Balance patch 2022 - NOT OnG Player feedback no discussion!

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  • Balance patch 2022 - NOT OnG Player feedback no discussion!

    Hello nasty non-OnG players!

    This is the second of two threads for collecting feedback from the community for this year’s Balance and Design Patch. We are collecting information about what fixes are needed for the Orcs and Goblins SLIM book, from both the community of faction-players and the community at large.

    What are we looking for?
    • Which units or items or special rules just “don’t work” and will “never work” no matter how cheap they will become;
    • This can include such things as Hereditary Spells (such as with BH) which likely won’t be helped by a lower casting value;
    • We are not looking for things like Thyroscutus, which after several point drops did see usage.
    OnG will only get getting a points update this year.

    Here are the rules:
    • One (1) post per person. That post can be edited;
    • Absolutely no discussion in this thread (any discussion will be deleted); please use the General Discussion thread for any comments;
    • Only problems, not solustions.

    Please remember, this is a thread ONLY for people NOT playing the army. Your posts may be curated. There is another thread (found here) for players DO playing the army. Only post once in both. Feel invited to also post in other armies threads for nonplayers of that army.

    This thread will stay open until determined by the ACS, who will distill the suggestions into a list. RT will then take this list to a set number of issues and add redesigns to lower highly complex units/items/special rules.

    Please respond in this format:

    Suggestion/Item or Entry in Question
    A short 1-2 sentence explanation, or bullet points about why you think this entry is a problem.

    Discussion thread can be found here!

    :O&G: :KoE:

    O&G Community Support

    Homebrew Army: The Lycanthropes

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  • 1) too many rules

    2) vanguard cave goblin unit with mad gits is a first pick for nearly every list. the case is limiting other core choices potential

    3) gnasher units having impact hits make them have only one solid counter - range damage. since they will get more points than they worth almost in every encounter

    4) non-iron orks are not viable because of goblins and gnashers