[MASTER] Cossacks Raid vol. IV, 18-19.03.2023

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    • [MASTER] Cossacks Raid vol. IV, 18-19.03.2023

      On behalf of Ósma Bila Wargaming Club and Marna Drukarnia company, I'd like to invite you to:


      Date: 18-19 March, 2023
      Place: Hotel Kuźnia Napoleońska in Paprotnia by Warsaw, Poland
      Sochaczewska 5
      96-515 Paprotnia

      Points: Master: 4-member teams, 4500 points per army, no army may be repeated in the team.
      Master: three battles on Saturday, two on Sunday.
      Supplements: giants and supplement armies allowed
      Tournament registered in Polish T9A league

      Marna Drukarnia

      Previous editions of my tournaments:

      Open rosters
      Rules version valid as of 4 March, 2023
      Victory points as per rulebook.

      Referees: TBC

      Any applications containing: name of the team, members and armies sent by 11 March 2023 along with correct rosters will net you 10 BP per team. Applications to be sent via a Google form: TBC
      Rosters will be published on the forum after the deadline. A spot is guaranteed by a payment, not by holding a spot via info on forum only.
      TK / NewRecruit - to be decided which one later

      Changes to rosters are not possible, unless the list is invalid. Then it has to be corrected and incurs a penalty:
      - each minor change, e.g. misclick, no general marked, mount errased, etc. is necessary: -1BP
      - incorrect rosters (e.g. exceeding section limits) must be amended in the least invasive way possible -2BP
      - a major mistake like path of magic change, magic standard change, units change and similar – not allowed.

      150 PLN per person, 600 PLN per team, to be done via marnadrukarnia.com. Please note that the tickets on www are FOR THE TEAM, not a player.
      Hotel services prices will be confirmed 3 months before the event.


      Build-up and socialising

      8:30 captains register their teams
      9:00 opening ceremony
      09:15 – 12:45 round one
      12:45 – 13:45 lunch
      13:45 – 17:15 round two
      17:30 – 21:00 round three
      Dinner TBC, after the last round

      Sunday - master tournament
      8:15 captains register their teams
      8:30 – 12:00 round four
      12:00 - 12:45 short lunch break
      12:45 – 16:15 round five
      16:25 results and awards

      NOTICE: hotel checkout till 11:30 on Sunday. The hotel has baggage room. There is also a cloakroom by the games room.

      Painting and proxies:

      Painting quality 0/6/10
      0: Unpainted or partially painted.
      6: Whole army is painted. Each major element of every miniature is coloured with paint, other that the basecoat. The eyes and similar details may not be highlighted with a different colour.
      10: Whole army painted to Table Top standard. This means that there is at least one layer of highlight or wash on every distinguishable miniatures part and that all details like eyes are paitned.

      Bases and movement trays 0/2
      0: Not all bases are painted and / or decorated and/ or not all units of 2+ models have movement trays.
      2: All modes have modelled bases, or bases with sand, grass tufts and similar decorations glued in. All units of 2+ models have movement trays that are painted in line with the general colours of army miniatures bases. We do accept magnetic movement trays cut to ideally fit the unit boundaries and MDF trays. We say NO to units on pieces of cartboard on sheets of paper instead of movement trays.

      WYSIWYG 0/1/2/3
      +1: All units with Command Group elements in roster have them on the table - the champion, musician and standard bearer, where applicable. These models can be easily identified in a given unit.
      +1: Heroes are represented by miniatures that stand out of the unit, making the former easily recognisable when they enter the latter.
      +1: All units are easily distinguishable from other units in the roster.

      Maximum: 15

      A team gets an average of team members scores as a bonus for the final tournament score.

      Points per round:
      Bye: 50, 49, 48, 47, 46 for round I, II, III, IV and V, respectively.

      Penalty points
      The team captain is responsible for reporting the results at the referees table. Penalties for delays:
      0-2 min: 5 BP
      2-5 min: 10 BP
      5-10 min: 20 BP
      10+ min: result is 0:0, 28 BP.

      The referees can and will apply penalty points for unsportsmanlike behaviours, including poor manners. I reserve the right to expel people abusing alcohol or improperly behaving from the tournament (their score for the rest of the tournament will be 0).

      A game is a battle of two minds. Interruptions by third party, stalling, suggestive and creative questions, using MSG or other apps for help, not honouring agreements made with the opponent, being a pain in general, can result in penalty points. Additionally, priority goes to finishing the full 6 turns of the game. No situation like "I have 40 minutes, you have 0, we will not end this game" will be acceptable.

