      Google form - master: forms.gle/s7LubneyhQRScNRv5


      1. Troskliwe Misie
      2. Ordin 1
      3. Ordin 2
      4. JH2
      5. Miscast 1
      6. Miscast 2
      7. Team Norway
      8. Miscast 3
      9. Otomińska Sfora
      10. Team Warschau oder Was?
      11. MakeWay!
      12. Ósma Bila 1
      13. Salamandra
      14. Underdogs Klapki i Drinki
      15. Strefa Zero
      16. Underdogs 1
      17. Animosity 2
      18. Animosity 3
      19. Blatcats 1
      20. Blatcats 2
      21. Rogate Małpy
      22. Rogaty Szczur 1
      23. Rogaty Szczur 2
      24. Schwarze Desperaci
      25. JH1
      26. Vanguard
      27. MakeWay! #2
      28. Drobne Wałeczki
      29. Cobra Kai
      30. Team Ukraine
      31. 8 Bila 2: Kotwicą po Jajach
      32. Czarne Wrony
      33. Szybki Szpil
      34. Orando Wrocław 1
      35. Orando Wrocław 2
      36. Sweet Reform Oleśnica
      37. Ciupaga
      38. Team France

      1. Harry Axe
      2. Myth
      3. Semi
      4. Katerek
      5. Heptun
      6. Futhus
      7. Tofic
      8. Damian B.
      9. Mamut
      10. Gąsior
      11. Mojżesz
      12. Ciara
      13. Matis
      14. Oberyn
      15. Filip Alabrudziński
      16. BigBoss
      17. WWsek

      18. As1

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    • I am super proud to announce that the tournament already has 5 sponsors, thank you so much! Their logos and links are above, here is the details entry about the first one:

      Toczay provides professional movement trays, tailored to customer requirements. Additionally, recently he has taken up 3D printing. For more, visit his forum thread:

    • MarnaDrukania is another sponsor of the tournament, thank you very much for your support! Please visit their website and show them some love, guys :)

      MarnaDrukania was established to provide high-quality miniatures for wargaming, role-playing and board games. Our figures are printed on high-resolution resin printers, thus featuring high quality and lots of detail. Models prepared by us are immediately suitable for painting. We work with companies such as Lost Kingdom, Highlands Miniatures and Duncan Shadow, offering printing under their commercial licence. We also carry out print projects on request. In addition, we take an active part in promoting the hobby by participating in tournaments and learning about the needs of players. Thanks to this we are up to date with the latest news in the world of battle games and meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.


    • I would also like to welcome Ciachaj among our partners!

      Ciachaj is a company which was created by a long-time player and enthusiast of wargaming - Rilam - for other hobbyists. It all started with a project of a wooden stand which was supposed to be comfortable, but became a basis for a modular painting workshop. Every hobbyist can compose their own workspace thanks to products that are interchangeable and yet consistent with each other. In addition to racks, Ciachaj often creates items on request - including measuring tools for The 9th Age and Age of Sigmar games, tokens and other markers according to customer guidelines. Currently, Ciachaj's product range is expanding to include miniatures bases, new modular workshop options and other board game products. Wooden products of Ciachaj brand are eagerly presented, among others, during tournaments, when the owner of the company himself plays using inch measures or markers. The stands themselves have found a wide audience thanks to which the Ciachaj company is constantly developing.

    • Here is another entry, this time about Perfectly Painted Studio. Thank you so much for your support!

      Perfectly Painted Studio - conquerors of grey, tamers of base colours. They will turn any grey plastic pile of shame into an eye-catching army. Think now about preparing your figures for the upcoming 2022 season!

    • Ok, thanks for the info.

      We will look into later option with stop-over or directly on Monday morning. Would staying one more night be a problem?

      It seems we should be able to set-up a team... I will keep you posted!
      Luxembourg HBE Player Zagreb 2018
      Luxembourg HBE Player Novi Sad 2019
      Luxembourg (c) Pesaro 2022
    • There are some updates about the incoming tournament:

      Deadlines for bonused payment moved to 12June 2022 for both tournaments.

      How to pay? Please visit unitekst.pl shop and place your order. Don't forget to visit the accessories tab :)

      Painting: evaluation simplified. +5 BP for basic painting, +3 for gaming accessories. For details, please see the first post in the thread.

      There will be a separate painting contest for players who paint their armies themselves, more details at a later date.

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    • myth_pl wrote:

      There are some updates about the incoming tournament:

      Deadlines for bonused payment moved to 12June 2022 for both tournaments.

      How to pay? Please visit www.unitekst.pl shop and place your order. Don't forget to visit the accessories tab :)

      Painting: evaluation simplified. +5 BP for basic painting, +3 for gaming accessories. For details, please see the first post in the thread.

      There will be a separate painting contest for players who paint their armies themselves, more details at a later date.
      Hey Myth,

      I already payed for my team. But I wanted to book Hotel and Food aswell. Sadly the page you linked here are not working for me. Can I place my order somewhere else? Maybe I write you an email?

      Also I send our application in the google doc. Did you found it there?

      We are really happy that we can go to you tournament.

      Best Regards