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  • Eidolons: the unit that needs to be at less than 18" to be able to shoot with the full unit, and cannot flee, and is too weak in close combat. This makes the current unit too risky to use, and always a hole in your combat line.
    My proposal: improve their close combat capabilities. 2 attacks per model, S4 and the same AP as the Dark fire.

    Engine of Damnation: its only a mobile wall, unable to be any kind of menace to anything but infantry.
    My proposal: crush attack and aim 2+

    Throne of Overwhelming Splendour: it can be considered worse than being on foot, and it should be the greatest expression of Savar's power.
    +1HP, armour 1.
    The Omen himself is another issue to be fixed. He should have Def8, and duels should must to be accepted also by champions.
  • Entry: Kuulima Deceiver
    Problem: Too vulnerable and ineffective in close combat.
    Solution: Make him able to do Make Way move even if in contact with enemy models, similar to legions of sin exalted option. Maybe consider +1HP/+1Aegis/something to keep him alive.

    Entry: Harbinger of Father Chaos
    Problem(s): 1) Too vulnerable in close combat when on foot. 2) Not able to join hoarders/fiends safely.
    Solution: 1) Give him +1HP or +1Res. 2) Give him an option to gain Large, 40x40mm base, and 8"/16" movement.

    Entry: Veil Serpents
    Problem: AP0 makes bigger units unattractive.
    Solution: Give them AP1, or replace Writhing Nightmares with Piercing Spike. Alternatively, keep AP0 and give them completely different set of manifestations such as Chilling Yawn/Roaming Hands/Mirrored Scales.

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  • 1) Suggestion/Item or Entry in Question: Veil serpents

    Problem to tackle: no interest apart from as fairly pricey adept

    Rationale for why points can't solve this: as above, also seem to be sloth oriented where in a themed list you have plenty of other casters. Lazy but with some oomph like sentinel is good!

    2) Suggestion/Item or Entry in Question: imps

    Problem to tackle: ap0 and reload

    Rationale for why points can't solve this: [b]just lacking so why take unless small units filling core with spells, plus should still be elite to a point[/b]

    3) Suggestion/Item or Entry in Question: hellhounds

    Problem to tackle: long conditional rules

    Rationale for why points can't solve this: [b]adds time to game for seemingly minor impact, would like to still be elitish[/b]
  • 1. Deceiver & Omen. I think for the most part the other Greater Daemons have settled into useful roles and have been adjusted adequately with points over time. These two greater daemons though, as characters within units seem to have fallen further behind. The Omen as our dueling machine can be very random offensive wise and opposing characters can have a selection of defences that further reduce his chances (Parry, immunity to lethal strike, immunity to multiple wounds etc). Defensively though the 6+ Aegis v non magical attacks often spells his doom if he hasn't dispatched his opponent (impact hits from a chariot character, a mount's stomp attacks). In a world where other characters can sport a 1+ rerollable armour save, or 1+ 4+ aegis/regen the Omen does fall behind. (Not looking to boost his offensive power, he should struggle to kill certain characters, but defensively he does need a boost)

    The Deceiver feels like it wants to be a stronger version of a Harbinger boosting the capabilities of the unit it is with, and yet it does feel like it is lacking somewhat. Others have suggested inbuilt distracting, know thyself adding in modified attacks (champion, paired weapons etc) or being able to make way before combat to a more ideal position and I'd concur with their reasoning.

    2. Clawed Fiends. We have several large beast/cavalry entries within the book. Brazen Beasts with their heavy upfront damage on the charge, Hoarders with their grinding tarpit, Bloat Flies with their high damage stats useful against most entries. Clawed Fiends - fast scoring with pretty much a conditional Dread Elf bonus v Large opponents (+1 to hit and wound). But even against their "specified target" they can range from being too good at times all the way to struggling if they don't get additional magical support to assist, depending on the large target they have engaged. Perhaps drop the conditional bonus, but improve their stats elsewhere (extra attack, +1 Offensive Skill etc)

    3. Titanslayer Chariot. On paper, sounds like a good method of dealing with Gigantic targets (especially in an army with many conditional "ideal taregts but struggle against every other non ideal target). Reality though, the Titanslayer's targets often move faster to avoid it, and even successful charges aren't a guarantee at neutralising the target factoring in the D3+1 impacts, D3 wounds. The conditional bonus v Towering Presence rather than Gigantic means it can trigger against some Large models too which may just add to its complexity (DL Blazing Glory, DE Manticore - Extraordinary Specimen for examples)
  • Hi guys

    Problem: Hellhounds.
    At this point they have no role.

    Problem: Grasping proboscis
    Useless in an army that already generates enough veil tokens

    Immortal denizens
    In a mostly equilibrated game giving 2 veil tokens extra to your
    opponent is a sure way to loose, especially since the 2 extra ones
    that we get do not change the game that much since our magic is
    good enough as it is.

    great job you're doing as usual