Announcement On pluralism, criticism, bans and inclusivity of the T9A forum&community

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  • On pluralism, criticism, bans and inclusivity of the T9A forum&community

    Dear community (which includes staff members at every level, too),

    lately we have received several (seriously more than a few) complaints from forum users about the toxicity of our platform (which directly leads to losing potential useful feedback). This happened together with an impressive surge in reporting of both community and staff members.

    Particularly, we have been struck and saddened by the fact several users complained the forum is not a welcoming place for constructive and useful discussion, for newbies in particular.

    T9A is an inclusive community: we still support this principle and we're not going to tolerate any uninclusive approach from staff or community members.

    Every user on this forum accepted the terms of use. Some can claim there could be different interpretations of these terms. And of course, they can be applied with different approaches.

    What the management asked to our forum governing bodies (Moderation for community members, HR for staff members) is to support freedom of opinion and to elicit constructive criticism, for we are a community first and foremost, and a community strength is built on a foundation of pluralism. Our current system do not lead to direct bans; it's instead built on a progressive system leading to bans only when a specific behavior is persistent. This system was created to avoid bans and sanctions on a single event and thus to allow users to correct their own behavior and allow them to set the right approach to leave their comments&feedbacks.

    We always try to listen to the infinite number of different voices coming from the community, proof of that are some designs in both ID and VS books directly coming from the respective communities.

    Nonetheless, it seems there's some confusion about what constructive criticism and pluralism are and what instead is toxicity, deliberately disseminated with the idea of outsmarting the rules of the forum.

    Constructive criticism&pluralism means we try to allow the forum users to express their concerns and even to vent their frustrations, but we ask to keep such things in the perimeter of civil discussion (once upon a time, there was a netiquette on the internet...).

    Toxicity is when aggressive or passive aggressive stances are taken and constantly reiterated, harming the healthy climate we would like to see in our pluralistic community (even when such behavior does not breach the forum rules in a direct, raw way).

    Our priority will always be the wealth of the community, pluralism and a welcoming approach to anyone. We're not going to sacrifice such an important pillar of the project for the reiterated intemperances of single individuals.

    We're closely monitoring the situation since several weeks and we'll keep you informed about any possible change of our policies.

    Thank you for your support.