      Pairing system:
      - Organiser will indicate a team to get a bye for round one
      - No team from the same club will play against one another in round one
      - Pairings will take place once the rosters are collected
      - Starting from round two, we revert to “Swiss” pairing system
      - A challenge is possible in round one (the challenged team must accept it)

      Pairings for battles
      A and B teams nominate a player each (a defender).
      Each defender is presented with two opposite players (attackers).
      Defenders choose the attackers to play against.
      The attackers that were not chosen, play with the last remaining player of the opposite team.
      Pairings should take 15 minutes most.

      Tables and maps:
      Once the pairing is done, randomise tables for each pair to play on. Please roll for the deployment type once the tables are assigned to players. We will play on the newest map pack provided on the-ninth-age.com on 18 February, 2023.


      Round 1
      1st and 2nd pairing Hold the Ground
      3rd and 4th pairing Spoils of War

      Round 2
      1st and 2nd pairing Breakthrough
      3rd and 4th pairing Capture the flags

      Round 3
      1st and 2nd pairing Secure Target
      3rd and 4th pairing King of the Hill

      Round 4
      1st and 2nd pairing Spoils of War
      3rd and 4th pairing Hold the Ground

      Round 5
      1st and 2nd pairing King of the Hill
      3rd and 4th pairing Capture the Flags

      Any minors attending the event unsupervised must present a written statement from their legal supervisors in which the latter take full responsibility for the given player.
      My 3D printing house and tournaments company: marnadrukarnia.com

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    • Tickets and hotel services list: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d…6R4ncB8M/edit?usp=sharing

      Paid teams:

      1. Team Luxemburg
      2. Team Ukraine
      3. Team Luxembourg B (always Giulio Gatti)
      4. JH1
      5. Gargulec - Fluggaenkoecchicebolsen
      6. BlatCats: Przynajmniej próbowaliśmy
      7. BlatCats: Następny master już na poważnie?
      8. BlatCats: Szarża na 5+
      9. Ósma Bila 1
      10. Ósma Bila 2
      11. Gentlemen's Club
      12. Troskliwe Misie
      13. JH3
      14. Szybki Szpil
      15. Animosity 2
      16. Animosity 1
      17. Animosity 37
      18. Underdogs
      19. MakeWay!
      20. Czarne Wrony
      21. Salamandra 2: Tajemnica Lorda Pytona
      22. MakeWay: Niebiescy
      23. Vanguard
      24. Strefa Zero

      Interested teams:

      1. RS1
      2. RS2
      3. RS3
      4. Ordin
      5. Salamandra Włocławek
      6. Make Way 2
      7. Drobne Wałeczki
      8. Czarne Wrony
      9. Vanguard
      10. Ordin 2
      11. Drobne Wałeczki 1
      12. Drobne Wałeczki 2
      13. Salamandra Włocławek 2
      14. Strefa Zero
      My 3D printing house and tournaments company: marnadrukarnia.com

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    • Hi Myth,

      I just sent payment for Team Luxembourg B (always Giulio Gatti). You should receive it on Thursday.

      We will be fighting among ourselves for the last place :D

      A couple of logistic questions:
      Do you have any news for the hotel?
      How do you recommend we move from airport to hotel and back?

      Luxembourg HBE Player Zagreb 2018
      Luxembourg HBE Player Novi Sad 2019
      Luxembourg (c) Pesaro 2022
    • This is great @falanor, thank you very much for registering! :) The transfer went through ok. Let me contact the hotel, I'll keep you posted about their services rates.

      As for transfer to the airport, Uber remains the cheapest option as far as I know. My app just estimated the travel to be 256 PLN one way, roughly €54 per ride, €13,6 per person if all of you arrive and travel together. Taxi is also possible, but possibly more expensive. If you'd like me to, I can help you arrange a private transfer.
      My 3D printing house and tournaments company: marnadrukarnia.com
    • Guys, the bonused tickets are available by 24 February. At this stage, I don't need the full list of players, just the team name for reference, so if you're hesitant about the composition but definitely want to come, this is your option!

      So far, 4 teams have made the paid reservation, including 3 international ones. There are 21 teams on the "interested" list, with probably more brewing around.

      With over a month to the tournament, this is a very good time to get your last minis painted and sort out the gaming accessories.

      Last but not least, if you'd like to have me print your minis and bring them to the event for free of charge delivery, there is still plenty time to do that.

      Tickets and minis are available at marnadrukarnia.com.

      And if you still hesitate, this is what the last summer event at the venue looked like:
      My 3D printing house and tournaments company: marnadrukarnia.com